Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB


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E. Prinsen

11. Dezember 2016

Exactly what I was looking for

I was shopping around for a good audio interface with the lowest possible latency. I always wanted an apollo interface but I thought they were only made for mac users. I was thrilled when I found out about the apollo twin USB 3.0 interface. I've recorded in a studio that used apollo interfaces before so I knew this was a no brainer! I am so happy that I did! Now when I record vocals, I can add effects in realtime with no audible latency whatsoever! It gives you the option to record or monitor the effects as you record so you can get the inspiration of tracking with reverb and still record the dry signal and add it later if you wish. Also, the effects plug-ins are absolutely top notch. The emulations of the original hardware are so exact you won't be able to believe it. Everything is very intuitive. Another killer feature is that you can save your setups as presets and recall them instantly! This is so helpful if you have to come back to re record something. Your settings will be exactly the same! The sound quality is superb! I would recommend this interface to anyone who's looking for near zero latency and pristine sound quality. You won't be sorry.

R. Robertson

8. Dezember 2016

Seen/Heard what it can do. Apollo Twin Duo USB3

Watched what the Apollo Twin Duo USB3 could do to a mix at a live demonstration.
After serious consideration and research I
bought a unit and experimented with it.
Now I can get a pro sounding mix at home with out leaving home.
Just what I was searching for.
Thank you UA.

A. Turner

6. Dezember 2016

Save your money.

This unit sounds OK at best. I've never had any problems with it. In fact, it was fairly easy to setup. The console takes some getting used to but all in all a fairly decent product. The problem is the price in comparison to the sound quality, actual function, and limitations.

Despite the false advertisement, the DUO can't handle much stress. 4 or 5 plugins max and it dies quickly. In it's price range, with this limitation, it's pretty much useless...not to mention you can only use UAD plugins which are painfully overpriced.

I wouldn't recommend this unit to a friend or foe. If they cut the price in half for both the unit and the plugins, it might be a contender for the home studio. As it is now, it's for those who either have more money than brains, or for those who don't read reviews. Either way, 3 stars is a fair assessment overall.

S. Jazrawy

30. November 2016

High quality,classy design and easy to use.

This audio interface is High quality,classy design and easy to use,
anyone can see the difference when you own this gear,
I wish it has just two more inputs so in this case we will have a great 4 inputs interface with affordable price.
and the great think we have a 14 free plugins already and in my case I have extra 3 plugins too.

R. Loncaric

24. November 2016

Apollo Twin USB

User friendly interface, great sounding preamps...ideal for home studio

S. Guthre

18. November 2016

apollo twin usb

I have been using a UAD DUO for many years. I'm setting up a portable rig with a laptop and the Twin. I've had flawless performance with the DUO card. The Twin is not as intuitive as your adds say. I haven't got the hang of using 4 plugins in my signal chain. I'm getting error displays that say it has shut off plugins so as to keep running. I would welcome another in depth video set up using a PC running W10. Especially specific I/O setup. The brief moments I get it working it sounds great but I'm spoiled on the DUO card.

R. Noel

18. November 2016

The dimension and quality I've been looking for

Within a few days of playing with the Apollo Twin I realized this was the missing piece I've been looking for. The combination of the hardware and plugins has given my recordings that smooth analog quality and dimension I've been missing. The ability to send a great sounding mix to a performer while they're tracking and still record a dry signal has been something my old gear couldn't do. The Apollo Twin does it flawlessly. I will have to say the one downside I've found is the limit on plugins because of dsp in the unit. I have only had the unit a couple of weeks and have already run into the plugin ceiling on a mix. I'm hoping that with the better quality plugins I can use on the way in, and the great mic pres in both hardware and software, I will be able to get a better source in the future and the amount of plugins allowed won't be an issue.in the mix. Overall this is a welcome addition to my home studio.

UAD User

16. November 2016


Complete AD / DA performance for your application
UNISON technology completes preamplifier
Good routing CONSOLE 2.0

But ... still anxious WINDOWS drivers.

D. Whittington

14. November 2016

Brought me to where I wanted to be

Before using the Apollo, I used the MOTU 828 MKII, Presonus AI 1818, MOTU 896 MKII Hybrid then got rid of that to use the Virus TI 2 mainly as the interface for my recording for character in recording purposes. Now I have the Apollo. Man I wish I had this before. Would have saved me a lot of time and money of course o.0. I record from Apollo to my EMU 6400 with the 3.4 output and then circle back in to the console. The Unison Neve 88RS preamp really helps my recordings have warmth way better than the Mixer that MOTU has. Works a lot easier and I can utilize these plugs every day with the mixer console and/or DAW.


