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Apollo x16


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V. Ruzicic

15. Juni 2022


Fantastic converters,very precise and clean interface for recording and mixing in any situation…
Thanx to Universal Audio for this beauty…

K. Beleznay

16. März 2022

The fantastic X 16

This is a super sounding device. Add 16 in-out and uad plugins. Suitable for production and suitable for creative work.

C. Hawkins

22. Februar 2022

Apollo 16x

Love UA gear. So much so, I bought 3 Appollo 16x for my Trident 24A board. The only thing though, you'd think UA would throw in some plug ins. How can you not include the Plug-In Promotion Deal. And I bought three of them. Not happy about that. I'm told there's nothing you can do. If I hadn't already bought them I may have chosen something else.

E. McCaine

1. Februar 2022

Need true 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos capabilities...

I would love to see a redesign for the X 16 unit which will handle 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos for those of us who need it and we need it badly!

S. Hauk

28. Dezember 2021

Apollo x16

Really great upgrade after using a MK1 Apollo Twin for several years. The integration is great with my
Twin and the improvement in conversion is quite noticeable, thanks UA!

N. Thiện

14. November 2021


I love uad

C. Greim

13. November 2021

The X16 Gear

Without a doubt a top device, but I would like more connections and Dolby Atmos compatibility. Therefore a star deduction.

C. Miller

20. Oktober 2021

Apollo x16

Excellent converters great Interface

C. Miller

20. Oktober 2021

Great Interface!

Excellent convertors Sounds Great

H. Hestetraeet

29. September 2021

The best

for me!-)

D. Taylor

21. Juli 2021

Best on the market for the price!

Absolutely fantastic! I use it every day. I have an API ACS Legacy console and I run it into two Apollo z 16s. Sounds incredible!

G. Scelza

11. März 2021

Great Interface!

So glad I made the transition to the UAD / Apollo environment. Sounds great and the near zero latency when tracking is invaluable. Great clock and great sounding AD and DA conversion. Two thumbs up.

Y. Picard

23. Januar 2021


The best, that’s all

J. Metzger

15. Januar 2021

Middle of the road

This interface is expensive , I’d say the quality is what you would expect from China where these seem to be made at .

L. Cartagena

13. Dezember 2020

The best of the best!

Its sound is AMAZING..... EXCELLENT.... and the combination with the Dangerous 2 Bus Summing it is simply spectacular. The best upgrade to my studio. Making the connection between my apollos and the hardware was extremely simple and easy .... Thanks!

The best of the best!

J. Plichta

11. Dezember 2020

Great unit

Great unit. Will be more better when I will be able to connect my external hw compressor and etc. via insert in LUNA (I bought it for this aim)

M. Sciotto

5. Dezember 2020

Apollo x16

Great interface, was using three 192’’s for years...what a difference! Wish I had done it years ago. All I can say is awesome.

J. Cruz

5. Dezember 2020

A MUST!!! UA Mojo

Audio quality is amazing. Definitely worth investing!

D. Rivaz

1. Dezember 2020

Looking for top Quality?

Apollo x16 is the best audio interface ever.. no competitor at all

D. Steele

28. November 2020

King of interfaces

It doesn't get much better than this. It sounds fantastic, and recording through realtime plugins is a fantastic workflow. Connected to my desk with my X8 I get 24 channels of analog summing on mixdown, with first class sonics. What's not to love!

1-20 von 74 Ergebnisse

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