Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB


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J. Maxwell

13. März 2018


Great quality. Nice mic pres. Save CPU power. Even the headphone amp is good.

M. Heie

5. März 2018

A nice looking sound card with outdated software interface and average sound quality

I bought the Apollo Twin for several reasons. I wanted a reliable, good looking, compact and good sounding unit. I also wanted the DSP processing power for plugins. While the preamps were good, and the emulations were quite nice, I think the software console was somewhat cluttered. The biggest drawback, however (and contrary to what others claim), there is a problem with the sound quality from this card.

I have extremely high resolution studio monitors, and I immediately noticed a sort of "flat" upper midrange, just a lack of air in great recordings. Switching back to my ZOOM UAC-2 or Propellerhead Balance, there is a subtle, but noticable difference. Both the ZOOM and Propellerhead sound excellent, and exactly the same, they are the ones sounding correct.

Put on a pair of Sony MDR-7506's and compare the apollo against another reputable sound card on good recordings, and you will know exactly what I mean...

I had to return the Apollo just because of this, however most people on average studio monitors won't be able to hear this.

R. Haradzinski

25. Februar 2018

Good stuff

Very good stuff. Perfect ad/da

I. Henry

22. Februar 2018

This machine is awesome

I can’t explain how much I loved this purchase. The product has surpassed all my expectations and then some. Really love it.

C. Hawkins

21. Februar 2018

Apollo Twin USB is an OUTSTANDING interface

I have been dabbling in the voiceover world for a little bit but could never get my recordings to be just right. Frankly, I did not know what “just right” even meant as I had to battle my equipment. Recently with some great feedback, I learned that my old interface that I bought used (Steinberg UR22) was slowly dying (evident with the ever growing hiss that “could be” partially edited out in my DAW). Note-post editing should be simple and not for correcting things that should not be in a recording in the first place. Realizing that it was time to up my game, I headed to my local Guitar Center and headed home with the Apollo Twin USB. All I can really say is I have no clue why I did not upgrade earlier. Actually, I am VERY thankful that I learned all kinds of things with my Steinberg UR22 as there were only a few gadgets to play with allowing me to learn the basics. Moving into the Apollo Twin was a HUGE leap as there are more lights, bells, and whistles than one can imagine. Yes, this could be a GREAT first interface but a person may not truly understand what a gift this interface really is. Then again, if this is your first interface plan on having it for a VERY long time. There are MANY and I say MANY UADs that you can purchase in addition to the ones that come free with the unit itself. Each of the UADs have presets that you can use or you can set the levels all by yourself. There really is no limit to what you can do with the Apollo Twin USB. Universal Audio has a GREAT support staff and forum to join. There are all kinds of Youtube videos and the manuals are GREAT. There is even a manual (http://media.uaudio.com/support/downloads/UAD_Plug-Ins_Manual_v90.pdf) for the UADs and it is not just a list as it is literally an explanation of what each UAD does. Copied from a website “With its onboard UAD-2 DUO Core processing, Apollo Twin USB lets you record your music in real time (at near-zero latency) through the full range of UAD plug-ins ” from Neve, Studer, Manley, Marshall, Lexicon, API, and more* ” putting racks of vintage EQs, compressors, mic preamps, tape machines, reverbs, and guitar amps at your fingertips.” If you are wondering if this will meet your needs, I would be hard pressed to find a person that would not find this to be “the” interface. Yes, it comes at a price but you have to ask yourself what your time really is worth. Time is money, retakes cost time, and post editing costs time. You get to play with UADs that are nearly perfect emulations of the actual hardware. I seriously have a GREATER appreciation for what goes into making music. In short, I have NO complaints about this purchase as my voiceover recordings are incredible not to mention fun to do once again.

d. smith

20. Februar 2018


Im luving my new Apollo Interface, in comparison to my Steinberg UR, the sound is crystal with no Distortion!!!

UAD User

14. Februar 2018

Simplement magnifique

Cette interface audio est excellente. Elle m'a apporté une qualité professionnelle à mes enregistrements de saxophone. De plus, les plugins qui sont livré gratuitement lors de l'achat sont d'une qualité irréprochable. Merci, Universal Audio!

