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Apollo Twin X


181-200 von 864 Ergebnisse

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P. Healy

25. Mai 2022

Game changer

Twin X and LUNA = positive vibrations. I am now using LUNA as my primary DAW.

K. Kim

24. Mai 2022

Best interface ever

Very useful and easy to use. Good quality and design will make me continue to use UAD products in the future.

b. friend

15. Mai 2022

Simple but useful!

Very useful and easy to use. Good quality and design will make me continue to use UAD products in the future.

j. zaballa

15. Mai 2022

Best interface ever

I love it so much!

A. Music

13. Mai 2022

Problem after problem

I've had this Apollo Twin X for over 8 months and it's just a disappointment. From software issues to hardware issues. Not finding the help I needed. It's has a good pre-amp and the plugins are good, but it is absolutely not worth a 1000 bucks. I've had recording issues, output issues, crash issues, not being able to handle one plugin issues. This has to be the biggest mood crasher I had in the studio. From the point of being insanely happy to make a new song to not being able to even record is very upsetting. My advice; buy another interface, maybe just a good hardware pre-amp and a cheaper interface. Less is more sometimes, especially with ridiculous prices as these Apollo's go for.

A. Beltrán

10. Mai 2022

Great for live performance

The routing options allow me to have a few pieces of outboard gear on stage and the Adat allows me having my modular on 8 channels to mix, this thing is crazy versatile

s. jung

9. Mai 2022


perfect design, perfect performance ! i love this

J. Jacobs

6. Mai 2022

Huge Studio Upgrade

This is my first experience with anything UAD and I've been extremely pleased. My mics and guitars sounds incredible going through the Apollo and the UAD plugins have breathed new life into my mixes. My studio feels like it's gotten a huge upgrade and it has given me a new excitement to write and mix music.

D. Foulkes

6. Mai 2022

Twin X - Brilliant Interface

Unison tech makes all of the difference, at least to my ears. Great job!

A. Rudy

5. Mai 2022

The Apollo Twin X is AMAZING!

I love my new Apollo Twin X! I had been using an old Presonus audio interface but I wasn’t getting the sound I wanted. I switched to the Apollo and immediately my recordings started sounding better. I use the Apollo with Logic Pro and I was having some issues understanding DSP and how to properly utilize the memory. Luckily, I found a tutor online through Wyzant named Donald F. aka MidWest Don and he has helped me understand how to use the Apollo and not run out of DSP. I highly recommend the Apollo as well as Donald!

W. Hare

1. Mai 2022

Glad I upgraded

Went from a Solo USB to Twin Thunderbolt 3 allowing me to add satellites for more DSP. Twin working perfectly.

S. Cesur

29. April 2022

Super aber

Super Gerät, aber bei jedem Update werden alle nicht gekauften Plugins mit installiert. Kann grad nicht mischen muss jetzt Hunderte Plugins aus dem Ordner entfernen, da man sonst die fünf gekauften kaum findet.

I. Van Atta

28. April 2022

Apollo Twin X - Simply Outstanding

This is "hands down" the absolute best audio interface that I have ever owned. With the ability to record "through" plugins, but not just any plugins, some of the best plugins ever created! These are so well done, you'd think you own $1,000,000 studio! To make things even better, you don't have to "buy" a plugin to see if it will work for you. UA give you the ability to try out ANY plugin with 100% functionality FREE for 2 weeks. I can tell you that this simple feature is AMAZING! It has helped drive which plugins I purchase right away and which are on my wish list for when I have the money!

Believe the hype, just be sure to do your research and choose the unit that best suits your needs. Pay attention to DSP, number of cores, etc. Watch the videos on the UA site, listen to the demos and see for yourself. But you will want one, so if I was you, I'd start the research right away and instantly increase the quality of your recordings by XXX%. I can't give you a number because with every plugin I use, every session I create, every track I record that number just keeps going up.

