Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB


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S. Wah

14. Oktober 2019

Great Step

This gear and plugins pack make me confidient for my mixes!

S. Wah

14. Oktober 2019

Great Step

This gear and plugins pack make me confidient for my mixes!

J. Beylik

9. Oktober 2019

More than I expected.

There was nothing wrong with the interface I had been using. I'm a modern creative, so I do everything from composition to mix down. The dramatic sound improvement resulted in improved productivity, because it's such a pleasure to with with.

J. Beylik

9. Oktober 2019

More than I expected.

There was nothing wrong with the interface I had been using. I'm a modern creative, so I do everything from composition to mix down. The dramatic sound improvement resulted in improved productivity, because it's such a pleasure to with with.

S. Lutz

28. September 2019

Apollo Twin USB for the WIN

I was looking to get to the world of UAD-2 plugins. The Analog Classic Pro bundle with the Apollo twin USB made it a smart buy for me. Although for a 2x6 USB AI its a bit pricey but it is well worth it. This is a extremely well built. sturdy with some weight device. Design is well thought too. The device installed easily into my system which is a PC based i7-8700 CPU, 32GB Ram SSD's using Studio One Pro for the DAW. UA's console is a slick interface that you'll get used to using for your inputs to your DAW and not your PC/MAC host's inputs. This puts you in zero latency land as the DSP processing is all on the Apollo w/o time travel A to D into PC/MAC, D to A and back out to your monitor mix where you get the delay/latency from. Booyah people that should sell you right there :) The first thing I tried was plugging in my guitar into the instrument input on the Apollo and then pulled in the Marshall Plexi classic into the console to play and listen. I'm a REAL tube amp guy with a wall full of amps and this felt like the real thing to me. If I would have taken an output into a 4x12 and closed my eyes it would be tough to tell the difference between the real world hardware (plexi+4x12) and the UAD-2 plugin software. Then I tried a couple channel strips, Fairchilds, Pultec EQ's, reverb and LA2A's are you kidding me? Just give them a listen. Back to the Apollo Twin. The beauty of this unit (sans the great plugin bundle) is the Unison mic preamps. The first key to anything what we do in recording is getting the magic from instrument to DAW and wow, this lets you have some UA mic pre's that were used in some of the best and most expensive recording studios on this planet..all available to you with really accurate reproductions. I don't have $100,000 of dollars in real analog hardware to do comparisons but with with UA plugins I've tried they sound so good I don't really need to compare them. The audio quality out of the Apollo is extremely high quality and just has the professional shine to it for a lack of a better word...this just sounds great and I only tested 44.1 and 48k. Bottom line folks is if you are wanting to get started with UAD-2 plugins and looking for a superior audio interface checkout all of the Apollo's. Once you enter the UAD-2 world A USB Twin does the trick. Universal makes it easy to expand and grow based on ones budget. I did just that with getting a PCIe OCTO shortly after grabbing this Apollo Twin USB.

Y. Jiang

8. September 2019

I can't use in my surface 6 pro and windows 10.

The Apollo Twin USB can't work on the Surface 6 pro.


3. September 2019



p. albert

27. August 2019

Carte Apollo twin duo

Excellente carte tout a fait conforme a mes attentes

M. Drasner

17. August 2019

Incredible Interface

Lovely, easy to use interface with low latency. I am currently running one of the line outputs to the line in on my Quilter BB800 with fantastic results for monitoring bass guitar.

C. Beats

15. August 2019

Best interface I've ever used!

This is an incredible piece of equipment and for sure the best interface I've ever used. Unison technology is mind-blowing!

M. González

11. August 2019

This device let`s you focus on music.

I don´t know if the emulations are 100% exact, but for me it doesn´t matter. I can go from a demo to a finished proffesional product focussing on what really matters, music. Very good device and very good support.

K. Braunstadter

7. August 2019

love 0 latency tracking

while the price is very expensive for the ins and outs you get....the plugins you get are great (tho those are pricey too....the comfort level of your artist during tracking its hard to put a price on that..and this really does making tracking much more comfortable.

