Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB


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Apollo Twin USB


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s. azevedo

17. März 2017

Fantastic Portable Solution

This replaced my Presonus central station, Mackie Black Jack, and a bazillion
wires to hookup... The 2 mic pres are great too. If you're looking for a powerful all in
one, the Apollo twin is the way to go. (I have the Tbolt, even better!)

H. Oh

14. März 2017


the reason I choose this Apollo Twin is because of the softwares. Also my teacher recommended it to me. I'm so excited to record me sining with this device. hope you develop and provide more plug-ins for costumers who purchased the product.
one thing I would like to point out about the hardware is... the temperature goes up pretty higher than I expected. a little worried about it's duration of the hardware due to the heat while using. hope the duration period of the hardware is long enough.

R. Österlund

12. März 2017

Tail or no tail? Punch it up?

It's up to you. Nice tool, do as it's told :)

A. Stedtzon

5. März 2017

Top product

The quality is exceptional, easy to use and perfect sound.

L. Briguglio

28. Februar 2017


I am very satisfied, even if the new model is now out! But this card is still really the TOP

P. Barnes

27. Februar 2017

Apollo twin USB for classical/Latin guitar

Excellent sound reproduction with two mics and Sony Acid studio.
Wish list: Apollo doesn't seem to provide their own DAW. This leaves customers risking poor sound quality if they pick an unsuccessful match of Apollo pre-amp and DAW.

F. Herrero

27. Februar 2017


absolutely fantastic, also the whole compilation of plugins are spectacular!

S. Collins

25. Februar 2017

Excellent, easy - and finally a usable Marshall type amp sim

Couldn't be happier with the ease of installation. I use a Windows computer, so glad I went with the USB-3 interface rather than trying to get fire wire working... cost a little more, but worth it and I've now added a great deal of UAudio processing power.


I'm a lifelong guitarist and Marshall enthusiast. My previous recording setup was a rebuilt Marshall Plexi style amp (PTP wiring, new output transformer... converted from a 2204 with the vertical inputs.) I'd run that Amp "on 10" into a Bad Cat attenuator, out of the attenuator into a Randall ISO box which I kept in a closet (covered with blankets) and inside of which I placed a ribbon mic. It worked and the amp sounded great, though I had to wrestle a bit with the EQ balance.

Problems: first of all, this is a lot of hassle and these amps are hard to maintain in my experience (recording on 10.) I had a huge problem with the tone at one point that none of the amp techs could figure out - turned out I needed to replace the output transformer. Did it - amp sounded better than ever. But a year later the amp developed a new problem and I'm just out of time and money to deal with it. (The amp has been down as much as functional in the last 3 years.)

In desperation I checked out the Apollo interface because I'd read that it got near zero recording latency and I knew UA had been working with some amp simulations. I respect UA so I tried two of the Marshall emulations. The 2203 didn't really convince me... sounded harsh. (My 2204 is modified, but I remember what these can sound like.) The Plexi sounded good, but it did not respond to my boost pedal the way a real Marshall does... and that's a big issue. I could have wrestled with it and maybe gotten it to work eventually, but it was a bit of a hassle for me.

Then I tried the Friedman amp sims. Had never heard of these, but scanned the info and read that the creator of these amps started with the Plexi as their reference point. This amp sim is most excellent. Lots of flexibility, and it does sound like Plexi being hit with a boost pedal to me. In fact, it's got more gain than I need. You'll need to use your ears and tweak the controls to find your sound, of course. I think the Presence control is a bit odd... it has a lot of effect and when turned past 6 the sounds is terrible to my ears, but that will be influenced by other tone control settings and your pickups. Also - the recording setups (cabs + mic configs... there's like 40+) are very well done and there's a ton of them. (I'm using the default.)

Prior to this amp sim, I'd *never* heard one based around a Marshall I'd record with nor was I aware of a setup that would allow the super low latency. In short, this is a viable way to go to my ears and... no more OT replacement, tube replacement, expensive bench time, biasing... no worries about the mic slipping out of place or other recording issues... etc, etc.

If you love real tube amps this is worth a shot. Does it sounds as good as "the real thing"... I don't think so, but it's way, way closer than any amp sim I've used and it is absolutely musical enough and responsive enough to make serious music with.

z. hua

22. Februar 2017

Apollo Twin USB does not support the internal recording function is more regrettable, no I/O MATRIX interface

Apollo Twin USB does not support the internal recording function is more regrettable, no I/O MATRIX interface。

D. Efendic

16. Februar 2017

Great lil' monster!

If your PC don't support TB and you don't need to purchase new one, just let Apollo Twin Duo USB land in your studio. Installation and setup was fast (I already had PCIe DUO card) on WIN 10. All of my UAD plugins from my system (more than 50 plugs) were successfully authorised on WIN PC. Thumbs up for this UA!
It's time to grab Satellite OCTO USB and I'll be safe for next couple of years as I am with good old Mac Pro 5.1.