D. Shaffer

11. November 2016

Nothing compares to the sound quality..

CON: Doesn't work on MacOSX (kinda wanted to support my Apple setup)

PROS: Can track through the plugins.. definitely fattens up the mix. Can use with TB2 to TB3 enclosure that has a QUAD card in it..

I was wanting to move off of MacOSX, still support the cards that I already have, and be portable. It's working beautifully - ASUS ZenBook Pro, TwinUSB, QUAD in a TB2 enclosure through a TB3 converter into the ASUS TB3/USB-C port. It does everything I want, sounds amazing, and allows me to be portable. I use an ADAT sub-mixer into the Twin to track drums, etc.. It's all working beautifully. And, I use the input on the twin directly to track vocals, etc.. Awesome!

I. Lekic

9. November 2016


Really great interface. Works like charm on laptop-win 10,which was already tweaked for audio. Best card for a home studio, cause the DI sound is closest to amp sound that I have ever heard.Best plugins, unison is really excelent and preamps are nice and clean. So happy!

UAD User

9. November 2016

A great product with obvious flaws

Since it is a port to the PC world and one of the few hardware soundcards that support USB3, you would expect it to run smooth as silk and outperform your old soundcard in every aspect.

Eventhough for the design, the construction and handling it definetly does.
The console environment is also flawless and works perfectly fine.
The sound it puts out is crisp and clear.


The setup for it is horrible. Countles USB3 chipsets straight up don't work at all.
Even on the port of the PCI-e extension card which is directly advised by Universal Audio it crackles and beeps as soon as for example a videogame is running aside of something like teamspeak or ableton.
While my old USB2 soundcard performed all this with absolute ease, the Apollo Twin seems to be overwhelmed very very veeeeery easily....

I hope they bring firmware and software updates in the future to finally increase the products stability and make it the perfect soundcard in it's pricerange.

V. Rodrigues

7. November 2016

Muito top, adorei a fidelidade de reprodução.

É de mais essa interface da ua, eu estou tendo vários problemas de incompatibilidade com meu Windows, estou trocando de HD pra ssd HD, sistema operacional Win 7 pra Win 10 pro, pra que eu possa usufruir 100% de minha apollo, mas a nota já dei...5 estrelas, deu pra sentir o poder dela, mesmo tendo problemas de congelamento e clipes, consegui usar um pouco minha apollo e sentir a diferença brutal no áudio e nos plugin.

UAD User

7. November 2016

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

This preamp and Eq sound great on everything.

UAD User

7. November 2016

apollo twin USB

very user friendly interface, great sound, i love it.

L. Strauch

31. Oktober 2016

I am very sorry

I am very sorry, I am not a typical german who complains about everything. I really appreciate the quality of universal audio. But it is definitely no device for windows. Maybe you make better experiences, but that are mine.

At first I bought the device, whitout knowing that it isn´t compatible on USB 2.0 slots.
MY MISTAKE I KNOW. But it wasn´t written somewhere, that it isn´t possible. Anyways, how I said that is definitely my problem.

But than I bought a pci express card for my computer. Every device is working except of the interface. I called a couple of audio engineers. Nobody could help, except from one person who said that this device doesn´t work with amd processors as well.

I really wanted to use this device, so I bought a new computer with USB 3.0 and Intel i5 processor.

The next problem: UAD doesn´t work with the newest Windows 10 update.

My idea was to install win 8.. Still doesnt work.

Now, I decided to bring the apollo twin back.

I really love the quality of UAD (the device worked on the computer of my girlfriend), but I wouldn´t recommend it for windows pc´s. It might work on yours, but you can´t be sure. And with the next win update, you could get new problems again.

By the way, I didn´t receive any help of the support. They didn´t respond my email...

S. Franchise

28. Oktober 2016

Great interface could have been better!

This is a great interface and the sound is amazing! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the USB 3.0 situation and the amd compatibility problems. If uad could make this interface compatible with amd this would be the best interface of this type available!

K. Cheung

28. Oktober 2016


The UAD plug ins are great! The quality of the apollo twin is excellent!~

UAD User

27. Oktober 2016

Top of the line

I love this interface, I made a switch from a babyface pro and won't ever look back, clean signal and love the quality of the fx. The only con I can think of is the compatibility between operating systems. I found it kinda annoying because I prefer to use my macbook for the road and my custom PC rig for the studio. So I had to get a windows laptop and use it instead of the mbp.

UAD User

24. Oktober 2016

very good quality interface with free UAD plugins

it works great without any hassle on win 10 and i love all the uad plugins that came free with the interface as everything sounds awesome

321-340 von 417 Ergebnisse