Apollo x8p

Apollo x8p

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Apollo x8p


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A. Di Lorenzo

23. November 2020

Great from UA

Absolutely great! The sound is gorgeous and all the sounds breath! I still own a UA 4-710 d, an API 3124 and the trusty Avalon 737. This is my last addition and I hope the missing link in my home studio.... and it's incredible. Complimenti from Italy

A. Ostrowski

22. November 2020

Apollo X8P

I was delaying this purchase for long time considering going to Pro Tools as my digital summing and master Daw after Ableton session recording and arranging . Tried PT before wasn’t to keen tbh .
When Luna came out i was very happy because i was a ready committed to UA owning many plug ins .
So Apollo and Luna is now running and it is exactly what i was looking for . Great Hardware/ Software integration and World Class ADDA .
I can’t fault it at the moment , it sounds very good and i’ll expand the system now with Luna on board for sure .
I’d have few suggestions in regards to Luna but this is for Luna review .
For anyone who is not keen on Luna , Console is very good too so no problems there . Simple clearly laid out and full of useful features .

Apollo is a great piece of kit with plenty of options and if you are not keen to commit to UA plug in library it’s not a problem you can run any other plug ins .
I’d advise to think about it though as to get a full power from Apollo you want to be able to use Unison Plug ins etc ...

m. bertin

21. November 2020


What can I say? I am very happy because I have also an Apollo x6 and now for my needed I am complete I can do everything
Custom care exellent thankyou

J. Stuart

18. November 2020

Absolutely Superb

It would be pretty difficult to give this outrageously fine unit anything but 5 stars. The sound detail is so good and the mic pre's and the line in and outs. I had the 8p's and these are a lot better in that you get the mic pre's and the Line In and Outs as well as the ADAT, which I run in a load of 500 series mic pre's using the Cranbourne 500ADAT. So much on it, so high end and inspiring. Well done UAD, it's fantastic. I might get another!

T. Davies

18. November 2020

Amazing, but could do with a few more inputs....

Absolutely wonderful unit, sounds incredible. The monitoring workflow is particularly nice, being able to record with impeccable reverbs etc on the headphone mix is a dream. The only downside for me is that it would've been great to have a few more inputs. I would've happily paid more to have the 8 DSUB line inputs independent from the XLR inputs, to make a total of 16 channels (8 mic/line XLR and 8 line via DSUB) in 1u.

J. Dollahite

13. November 2020

What more can you say....

I have owned an Apollo 8 for a few years now and have loved everything about it, but the busier I got the more processing I needed. So I purchased the x8P. It gave me the extra mic pre's I needed for added inputs and more than enough processing power to knock out the tracking and mixing I have. UA is always on top of the game and I love the gear. Thank you guys!! Keep up the great work.

T. Delannay

15. Oktober 2020


Top produit, parfait Merci UAD

T. Delannay

15. Oktober 2020


Top produit, parfait Merci UAD

A. Baja

5. Oktober 2020

Vom Feinsten

Das X8P hat ein deutlich breiteres Stereobild und Klangtiefe als meine vorheriges Audio Interface. Die Latenz ist super auch mit geöffneten UAD Plug Ins, was vorher gar nicht ging. Der Sound ist super. Es macht richtig Spaß auch alte Songs wieder neu abzumischen. Seit über 30 Jahren bin ich im Studiobereich dabei und kann nur sagen, Das ist echte Oberliga.

UAD User

22. September 2020

Love my new Apollo x8p

So happy I was able to upgrade my 8p for the x8p. Enjoying the thunderbolt 3 connectivity and db25 connections for the line ins/outs. An even faster, better sounding interface.. what else to say?

G. Hall

7. September 2020

An unbelievable upgrade in sound

From the very first moment I listened back through the xP8's headphone amp I knew this was going to be a big jump in audio quality for me. I was upgrading from the 828 mk3 (which I now use for the ADAT channels of the x8p).
Then when I began testing out my various mics - MA200, RE20, SM81 and the C414 XLS to name a few, I realized how much was missing before. The sound was bigger, more open. And, the Unison preamps are a dream to work with. Love, love, love.

D. Gerhart

1. September 2020


I purchased the Apollo x8p for drum tracking using the UNISON preamps. The results have been outstanding! My clients are all raving about the drum sounds and with the included plugins, I use incredible vintage gear to make the tracks sound truly world-class.

T. Pini

1. September 2020

Misleading IO

I purchased the x8p with the expectation that there would be 16 inputs and 22 outputs. The truth is..there are only 8 inputs that you can use at one time. They advertise "8 Combo Mic/Line Inputs" and "DB25 Line Inputs 8 Balanced via 25-pin D-sub" In my mind I'm thinking "great! 8 and 8 makes 16. I'll use these extra input channels for my line level instruments like keyboards and outboard gear." This is not the case. The D-sub inputs disable the other 8 inputs so you can only use 8 inputs at a time! Lies! hah. Anyways I've owned UAD hardware for years. Everything else about it works and sounds great, but I'm extremely disappointing in how they advertised this unit's IO.

M. Querido

26. August 2020


What’s better than 4 unison mic pres? 8 unison mic pres?

F. Dada

6. August 2020

The biggest improvement in my studio

The Apollo X8P is a great interface, I can hear things in my monitors(Focal Solo 6Be) that I couldn’t hear before. It’s a great step up sonically. The plugins are also amazing, giving me so many options to track/mix vocals, keys and guitars.
Thank you UAD

S. Christensen

24. Juli 2020

The best interface I've ever owned!

This is easily the best interface I've ever owned.
Mixing on the x8p is a real pleasure - adding preamp plugins to already recorded raw drum tracks really blew me away. As well as tracking bass. Now I'm looking forward to recording drums with these fabulous pres and getting a good tracking setup in the console. The whole unison technology can do some things I never thought possible.
This interface just sounds good! I don't know how else to explain it.

I truly feel like stepping into another league with this interface.


9. Juli 2020

Excellente interface

De loin la meilleure interface du marché !

J. North

22. Juni 2020

Great conversion, great pres, great emulations.

This unit integrates perfectly with my other outboard pres and is seamless in a mix when using emulations with my real units. Incredible to think I have access to all these great emulations in real time while in the studio or out of it. Wouldn't use a different ecosystem.

s. misamore

16. Juni 2020

really amazing!

The pre by itself is really good but when you add the unison pre's like a Neve 1084 it puts the Apollo in a league by itself. It's definitely the closest thing to the real thing thats out there hands down. Easy to use.

G. Paras

5. Juni 2020

Apollo x8p

Great add to my studio, plugins that are killer combined with Unison consol equals the best sounds Ive recorded since moving to comupter!

61-80 von 174 Ergebnisse