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Apollo x6


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A. Dannvik

14. Dezember 2019

Just great!

Amazing sound. Easy workflow and stable!

Y. JinGyu

13. Dezember 2019

Very Good

Very Good

R. Gábor

10. Dezember 2019

Amazing sound & features

I've been waiting a long time to buy one.
I used Avid Duet. The Apollo x6 has it more transient & more sub bass frequency (not dB, more Hz, no low cut). The high frequency is silky. The Console gives you many options to make recording & mixing easier. It's fantastic that I heard myself in the headphones before recording with UA plug-ins, it's easier to sing and very sensual. Without external preamplifier the recording is very good. Unison technology offers many options for a lot of coloration of your recording.
Highly recommended to buy! Thanks Universal Audio!

L. Cohen

9. Dezember 2019

Ba da BING!

What can I say about the Apollo X6 to do it justice? Great DACs, low latency (5.5 ms output in Logic Pro w/512 buffer at 96Khz), SHARC cores, outstanding Plug-ins, and full compatibility with my late 2013 MacBook Pro. Installation was a breeze. Kicks my previous interface to the curb.

P. Vos

9. Dezember 2019

Amazing unit

Absolutely amazing sound! A big step up for me. Plenty of DSP with absolutely great pre-amps. Thanks UA!

M. Darin

8. Dezember 2019

Apollo x6 and UAD customer service is simply awesome!

All I can say is WOW! UAD hit this out of the park. My apollo X6 is simply pristine and as true sound as is possible. What I put into the X6 comes out of my monitors, but with all the extra flexibility and tools to make my perfect mix. Highly recommend!

D. Mameri

5. Dezember 2019

The Futur Is Now

There's nothing to say... except thank you UAD !!!

P. Jelfs

5. Dezember 2019

Premium Sound Premium Finish

What a unit! I did have a Silverface Apollo a few years back, and this definately has a more detailed opened sound, and the amount of settings and customization you can get is INSANE!

One point, and this is not a criticism but something i wish was available on at least ONE of the apollo range- 3-4 Hi Z inputs! I often want to record bass + 2 guitars, and obviously can do it , but would love 3 or even 4 HI Z inputs, so all players can get in on that lovely UNISON SOUND.

小. 寿

5. Dezember 2019


The sound card of Apollo X6 is very good. Many people around me are using it. I recommend you to buy it!

a. meissner

5. Dezember 2019

Apollo x6 ist Must have..

Hatte lange Zeit mit anderen AD/DA Wandlern gearbeitet, aber der Klang des Apollo x6 ist einfach unfssbr Gut. Natürlich sind die 6 DSPs ein weiteres Kaufkriterium..:-)
Macht genau das, was es soll: Guten Klang liefern und einfach arbeiten.

f. prabowo

4. Dezember 2019


Had no experience with UA audio interfaces or UAD plugins before. The DSP features, and quality of the plugins absolutely amazed me. Can't imagine a better all-in-one solution.

G. Poriazis

4. Dezember 2019

Awesome Gear

Excellent analog sound, very useful and easy to learn the console and really amazing plug ins.

N. Cosic

27. November 2019

Better than I've thought it would be

Had no experience with UA audio interfaces or unison preamps before. The workflow, set of features, and quality absolutely amazed me. Headphone amps powering the high end Focal Clear headphones bring out the best in them. Can't imagine a better all-in-one solution.

A. Aniper

23. November 2019


Купил Apollo X6 на замену своего Apollo FW (Silver с картой Thunderbolt 2).
Первое и главное, что поразило меня - это звук! Он стал намного чище, прозрачнее, честнее, детальнее! Такое впечатление, что я поменял мониторы! :)
6 процессоров HEXA работают гораздо быстрее чем 4 старых процессора! А вот разницу между Thunderbolt 2 и Thunderbolt 3 я не заметил!
Очень удобно, что добавили Talkback, теперь не нужно использовать дополнительный микрофон!
Использую карту с микрофоном Soyuz SU-17 Tube и мониторами ADAM A8X, звук просто бомба, как на входе, так и на выходе!
Всем рекомендую к покупке! :)

R. Datall

14. November 2019

Y'all A-holes corner the market like Apple

1. I bought an x6 and unreasonably need to wait 8 weeks for the promotional quad 4 satellite.
2. You have the best plugins but we are forced to rely on over priced, outdated sharc ships.
3. Other then that best interface/plugins I've ever used, union pre's are amazing.

J. Frei

14. November 2019


It really lifted my studio int a new dimension, I love iz

R. Invernizzi

12. November 2019


Amazing interface! Perfect for product music. Works perfectly with my Apollo Twin. And now, connecting both interfaces I can have huge DSP power for UAD plugins

p. yong

8. November 2019

The best audio interface

Stand out with reliable UAD plugins

w. tiezhong

8. November 2019

The sound card of Apollo X6 is very good. Many people around me are using it. I recommend you to buy it!

The sound card of Apollo X6 is very good. Many people around me are using it. I recommend you to buy it!

C. Pere

5. November 2019

Just great!

My job has gotten so much more fun since I got my X6. Even my friends and client has noticed the difference in my Recs and Mixes. The console is great though I would love more affordable plugins especially for us Students. Thank you UAD.

201-220 von 307 Ergebnisse