G. Hassenrück

11. Februar 2017

The best Interface in his class!

100% clean Converters! Ultra short Latencys! Ultimate Workflow! No Dropouts past 5 Minutes...

UAD forever

C. Parsons

7. Februar 2017

Very impressive, especially with Unison plug-ins.

Very impressive purely as an DAC, but when you add Unison plug-in channel strips, it's so much more! The way those strips adjust the hardware input impedance is really impressive, and is very noticeable when tracking dynamic signals, e.g. acoustic-electric guitars or vocals, or when using an amp simulation for electric instruments.

While not an issue, new buyers should be aware that the amount of DSP power in a Twin system is fine for recording at 24/48, but limiting if you want a higher sample rate. Also, if you use heavy plug-ins like the Neve 88RS channel strip you will have to disable them once you're finished tracking so you can use the DSP power for running plug-ins in your DAW during mixing.

Also note, if you use software synths, e.g. for pianos or drums, you will have to disable enough plug-ins to get DSP usage below 50% (or all the way down to ~10% if you can) to reduce latency enough that the instruments can be played live while recording. Again, not a huge issue, but I think it's worth mentioning.

If you want more DSP power so you can run everything simultaneously, you'll have to add more Apollo devices or UAD-2 satellite boxes. For small home recording setups though, a Twin will get you pretty far -- but it's really the first piece of a bigger system that's designed to be expandable.

H. Zimmerman

5. Februar 2017

Superb machine!

It installed easily under Windows 10. I'm using this with Pro Tools and all the bundled plugins sound fantastic, out of this world. I already miss the CS-1 when going to other post production studios than mine. The interface has all the advantages of having a dedicated DSP system. Input sounds wonderful and clean. And I love how you can test drive plugins without restrictions for two weeks. As a very busy post production mixer and an audio teacher at SAE Amsterdam I can easily say that this is the best interface I've ever had. Well done UA!


4. Februar 2017


It is satisfactory. But it is regrettable that the next product came out immediately after purchase and became an old model.

J. Bell

30. Januar 2017

Several issues.

Chief among them is inadequate thermal design.
The device runs much better on my desktop than laptop. Laptop complains of recording errors, there are *frequent* clicks and pops during playback (yes, everything is optimised and buffer sizes are conservative) - desktop machine was having similar issues; until I stuck a computer fan on it, then, not a peep - flawless operation.
additionally, the device has great difficulty locking to an ADAT clock - crackled and pops every 10 seconds or so - properly useless in this role.
Will update this review if a fix is found or an update fixes some of these issues

M. Flores

27. Januar 2017

Game Changer!!!

I was previously using this old mbox 2 mini for the longest time until i recently switched to the Apollo Twin USB. This thing is a true game changer for tracking vocals and acoustic instruments due to the fact that there's virtually no latency. The amp sims (plexi and deluxe) really remind me of my own amps without having the need to mic them up in a tuned room (which i don't have). All in all worth every penny!

r. leblanc

25. Januar 2017

This is a must for musicians!

As a guitarist ( electric and classical) I must say that this interface exceeded my expectations in every respect. The driver's are rock solid on PC ( windows 7 and Reaper ) and the sound quality is outstanding - a huge improvement over my previous Saffire 56 interface. Setup was a breeze and the Console software is dead simple to use.

Tracking guitar or vocals through the Unison LA610B preamp and the 1176 plugin is in of itself worth the price of this unit - it is a game changer for those of you who are musicians because you get to monitor amazing tone while tracking without ANY latency and that drastically improves the experience and performances. This unit will transform your studio for those of you who self-record and produce your own music. The included plugins are actually great and you get an amazing value when you factor all of that in.

Also, the DI is stellar and the amp sims are fantastic. The DI actually blew me away - a huge improvement over all other previous interfaces I've used.

I would also point out that build quality on this is impressive - great materials, responsive control knob etc. It feels like an expensive product that didn't corners.

C. Roseboom

23. Januar 2017

A great interface that delivers pristine audio quality.

Well built interface with the UAD plugin features being a huge lifesaver. No latency and the plugins are of pristine quality. A vast amount of possibilities for both the amateur and semi-professional!

C. Roseboom

23. Januar 2017

A great interface that delivers pristine audio quality.

Well built interface with the UAD plugin features being a huge lifesaver. No latency and the plugins are of pristine quality. A vast amount of possibilities for both the amateur and semi-professional!

C. Roseboom

23. Januar 2017

A great interface that delivers pristine audio quality.

Well built interface with the UAD plugin features being a huge lifesaver. No latency and the plugins are of pristine quality. Vast possibilities for both the amateur and semi-professional!

221-240 von 355 Ergebnisse