Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB


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S. Nazarenko

16. September 2018

Wrong choice, not worth invesment.

Got this apollo twin usb couple of weeks ago to use with laptop running on windows. My idea was: save on usb slots, have uad plugins. When i got box at home from the dealer i found: 1) intel processor requirement which was not indicated by seller; 2) no midi protocol
So, with #1. Unit works just ugly, it clicks and bzzzs. After 4 days of waiting tech support didn't try to help or understand situation, but shortly wrote: the Twin USB does require an Intel i3, i5, i7 or Xeon processor. With #2 i'd have to use usb slot for midi connections. So 1 slot audio interface, 1 slot midi... I used to work with motu and rme before, as i've wrote my idea was to save on usb slots and have uad plugins on board... This solution is a waste of money. Better have rme babyface and uad external unit for plugins. so techsupport 1/10 (1 = only no reply is worse), apollo twin usb 3/10 (can hear the sound, but none of emulations can make the clicks and bzzzzs sound better), overall 1/10 (1 = wow it's the uad...)

A. Dalton

13. September 2018

Aboslutley Fantanstic!

This peice of fear took my studio to new levels, specially with the UAD plug ins. Recording with unison technology is incredible especially with the SOLO 610 pre amp! You guys are on another level! highly recommended!!!

A. Roessler

1. September 2018


This piece of gear is awesome - such a huge upgrade to my former interface the pro40! I love the sound of the plugins. Never thought a plugin could be inspiring for my Songwriting- but it is!

UAD User

30. August 2018


Nie zamienię go na żaden inny. Czyste głębokie brzmienie. Jestem bardzo zadowolony.

M. Hancock

26. August 2018

Finally Upgraded from My Motu 2408 Mkiii

I finally upgraded to the Apollo Twin USB and the difference in sounds if really amazing. I hear both a difference in clarity and warmth. Can't wait to really dig in.

G. Geale

24. August 2018

Apollo Twin USB

This machine is sublime. It looks great, feels great, functions smoothly...
but most of all does it's job better than anything else I've tried.
UA has thought of everything... this thing talks to my DAW in unexpected ways to make my life easier. The hardware and software both ooze quality, but to have access to the brilliant world class UA plug-ins is worth the entry price alone.
I'm very, very happy.

UAD User

19. Juli 2018

Endless complications with compatibility, Unusable

Had it for 2 years, mega compatibility issues. Tech team tried to solve it but was unsuccessful. Tried reinstalling, Installed a new 3.0 card and nothing. It used to work sometimes now it doesn't work at all.

B. DeRenzo

16. Juli 2018

best money I ever spent

The price of the twin is worth it just for the reverb pro. I was contemplating the RME. As I have investigated various interfaces for months in trying to replace my MOTU MKIII hybrid, the only two that I thought were best bang for the buck, was the RME (excellent)
and the Twin, excellent as well. The determining factor for me? Althought the RME was a bit lower in price, the UA plugin suite is, without question, the best of all of any on the market today. Anyone whom has used hardware as I have over my career, will always relate the warmth of analog vs. the transparency of digital. My opinion is that UA has come the closest to emulating the 'analog sound' into their software. Look no further than the Reverb Pro and try to find the granulation on the decay, no matter what time factor you use. Same for the all the suite I purchased PARTICULARY the Manley Vox Box. I was going to purchase the Manley Core. Not necessary now. Are UA plugins going to replace hardware? Maybe not exactly, however from what I am witnessing first hand with the Twin, the comparison gap is getting closer and closer. Suffice to say that his was the best purchase I ever made and am glad I chose the Twin. My sincerest thank you to all at UA whom have made this possible.

P. Pertierra

15. Juli 2018

Excellent interface with expanability

This is my first interface that I have that goes into the uad plugins world. The sound is outrageous, the uad plugins are phenomenal, and the uad interface is very intuitive. I have a feeling this interface is going to be with me for a very long time. The only minor, and I do say minor complaint, is that universal audio should warn you when you are installing the uad software that it takes a very long time. I mistakenly stop the process thinking that my computer got hung up, when it actually didn't. Other than that excellent product, awesome sounds, and I hope it evolves into something even better in the future!

I. Kathol-Perrier

12. Juli 2018

Great Sound!

Nichts falsch gemacht, das Apollo Twin USB hat mich total überzeugt, zusammen mit dem Neve 1073 und Lexicon 224 habe ich den angesagten Sound.

R. Stolp

10. Juli 2018

Good interface for a home studio

My music shop representative steered me towards the USB twin for my particular needs and so far I’ve been happy. While it doesn’t have the lowest latency out there, the dedicated DSP provides practically zero latency monitoring. This works for me as I mostly record external hardware synths.

Given that I just shelled out my cash for the interface, I haven’t dived too much into the plugin offerings by UAD, but am slightly bummed many of the included plugins are legacy and not the current improved versions. I should’ve researched this further because it’s rather costly to upgrade and may have altered my final purchasing decision.

恺. 王

8. Juli 2018

Perfect Small-size Professional Interface

I definitely got my best recording ever with UA Apollo. Its pre-amps and converter is just suitable for home studios, and with its DSP function I free slots of my CPU burden (because I'm using a laptop). Besides, the big button and easy access to normally-used functions without finding them in the computer programme enable me to make adjustions just in time.
But there's some problem. Fist of all, one of my laptops can't be installed with apollo driver. At first I excected that hardware or software failuere happened in my laptop, but that's not the case. When I switch to another laptop which is just better in CPU condition, it just works. I don't know what the exact problem is. And another problem is that it releases an amount of heat. I put it straight on my Focusrite interface, but it neally burnt it down. So I need to unplug my Apollo regularly.
In spite of the problems, the interface is greate.

d. zhang wei

3. Juli 2018

Great !

i use it everday~

UAD User

27. Juni 2018

Pro quality

Very clean sound, used with Unisson technology, it become a poweful tool for audio recording with tons of beautiful colors and saturation, it can provide pro results for a home studio. I am more than satisfied. The legacy collection, that comes with it, is increadible for mixing. UA did a very good job. Probably one of the most valuable offer of the market at that price. You can go for it, you won't regret it.

P. Ranjbar

26. Juni 2018

Best of the Best

The best product in recording and mixing and mastering sound
With this device, you will get everything you need

g. shoaguangya

25. Juni 2018




24. Juni 2018

Apollo TWIN USB + Satellite Quad

TWIN USB (2x DSP) + Satellite USB Quad (4x DSP) = POWER MACHINE :-)

Y. Mahmydow

20. Juni 2018

best sound card

best sound card

A. Aldossary

18. Juni 2018


Excellent hardware . Stable driver. Amazing plugins. Overall quality product.

The only downside is the price, while I liked this sound interface, I still think it is over priced. In addition, the plug-ins prices are very high.

V. Horak

13. Juni 2018

perfect at home and in the garage

Works on windows7 on my old notebook and home on desktop(w10) also..

161-180 von 417 Ergebnisse