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Apollo x8


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D. Hill

31. Mai 2021


This sweet , real user friendly and I used the unison with the neve mic pre and the 1176 on insert in the uad console and the artist was amazed of how balance his vocals sounded in the daw without even starting the mix and also tracking without latency...the io options are nice headphone amp is good. Haven't tried the converters as yet but I'm sure it's good because the unit is good..not up grading for another 8 years

D. Hill

31. Mai 2021


This sweet , real user friendly and I used the unison with the neve mic pre and the 1176 on insert in the uad console and the artist was amazed of how balance his vocals sounded in the daw without even starting the mix and also tracking without latency...the io options are nice headphone amp is good. Haven't tried the converters as yet but I'm sure it's good because the unit is good..not up grading for another 8 years

A. Aniper

23. Mai 2021

Прибор отличный, но...

Прекрасный прибор, великолепный звук, удобный софт!
Но отвратительная совместимость с Windows 10 и с 4к разрешением! Просто УЖАС! Работать практически невозможно!

D. James

19. Mai 2021

Everything I Hoped for -- and More

I was not looking forward to going through the upgrade to a new Interface/ DAW system, but man am I glad I did! The process was much smoother than I feared thanks to the Universal Audio on-line guidance and the intuitive design of the interface. Every day I am impressed by the power and audio quality of the Apollo x8. I highly recommend this interface to those considering stepping up their game.

o. martinez lopez

15. Mai 2021

Simply Perfect!!

Amazing sound, a whole world of possibilities in your ears!!

D. Chapman

4. Mai 2021


Having upgraded from an RME UFX, I wasn't expecting such a significant jump in audio quality but the difference was stark; the clarity was there, but without the overly harsh top-end that you'd normally expect with devices that deliver clarify. The sonic response throughout the frequency range made my mixes far, far more coherent from the 1st and 2nd pass, rather than endlessly having to fight a mix just to be able to hear the various elements.

J. Kujawka

27. April 2021

No surprise

No surprise how good this unit is and how great it sounds. After years of Apollo desktop version, I finally switched to a rack unit and I love it.
Really good preamps, so many inputs and outputs to accommodate recording studio on every level. Easy to use front panel, console software is great and im still learning how to use it properly. Overall nice unit and happy with the purchase. Looking forward to using it with LUNA. Big thanks to the Universal Audio team.

h. stephane

17. April 2021

Apollo X8

interface intuitive et de très bonne facture. elle est le centre de mon studio, et la qualité des préamplificateurs et des plugins sont de très bonne qualité.
Enregistrement, production, mastering, tout est possible avec.

E. Bulley

1. April 2021

Could have started smaller,... So glad I went big!

This is my first step into the world of UA and after much deliberation between the Duo, Quad and x6, I slowly realised the x8 would do everything I needed it to do and more in the long term so I took the plunge.

Right now I needed a workhorse to sit as a centrepiece in the studio, handle everything from creative music, audio post production, surround sound, live-streaming, and would also be able to capitalise on other redundant interfaces through ADAT. It does it all! The unison pre-amp quality is absolute gold, definitely a top job! It has been a perfect pairing to a certain new silicon chip that has landed in my studio.

Console is powerful and completely quashed the need for buying any 3rd party audio routing apps. Setting up my monitor A/B was pretty straight forward. Surround Sound was also a breeze and i'm yet to attempt a custom 5.1.2 atmos custom configuration. I love that you can save all your configurations from within console. Customer service has also been great and prompt to help figure out a few plugin authorisations, other than that it's so familiar and straight forward! Love it!

S. La

31. März 2021

Apollo 8

Greate gear


14. März 2021

Très bon

Très bon matériel...suggestion update: EXTERNAL Footswich to activate TalkBack.
(Usb Midi pedal )

G. Towell

13. März 2021

Outstanding sound

My previous rack-mounted interfaces were not low end, but I was blown away by the Apollo X8 on my first recording. The clarity is amazing. It has also taken substantial load and latency off my primary system. Very happy.

UAD User

9. März 2021

My Best Gear!

The Apollo X8 is really convenient!

S. Shaw

2. März 2021

Worth every penny

x8 is the most flexible unit across the product line. No need to hook up a patch bay, both adat and s/pdif available, and the routing possibilities are simply fantastic. It's the centerpiece here.

