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Apollo Twin X


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J. Costa

17. August 2022

Amazing piece of hardware

There is nothing like it in the present market. Instantly improved my mixing and recording. Absolutely brilliant! Bravo!


13. August 2022

The Amazing Apollo Twin X!

All my plugins in one place instead of having to patch outbound gear separately!!

S. Banga

11. August 2022

Apollo twin x

Love my new twin x and I’m trying to save up for plug-ins plus getting more dsp ! Only issue is I thought all ua products came with the Heritage collection but I only had the classic collect ! I’ve had a few offer sent to me to buy more plug-ins but I just can’t afford to buy any at this time ! Hopefully this may change in the future!


9. August 2022

Best Gear

This machine has a lot of amazing features.
Not to mention the unison free feature, if you want to use a dedicated vst with high functionality, I highly recommend it. Especially recommended for guitarists.

S. Komor

7. August 2022

Blown away

It is my first UA unit and I am mighty impressed. I dare say it made my studio sound better. Previous MOTU user. The only thing I wish was simpler was the installing of the plugins part, as it installs every single UA plugin, and due to those issues I haven't really gotten to use the ones that come with the unit.

J. Raja

4. August 2022


Top quality Affordable Audio Interface with print to tape using unison pre & Plugins for faster workflow. Much Love ❤️ to UA.

K. Kamonrat

30. Juli 2022


excellent work fol

C. Preston

15. Juli 2022

Apollo Twin Quad Heritage Edition

I’ve been so impressed with the Mic Pre’s and plug-ins. The sound quality, monitoring features and functionality are very hard to beat. We’ll worth the investment. Thank you!


13. Juli 2022

Interface for guitarists

The unison feature is really great. If you have this machine, you don't need to buy a separate multi-effector. Sound quality is good, and because it uses DSP, it has great strength in latency.

Y. Lin

4. Juli 2022

Twin X has become my main productivity

Twin x is very professional. Unison preamp lets me experience the world's professional hardware preamp. The UAD plug-in is so wonderful, with first-class effect and 0-delay processing effect, which the native plug-in cannot achieve.

A. Lozano

1. Juli 2022

Definitely worth the money

I've been wanting an Apollo for so long and would have probably waited longer due to the price tag, but my new MacBook Pro Max did not support my old interface so I was forced to upgrade. Now that I finally got the Apollo Twin X Quad.. I'm in love and would never go back.

UAD User

27. Juni 2022

Worth every dollar

A guy at a national music store talked me into the Apollo Twin X. I had just sent back my Presonus Quantum, and was sad to part with 8 inputs at $400 less. Since Thunderbolt is a new format, hardware can get expensive real fast for more than 2 inputs. When I hooked up the Apollo Twin to make stereo mixes of some of my old orchestral pieces on a workstation, It brought some old recordings immediately to life w the incredible preamps. Wish they didn’t need to hard sell software during installation, but offer a bigger discount to hardware buyers instead. But Presonus did the same so that’s just how it is now. Absolutely love the quality of the preamps compared to Presonus and your music is worth it.

P. Zielonka

21. Juni 2022

hard not to give 5 stars...

The twin x is my first step with UAD - and it will not be the last!

M. Bigelow

15. Juni 2022

Great but not easy

I upgraded from a mid-level interface and the Apollo Twin X is like getting a sports car after driving around a moped. Bit of a learning curve, but a fantastic choice for my musical journey.


9. Juni 2022


I was using the Twin MK2 version, and upgraded to X and no doubts I reached better results for track and mix my productions.

S. Olsen

5. Juni 2022


If you are on the fence about the duo or quad get the quad!

J. Wise

30. Mai 2022

Major studio upgrade

I’ve been looking for an interface to upgrade my starter studio and after much deliberation, this was the one I chose. I’m very glad to have picked this. Between the dsp power on the unit itself and the great software, I’m finding myself getting really solid takes without needing to wrangle my way through countless plugins and presets in my daw.

h. jue

29. Mai 2022

best interface!

unison it's best preamp,i use it every time

A. Iselin

27. Mai 2022

Hands Down

Pristine Audio quality and great Plugins that come with this beautifully crafted Interface

I. Salazar

26. Mai 2022

Quality You Can Trust

Can't say enough about the craftsmanship and quality of this interface. From the heavy build to the unison integration and the headphone amp clarity. Once you use one it'll be hard to use anything else.

61-80 von 767 Ergebnisse