Apollo x4

Apollo x4

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Apollo x4


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J. Montoya

24. Januar 2021

Best audio interface!

Excellent interface for a home studio. It has everything you will need to begin in the UAD world. 4 unison preamps, 4 dsp chips, 2 headphone outputs. It sounds great. I am really happy that I got this.

Thanks UAD for creating amazing products!

UAD User

20. Januar 2021

So Quiet I Have To Check To See If It's On!

As a long time engineer, with a full blown pro tools studio, I've been through a lot of gear in my career. I own hardware versions of the 1176 and LA2A compressors, as well as the hardware for some of the plugins that UA sells. This unit is easy to set up, quiet, and the pre amps that come with it are great. The plugins load and work flawlessly. I especially like the 55 Deluxe guitar plugin. I own a 1954 Deluxe and I think I like the plugin better. Don't tell Keith Richards:). The apollo x4 integrated with my pro tools rig on my mac pro with ease and I was able to get to work in a few minutes. The apollo x4 is built with the quality that I used to wish for when I first started working in audio.

Thanks for building such a great unit!!!!

O. Levi

17. Januar 2021

Love the sound! Love how it looks and feels!

Great sounds. after switching from Focuserite Clarret 8 pre i feel like i found a new home.
Thank you for this wonderful product!

T. Holmes

13. Januar 2021

Confusing Setup

I run a 2018 Dell XPS15. On first install, the X4 output a ton of white noise, even after I performed the Windows optimization suggestions I found on the Apollo website. I had to do quite a bit of internet research and change pre-boot energy-usage configurations on my laptop to solve the issue. It sounds fine now, but my PC performance has definitely been affected, and I suspect I am still not getting optimal performance out of the interface. It would be nice if these processes were better documented or better yet, built into the installer.

f. ruddick

9. Januar 2021

Apollo x 4 good little workhorse

Purchased this interface as portable second rig alternative to Burl with Octo satellites.
Nice form factor and enough interfacing for some tracking and enough DSP to manage a big enough session.
Headphone amp is solid, prefer that to the monitor outputs not totally in love with the Monitor output sound, mids don’t feel quite as open as I’m used to.
Shame can’t bypass the Preamps to use more high end preamp in tracking when available.
Overall good value and nice little interfacing unit

V. Jæger

4. Januar 2021

Beautiful and powerful stuff

Excellent and easy interface. Sounds perfect. Two headphone outs and two instrument inputs make it easy to collaborate creativally with people without all the cable mess. The weakest link in the signal chain has to be somewhere else.

A. Wolfhagen

4. Januar 2021

Excellent workflow, sound quality and design!

Bought the X4 as I needed a desktop interface with more than just 2 preamps.
The X4 was definitely the right choice, with 4 nice preamps, 2 HI-Z inputs and even 2 separate headphone outputs, and additional analog outputs. Good options for expansion, both with ADAT units or additional Apollo interfaces.
The Console application is very nice and so easy to use - which means a great deal to the general workflow when recording.
And of cause the plugins that comes along with the interface - they sound so good and the whole idea of being able to record with great sounding plugins, wether just for monitoring or also printing them, is really nice.
Why do something in the mix if you can fix it already when recording?
Best recommendations from me :-)

M. Riley

3. Januar 2021

Love My Apollo x4!

I recently upgraded my home studio around the Apollo x4 and Console. I really love the functionality and simplicity of the Apollo and Console environment. The preamp emulations sound fantastic and have really simplified a lot of the signal chains I have used for years. I am using the Apollo x4 into Cakewalk and Reaper but I really want to go all in with LUNA. Is there going to be a PC/Windows version?

A. Sapp

1. Januar 2021

Apollo X4 is a Powerhouse Console

The best way to sum it up would be this piece of tech is INCREDIBLE!!! To call it simply an interface is a major slight to its capabilities. The X4 has taken my home recording to a level I didn't even think possible. UAD plug-ins are insane. Thanks to everyone at Universal Audio for putting out the best digital audio products on the market!!!

R. Ruzicska

1. Januar 2021

Great sound but has major flaws

I am new to UA products. I previously used a focusrite clarett 8pre X. On logic X. First the good. The sound and texture one can get from these units are amazing. The plugins are great.
Now for the bad. The layout of presets is all over the place. You can’t use plug ins on all the tracks of a song as it will over load the unit. That sucks and I was shocked it went over the limits so easy. After all the hype they say how it can process so much etc etc. for $1800 you should be able to use a ton of plugins and not worry about overloading the unit. So basically you have to spend 3000 dollars to get a unit that comes close to being able to process 5 tracks of plugins say 3 plugins per track. (15 total). What a bummer!! Sometimes the unit will disconnect itself while recording.
Then there is using plugins on logic X. You can access them in logic but you can’t access logic plug in for say metering before you record to see your loudness level. That makes zero sense to me. So you are bouncing between two different screens. A lot going on and slows the work flow down.
Then there is Luna. The program is a good starting point. I am sure they will refine it but here is a major problem they don’t tell you. YOU HAVE TO BE HOOKED UP TO THE INTERNET TO USE IT!?! If you are on wifi good luck cause it will drop out on you a lot. I have zero understanding on why they need to have a daw connected to the internet to use it. Then you have to sign in every time you use it? Luna is trash because of the internet thing. I have been recording for 18 years and have had few recording issues with audio interfaces and daw. This is a huge pain to work with all these workflow problems and overloading the unit. For the amount of money you pay you shouldn’t have these issues. The sounds and plugins are absolutely awesome though. Very satisfied with that area. Hoping they make some changes. Great company. I hope they contact me to solve these issues

I. Cahill

30. Dezember 2020

My new favorite piece of gear

Apollo x4 is well worth the money and far greater product than everything I've used. I've been using a MOTU 828 mkii for the past 5 years and it was great, but it's already become obsolete. Also, the UA plug-ins are amazing!

