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Apollo x6


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A. houpert

3. April 2019


Ravi par ma X6, excellents convertisseurs, je l'ai acheté surtout pour le live pour avoir avec moi les excellents plugs 480L dans la console UAD,
c'est pratique, fiable,
et ça sonne

P. Gharapetian

3. April 2019

An amazing upgrade that's miles ahead.

I upgraded my Silverface Apollo to the x6 recently, and it's been one of the best things i've done in my studio. The new AKM chips in the converters (same chips as Merging Technologies Horus / Hapi) really put it miles above my old Mytek converter. The Mytek mastering converter has now been sold. The stereo field is so much more detailed with the x6. Anyone with an older Apollo would be wise to also make the upgrade to the X series. Adding that with all the i/o plus the ability to use some of the best plugins on the planet really makes this a no brainer. Thank you UAD!

J. Anaka

26. März 2019

replaced my hd system

Greetings after running a gigantic HD system for the past 6 years I decided time to replace the Digidesign gear with UAD . Simple straight forward to use and sounds amazing . I bought an X8 and liked it so much I added an X6 and now have full 24 channels of Adat as well as the onboard Pre- amps . happy guy.

T. Ignatius

19. März 2019


Sounds great and does exactly what I expect it to do. However I do wish it had at least 2 more inputs

m. garcia

15. März 2019

Love it

Great piece of gear awesome sound love the processing power

D. Cooper

8. März 2019

What I expected plus some.

I once thought only the Apogee Rosetta and Big Ben (90's) were the ultimate combo but now..No need for separate conversion or clocks. First lets get to the bottom line. You get to actually hear your ideas come together quicker so that you dont burn your ears out. Second, I dont know who thought this would be an upgrade of the Black face apollo but its not... Its and all new beast that killed its ancestor. Literally !! This will actually make you stop buying extra gear that you probably don't need but want. I'm a gearslut for life but damn! Its actually more efficient than the previous versions. More plugins and I mean huge plug ins can run at the same time... If you run out of DSP, you need to rethink your tracking/recording/Talent department cause you really shouldnt run out unless your doing a Skywalker/Star wars film or something... This piece will leave you with no more excuses on why your song sucks or didnt get radio play, it only leaves the talent to decide at this level of gear. Get over the price people. It will literally actually save you money so that you don't need to buy more crap after a remorseful purchase on that other so called interface and outboard gear. Im still all about outboard but you need to know when enough is enough and learn how to use both digital and analogue properly to your advantage. No more A versus D. Put them together and make music !!

J. Albritton

8. März 2019


Great Sound! Needed a new interface and was waiting for something next level for my workflow that didn’t require tons of pres for my hybrid mixing setup. Also allows recording vocals with the unison technology. Finally some one released a product for those us of who need serious sound and DSP, although we moved our setups to smaller rooms or at home

D. Kox

7. März 2019

Mere happiness

I owned an Apollo USB Twin before. Was already happy with it. But i did miss some extra I/O. After switching from Pc to Mac and after watching reviews i finally decided to also make the step to the new X Series. My expectations and more for sound quality(got blown out of my seat), Unison, I/O, pre amps and just the intuitive handling. Universal Audio: There is no other.

P. Filipsky

6. März 2019


So far my best sound card. Finally, I hear the differences between the piano sounds in my Nord.

M. Sudhakar

4. März 2019

Amazing Sounding Interface

I love the new Converter of the new X Serie.

Sounds Amazing!!!

P. Lordo

21. Februar 2019

Pure Perfection!!

I’ve had three apollo’s now. This tops them all!! The converters are better and they give you 6 dsp chips compared to the two in my Apollo 8 Duo. Hands down the best audio interface out there. Well worth the money.

O. Eltutmaz

13. Februar 2019

Before Apollo x6 and than

This is my first UAD audio interface and great starting point for it. Stability, components quality, software and all amazing. Do not need wasting time to buy any Apollo. I am working on with Apollo x6 Pc and Win10. All is perfect working.

I. Daniel

13. Februar 2019

Absolut Great

all i can say.

R. Fonseca

6. Februar 2019

Great job UA

Articulate and pristine a/d, amazin box

C. Bandini

3. Februar 2019

Great piece of hardware.

I'm switching from ProTools HD to UAD+Logic Pro. The process was hard at the beginning, but the new Apollo made it easier. It has tons of DSP power, allows me to track with UAD plugins, the new converters sounds amazing. I can chain it with other Apollos to record more channels, plus the benefit of the Unison technology.

e. david

31. Januar 2019

unbelievable Apollox series

i mean thats the front end i was missing to enter my daw..., it sounds realy good, great quality with zero latency runing high end UAD plugings in real time wow! thats dope men, i love Universal Audio Hardwares & softwares great stuff,for now i got the x6 but it seems like in the future i'll have to get a next one.

M. McAllister

23. Januar 2019


High quality, pro feature-rich, with access to UA plugins. What more could you want?

M. G.

18. Januar 2019


Tengo la primera generación plateada Thunderbol y muy contento. También tengo una Octo DSPs. En Diciembre, decidí añadir una Apollo X6. La diferencia en calidad de sonido es muy notable. Ahora tengo un sonido bastante mejor. Muy contento con el nuevo X6. Recomendado y sigo probando.

Me gustaría más flexibilidad de ruteo de señal y que los DSPs se sumaran totalmente

UAD User

14. Januar 2019

apollop x6

Worked great for a week then stopped all together, after spending over a week uninstalling over 6 times reinstalling, disabling sip from my imac and again reinstalling still doesnt work. I loved the sound and the plugins sounded great but now an expensive ornament.

P. Dalakouras

12. Januar 2019

Apollo x6....Amazing Sound.!!

Huge Distance between (my previous Apollo Twin Duo) to this monster.!!
The best upgrade i ever have.!!

261-280 von 307 Ergebnisse