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Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic


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UAD User

5. Februar 2019

Nice plugin

It’s a plugin that really helps you find the right sound and it’s easy to use. I recommend you to have it in your arsenal.

P. Duville

5. Februar 2019

Mastering barato

Mira te lo compras y podes masterizar en tu casa que mas queres
Queres falopa ?
Queres joda?
Que mas queres?
Haceme el favor y anda a laburar
No gastes tiempo en maaterizar compra el brainguork este y dale no gastes tiempo en huevada


e. mullano

4. Februar 2019

Un buon compromesso per dei master veloci

ho provato anche la versione Desktop, ma ho stabilito che utilizzando il V3 in accoppiata con il 610B in cascata il risultato è più efficace.
Un Buon strumento per dei master a parer mio molto validi.

I. Bandera

3. Februar 2019

Molto bello

Semplice nell'utilizzo e da ottimi risultati in termini di suono.
Grandi risultati non solo per il mastering ma anche sulle singole tracce.

F. Sias

1. Februar 2019

Simple but effective

Masterdesk is striking for its simplicity but underneath I hide a really high quality sound and the results are absolutely professional.
In order to make a good master, the device is not enough, but it saves time of other operations or helps those who do not chew it to obtain a very satisfactory result.
For those who know the world of mastering, it can be an extra gear.
To have absolutely in your arsenal.


31. Januar 2019

Great plugin!

Very simple and easy to use.

n. hollo

31. Januar 2019


a really useful product for musicians like me who hate tweaking too many parameters instead of playing music. the classic version is more than enough for me

C. Corrieri

31. Januar 2019

Magic for the mix bus

Fantastic plugin. Simple and super effective.

K. Smith

30. Januar 2019

really great

at it's price, it's a steal!

D. Gianesello

30. Januar 2019

Simple and efficient

A quick and easy to use instrument to obtain a result that is more than good

T. Engel

30. Januar 2019

Sehr gut....aber

wie immer Spitze, ich hatte aber einige Probleme mit nicht ausgewogenen Mixen, altes Material von Mini-Disk. Es gab Stereo-Effekte und Phasenverschiebungen. Wie immer selber testen!

M. Kulev

29. Januar 2019

Great plugin!

Very simple and quick to use plugin. Gives a very good final mix.

e. mullano

21. Januar 2019

Semplice e veloce

Un ottimo plug in che permette la rapida masterizzazione delle proprie tracce, grazie ai semplici controlli

J. Ljungdahl

20. Januar 2019

Quick and easy

Perfect for getting a quick mix to share.

J. Coutinho

20. Januar 2019

Top notch plugin!

Was looking for fast polish for my mixes to deliver to clients. Masterdesk Classic delivered! Fast great sounding results! It's worth every penny! Just get it!

B. Troxler

11. Januar 2019

Simple and Effective

Masterdeck Classic is a great tool when a mix isn't complex. I work with a lot of acoustic music and mixes with a limited set of instruments and fewer than a dozen tracks in a mix. This plugin is often all I need to complete the mastering task. It's certainly not as thorough as its big brother version or izotope's Ozone. But, don't let the simplicity put you off. Masterdeck Classic can be just the right tool for many mixes. This plugin can produce a polish sound very quickly. I been delighted by the results I get with such little effort. A+ for Brainworx and UAD! Great plugin

L. Broussard

9. Januar 2019

Another master piece (lol)

easy as pie. great plugin

R. Robertson

8. Januar 2019

Gets The Job Finnished

Now I'll be able to have "The Polished Sound" I've been seeking for a long time.

R. Robertson

4. Januar 2019

Masteing - This Tool Works

I found if you use this plugin with other mastering intended plugins, this plugin delivers a good finished sound. A winner for sure!

D. Cologon

29. Dezember 2018

Big wide sounds.

Simple and excellent sounding plugin. The stereo enhancer is one of the best parts of it. Needed something like this. :)

81-100 von 127 Ergebnisse