G. Andrei

27. Dezember 2020

I hate myself

I hate myself because I used another gear till now. It was waste of time!

E. Zehendner

25. Dezember 2020

High Class Sound!

I am so glad I found this incredible piece of hardware. It is my favorite piece of gear I own aside from my MacBook Pro. The unison technology is a dream come true. The plugins can't be beat. The only downside is you get sucked into the ecosystem and end up spending a lot of money haha. I am a happy customer so far. Thanks UA!

L. Liu

19. Dezember 2020

Amazing and Inspirational

I used the Arrow for 2 years, and loved it. It was a great introduction the the UA universe. I recently upgraded to the Apollo x4, and I have absolutely no regrets. I wanted 4 mic inputs, and now having 4 DSP chips as opposed to 1 in the Arrow is a game changer. I am no longer limited and can run a lot more plugins. I also noticed that the sound quality with the x4 has more depth and clarity than the Arrow.
I’m glad I trained on the Arrow, but the Apollo x4 is a worthy investment, and can’t wait to use this with recording ensembles. I’m so glad I upgraded.

v. grondin

18. Dezember 2020

What an upgrade !

I go from a Fireface 400 that I had for 10 years to the X4! Night and day! its unbelievable on my voice with the Neve 1073 and I fell in love with the Fender Tweed with my Lag. I love this material!

J. Romero

18. Dezember 2020


I've been wanting an Apollo for years but the price point is high as you know, but it does come with some plugs. Anyway, of course, the plugs are excellent and the first time I turned it on I could really hear how good the converters are. But I must say the some of the more intense plugins are processor HOGS!! In some instances, I could only use just a few plugs without getting the dreaded error message. I'm bummed :(
I'm not gonna return the x4 but I wish I could have read more reviews that mentioned the high processor load. I'm sure I could expand my UA system but dude after paying 1800 dollars I thought something like this far from fact. Also, I would like to see more tutorials on their website they don't have too many. Once again, it's UA! ... come on, but think about it before you take the plunge.

E. Maracchioni

15. Dezember 2020

Simply I love it

I just sold a Zen Tour Sinergy Core Antelope for an Apollo X4, and I never regretted it for 1 minute. I love this little jewel !

Ł. Michalski

12. Dezember 2020

Wspaniały produkt

NA UA X4 przesiadłem się po sprzedaży Antelope Zen Tour. To mój pierwszy produkt z firmą Universal Audio. W porównaniu do poprzednika, X4 wydaje się być produktem kompletnym. Wszystko działa, dźwięk zawodowy, szczegółowy, stabilne sterowniki, nic się nie wysypuje, prostota obsługi. Interfejs jest bardzo dobrze wykonany i jak dla mnie ma wszystko na swoim miejscu. Minusów jak idzie o sam X4 nie zauważyłem póki co, z kolei minusami samego środowiska UA jak dla mnie są: zbyt drogie wtyczki UA (kupując X4 liczyłem się z takim stanem rzeczy), w Console na liście wtyczek brakuje mi wyraźnego oznaczenia pluginów które są w moim posiadaniu. Generalnie polecam!

S. Fuchs

10. Dezember 2020

Bestes Interface bisher

Ich hatte vor einiger Zeit bereits einmal ein Apollo Twin MK I, mit dem ich sehr zufrieden war. Der ausschlaggebende Punkt Pro UAD ist für mich die großartige Stabilität der Treiber in Kombination mit sehr hochwertiger Hardware und die ausgesprochen guten Plugins. Das x4 setzt ausstattungsmäßig nochmal eine gute Schippe drauf... die Vielzahl an Eingängen machen kleine Projekte mit ein paar Musikern deutlich komfortabler und im Vgl. zum Twin MK I klingen die Preamps für mich ein ganzes Stück besser, was sich weniger subtil bemerkbar macht, als ich dachte. Ob E-Bass oder Gesang - der Qualitätsunterschied ist sehr deutlich und rechtfertigt alleine schon das Upgrade. Ich finde bei den Plugins könnte die Preispolitik überdacht werden, Gewinn erzielt UAD so oder so genug. Exklusivität hin oder her, ich hätte gerne eine breitere Basis an Plugins im niedrigeren Preissegment. Die "großen" können ja dennoch wie bisher angeboten werden.

N. Padilla Rudick

7. Dezember 2020

Excellent !!!!

UA Apollo is a game changer! It immediately changed the quality of my recordings and mixes !! Thank you!

61-80 von 207 Ergebnisse