P. Dickens

14. Februar 2018



w. Breedlove

10. Februar 2018

Great for Sound creation

UAD apollo is worth all its weight and gold. when it comes to sound design UAD Apollo make it easy to find the sound your looking for. I definitely recommend this product to those producers looking to create their own unique kits.

P. Borowiec

5. Februar 2018

Just wow

This device is the best what's happened to me. Its like someone took away a blanket from my monitors. Everything is much cleaner and more precise. USB drivers work like a charm. No problems with pro tools 12. Cheers.

h. wala mbimbi

1. Februar 2018

des teil macht die stimme lebendig

ich arbeite schon 2-3 monate damit, bin sehr zufrieden damit was mich nur stört. Wenn ich zum beispiel ein internet browser auf mache es hängen bleibt oder knistern tut beim video schauen von youtube. Ansonsten benutzt ich es für aufnahme beim pro tools, ich muss sagen wer richtig ins benuiss einsteigen will soll sich ein uni holen. Ist zwar teuer aber die leistung und das end ergebniss ist klasse.

B. Maynard

30. Januar 2018

Does not deliver - Sounds like a scratchy vinyl record. Needs better drivers

Went for the hype and it did not deliver on the promises. I thought UA was supposed to know what they're doing in this area. Apparently when it comes to Windows drivers, as the driver sucks big time with bad latency and crackles and pops and clicks. I've heard popcorn sound better. Come on guys you can do better that this. I spent a lot of money on the the box and the plugins not to have it sound like something come out of a turntable. Please...get your act together. I can't recommend this USB interface to anyone. Perhaps the Thunderbolt ones are better??? Still waiting for a response for their support techs, do they have any support????

h. park

23. Januar 2018

추운 겨울 진정한 난로

우리나라는 지금 겨울인데 아폴로 트윈이 발열이 좀 있어서 손이 시려울 때 만지면 따뜻해서 좋아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

R. Humphries

21. Januar 2018

Pile of Junk!

For over a year now i have had this thing and it does not work and UA and sweetwater have never ever provided a half as attempt to solving the problem. Sounds like a dying robot no matter what i do. UA also refused to replace my item during the warranty period after several emails asking for such.

S. Siddells

17. Januar 2018

Under Powered, Under Featured, & Overpriced

Unfortunately, I had 'some' expectations for this device, but the Duo is grossly underpowered - adding a more that 2 plug-ins can seriously affect & even halt it performance. This aggravated by the fact that it lacks the standard I/O features for its price-point
It has limited but mostly adequate I/O for basic guitar tracking, but lack of:
* Processing power (where's the Octo version?)
* No Optical Out (I had to get BLA mod for that)
* Stereo Input (Yes, Stereo guitar pedals have been around for some time)
* Monitor A & Monitor B (A/B or both) outputs for 2 sets of monitoring
* 2 Headphone outs (because why should the performer & I listen at the same time :-) )

... the examples above makes this device a bit of a toy really & is no good for the semi-advancing home studio owner who wants good quality, feature rich gear.
I only uses this because I paid for it, but it is just an interface now - my apogee quartet was a better investment & does everything this should.

I will be very keen to see the abovementioned spec's in the Apollo Twin Octo's :-)
I’ll fly in to buying on of those for sure! Otherwise, stay away from this pancake.
FYI: the Quad is barely any better from my current workings with it...

Sorry, this is a very expensive investment for the limited capabilities & performance that it has, or lacks.


4. Januar 2018


Best sound quailty...

M. ekholm

1. Januar 2018

great sound

great sounding soundcard but the uad card kinda useless. 2 610 is what you can use at the same time..

UAD User

23. Dezember 2017

Avoid, too many problems.

As other reviewers said, problems with AMD, pops and crackles coming from god knows where, terrible driver performance, slow updates. Right now the front panel buttons of my interface don't respond, and there's no solution given anywhere.

Avoid buying it, and mostly avoid buying plugins or you'll be chained to UAD. Yeah, they're great sounding, nope it's not worth the hassle.

星. 周

14. Dezember 2017


Does Apollo USB do not support the record

What about the jumper???

Does not support???

星. 周

14. Dezember 2017


Does Apollo USB do not support the record

What about the jumper???

Does not support???

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