J. G.

20. Februar 2021

Excellent converters with the additional power of the DSP

Being a UAD 2 Satellite user and RME since so many years ago and I've decided to upgrade and it's been a succesful upgrade thanks to the incredible converters and also the combination to the DSP. If there is something I miss from my old equipment is some kind of Spectrum analizer standalone for my Apollo.

A. Kehler

20. Februar 2021

Apollo x compatibility

I recently purchased the Apollo 8x to upgrade from the twin x I already had because I wanted more DSP and more preamps than the twin offered. I thought I'd sell the twin but when I daisy-chained them I was amazed at how fluid the work flow is between them and I figure it's only a matter of time before I'll want more inputs ;) I'm just starting to scratch the surface of the console software and all it's parameters for (headphone) cue mixes and adding effects for tracking without recording them. So with a total of 6 unison enabled preamps, 4 analogue inputs and an 8 core DSP processing environment for the UAD plugins, it's a powerful rig! I also love the compact and modular aspect of the twin that sits on the desktop with better controls than the rack mount 8x. Not to mention that if I want to travel I can easily bring my laptop and the twin. Definitely a solid investment.

R. Ewen

7. Februar 2021

Apollo x8

I have to say the Apollo X8 is the best Interface that I have ever owned. it’s powerful and sound is great.
And I would definitely recommend any of their products to either a beginner or professional. Best in the business in my humble opinion

F. Neese

28. Januar 2021

Reference class

I have to say upfront that I am not a professional audio engineer but a hobby musician with some aspiration regarding the quality of my recordings (guitars, vocals, bass, synth).
I bought the Apollo X8 because I found a good deal on one and I knew that I would get a top notch product. Indeed, it worked out of the box and in 5 minutes I was up and running.
I am using the HiZ input for guitar/bass DI signals (or acoustics), two inputs for stereo mic inputs from mic'ed amps and the fourth for vocals, the SPDIF to do amping an reamping with the Kemper and line in/line out for DI/reamping with real amps. Everything works flawlessly and I get crystal clear, low noise recordings.

I have to confess that I haven't fully warmed up to the UA plugin universe. I fiddled around with the Marshall sim and some of the preamps, compressors, EQ's etc. They are all very good and that the input changes according to what I have attached is really cool. But I doubt that I feel the need to buy another dozen compressors or preamps anytime soon. What is there out of the box is certainly enough for me for some time to come.

I like the amp simulation quite a bit but did not feel that the amp sims were head and shoulders better than what I already have. Hence, I also don't see the need to pay another 100+ bucks for another amp sim. The main advantage over other plugins is the no latency feature which is great. But I don't really need it that badly. I can always send a DI signal to the computer and play my real amp with actually no latency and then fiddle with the plugins later when I mix in case I am not happy with the recording from the real amp.

I have played my pedalboard into the Unison Marshall and simultaneously into my real Marshall. I could get them to sound quite close, but in terms of reacting to pedals, I will give a nod to the real thing over the simulation.

My DAW is Logic Pro, and the interaction between Console and Logic has been flawless and easy.

In summary - so far so good - I have entered the UA universe, have taken a few first steps and look forward to learn so much more about recording. The hardware is not a limitation anymore. How much I will fall for the software is an open question at the moment.

J. Bac

22. Januar 2021

x8 is xGreat

I had no AI at the beginning of this pandemic. I bought an Arrow cuz I needed a simple way to interface with my computer and decided it would be better than the $200 units. It was for sure. But then I graduated to the Apollo Twix X Quad. It was a leap forward. But then as I got more into needing additional inputs plus ADAT and SPDIF, the x8 got the call. While I would like the 8 xlr ins of the x8p, it doesn't have the ability to have both spdif and adat at the same time. So x8 is the solution. I do get the 4 XLR ins, and I have an ADAT 8 XLR unit so I get 12 XLRs. Plus the spdif for my UA OX puts me in fat city. UA gear is awesome.

R. Vickers

20. Januar 2021

excellent device!

This is the best sounding recording device I have ever owned. I have used a lot of analog gear and I am amazed at the depth and clarity of these converters. The plugins that emulate the outboard gear that I have do it really well. For instance, I forget if I tracked with my actual LA2A or if I tracked with the Unison plugin. The mixes I have been doing come together more quickly and I get to spend more time on aesthetics than problem solving. I give this unit an A+. Thanks UAD!

41-60 von 260 Ergebnisse