B. Yatron

2. August 2019

Better than I'd hoped

It's such a tacky cliche to say a piece of gear or software "took my mixing/music to the next level," but let me say this. The Apollo is one of the first pieces of gear I've owned that could be considered "high end." I expected it to be better than my previous preamps and interfaces, but I didn't expect that the improvement in A/D conversion would be so audible. It allows me to hear a mix with slightly more clarity, giving me the opporunity to make better mix decisions.

The preamps are just beautiful too, mitigating a persistent problem with sibilant vocals that I've had since I started recording in my early teens. After more than a decade and multiple mics and preamps I figured that sibilance was just my lot. Surprisingly, the Apollo preamps really smooth out the sibilance in my voice while still being very clean sounding and very smooth, not dark or colored. An unexpected benefit.

If I have a complaint, it's the necessity to be judicious with DSP usage. The UAD plugins are some of, if not "the" best analog emulations I've used. A Duo is enough to get you through a mix with them if you supplement with stock plugins or other third party stuff, but only if you print the unison preamps to audio and save the non-legacy plugs for the most important channels and busses. That said, after reading lots of reviews and forum posts about the DSP chips, I find that they're more economical than I expected. Most of the really good (non-unison) EQs and Compressors only consume between 5-8% of the Duo's processing power. So while you do need to be picky, you don't need to be totally miserly with your DSP.

A few months ago I would have scoffed at the thought of buying an additional DSP accelerator to run plugins. Basically a big expensive dongle. But now I'm seriously considering it. Partially because UAD have been very generous with promos, sales, and coupons, making it easier to justify the purchase, and partially because the benefits of using their DSP is more apparent than I expected. Yes, in part it's copy protection. But it also spares your processor, letting your DAW run smoother with a bigger project, and allows you to record with essentially no latency, even when a project is already populated with channels and plugins.

Overall I'm thrilled with this unit and very pleased with UAD in general. I'm convinced their reputation for excellence is well deserved, and I found them to be surprisingly consumer friendly, despite the need for proprietary DSP.

R. Willems

12. Juli 2019

The best audio interface for your home recording

The best audio interface for your home recording.
I have had several brands of audio interfaces, but this is the best.
The preamps sound fantastic, and the plugins are really very good.
I'm very happy with it.

R. Kurtz

4. Juli 2019

Indispensible Tactile Control At My Fingertips

Love the Apollo Twin with the necessary preamp, monitor, and headphone controls on my desk within easy reach, and using it with the unison preamp plugins is the bomb.

N. Bankhead

19. Juni 2019

I'm Pissed Because....

First let me say this...I'm in love with Universal Audio! I've owned my Apollo USB Twin for 3 months now And I'm truly crazy about this
interface. The sound quality is beyond superb. The plugins do push your audio and recordings to a pro sounding recording. I used m-audio mic pres and interface before this which leads me to my title. I'm pissed because i just released a new album and i didn't wait to record it with this interface. I used the m-audio...I'm pissed! I cheated myself and my project by not waiting until i got this unit to record my album. I'll never record without Universal Audio gear ever again. I mean that! The unit is incredibly well built, beyond simple to use and again the sound quality is on par with a pro studio sound. The customer service is incredibly cool, really friendly and very patient. I love my Apollo USB Twin. If you want your music to be on par with the big boys(Adele,Beyonce,Bruno Mars &Kendrick Lamar) You Better By This Interface. Now go make music and be great!

S. Böttcher

4. Juni 2019

Great Hardware

Die Auflösung der Wandler ist sehr gut,
die Plugins sind sehr hart an der original Hardware.

So macht das produzieren einfach Spaß

R. Ford

22. Mai 2019

I'm Glad I switched to Apollo !

Just sharing my Thoughts with U...I recently switched from a Competitors 24/192 interface to a UA Audio Apollo USB ( still using a PC !! ), and WHAT a Noticeable difference in My overall Sound !!...I heard the difference Immediately in Warmth , and Clarity, and the Plug Ins are Outstanding...I'm just sooo Pleased I made the Change...

J. Romero

21. Mai 2019


the plug ins really make this product, very concerned on the quality of the preamp thoguth it would be better then previous cheaper interfaces the sound is simular, without the plug ins and features this interface would be like the other cheaper ones when it comes to quality.

M. Diaz

19. Mai 2019

Apollo Twin Duo Seanproductiongram

Tremendo, Interface.

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