Stop reading, go listen and then purchase. You'll thank me.


L. Quiroga

26. April 2022

Su conectividad brinda pocas soluciones.

Hace un año que tengo esta interfaz. Y fueron muchas más las veces que no pude usar mi interfaz que las que si pude. Todo por difícil compatibilidad. Muchos por ahí piensan que por tener una salida con más velocidad(Thunderbolt 3) es uña ventaja, solo quiero dejar una reseña para que piensen un poco más a la hora de elegir comprar esta Apolo twin X. En mi caso deje pasar bastante por alto lo de su entrada Thunderbolt 3 y sinceramente está entrada me complico la vida. Tengan en cuenta que esta interfaz solo les va a funcionar con Apple y no solo eso sino que van a tener que tener que comprar una computadora Apple de 2017 o 2018 en adelante. Así que para que todo funcione a la perfección súmenle a su presupuesto 1500 dólares que es lo que cuesta aproximadamente una computadora. Puede que funcione con alguna que otra pc que no sea estás qué nombre antes. Pero les aseguro que no va a a ser una tarea fácil que funcione. A lo qué voy es que está lejos de que la conecten a cualquier pc y salga andando como le gustaría a cualquier usuario. Un producto que resuelva situaciones, no que las complique. Bueno, esto es lo que sucede con Apolo Twin X. Es un producto que trae más obstáculos, que soluciones.
Quiero dejar en claro que estoy hablando desde mi experiencia con este producto en particular. No tengo nada en contra de la excelente marca que es UAD. Saludos!

V. Fehl

25. April 2022

Saved Music Productions

Very Nice!!!!

l. villavicencio

15. April 2022

Professional Sound

I love my Apollo Twin X. The sound is clean and warm to my ears.

D. Proo

14. April 2022

The best Interface in the planet


D. De leon

10. April 2022


The reason I chose the Apollo Twin X is because of the real time plugins. The Apollo twin is thunderbolt 3 which is a plus. Finally east to use set is the best.
Over all a great purchase.


8. April 2022

Hi Z input clips on guitar input and makes theApollo Twin X unit unusable for guitar DI.

The UA Apollo Twin X Clips when you plug a guitar into the Hi-Z 1/4 inch jack. This is a very common issue that is talked about in many forums. Considering the price of this unit this should not be an issue. There are many other way cheaper interfaces that do not have this issue. The only way to fix the issue is to use a mic pre and gain stage or just not use the hi-z jack altogether. Makes me want to sell this unit. I own an Apollo 16 and it does not have this issue. Super dissapointing UA :(

A. Perlala

6. April 2022

So happy and so sad!

I am so happy with the world that this device has let me in. With the unbelievble high quality of the very same voice and microphone that was sounding worthless anf harsh when using my previous sound card. I am so happy with the easiness that I switch monitoring between the headphones and the monitors. I am so extremely happy with the preamp, comoressor, limiter and autotune, reverb and delay added on real timr to my vocal through the UA console because now I know what I am doing and what I want to do. And I am so sad and I become more sad every secont that I enjoy the magic of this audio interface. So sad, because even that I am an recording artist since 19 years old, first recording session in Athens/ Greece the year 2000, it is the first time that I appricciate my skills as an artist. I know now that I was not crazy when I was asking each time the recording engineers in big and bigger recording studios, to give me the voice on my headphone with the effects that I wanted to hear so I could sound major. I knew my voice and my flows where better than what I was receiving in the final result from those fancy consoles and expensive microphones. I want to scream. Why did no body told me to leave everything else and just got my self an UA interface with DSP and that industry standart mic pre amp sound. Now that I have it, I am so free. Free from all that nonsense flex and bragging of everybody who tried all this years to control my creativity so i could get the sound quality that I deserved. So many years and recordings and lyrics wasted. It feels that I have just started my career now that I am recording and mixing with the Apollo Twin X.

181-200 von 864 Ergebnisse