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Apollo Twin MkII


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R. Sortwell

26. Juli 2022


Great sound and easy to use

N. Cifaldi

15. Juli 2022

There's a reason it's become a staple!

Can't really get a much better small format interface. Now with spark you can mix DSP/native plugins for more flexibility too. Sounds incredible

F. Petry

9. Juli 2022

The best desktop interface.

Great sounding converters, great neutral preamps (and good sounding) and also the best instrument input on any interface. And with the Unison plugins it puts the competition to shame. You will not believe how good it sounds. I record since tape age (1988) and used a big variety of equipment. If you want a real swiss knife interface that can replace an entire rack of good equipment go no further. This is your option.

M. Jonkergouw

6. Juli 2022

(Used) Twin MkII Quad volume knob issues

I owned the original silver MkI Duo for many years but ran quickly out of DSPs so I recently bought a second hand (used market) MkII Quad and it's basically the same device albeit with more cores and (slightly) improved AD-DA converters according to UA. The only thing that really, really bothered me was the excessive 'play' on the volume knob. Although it does not have a clickable volume knob like the MkI does (for muting), the play was s-o-o-o bad I felt the urge to mount a 35mm flat needle bearing inside of the volume knob to stabalize the wobble. Apart from this, the MkII is a work of art.

M. Shevach

29. Juni 2022

Apollo twin

This is interface is just amazing
But one small disappointment. The power cable is really poor for that high quality product

A. Spencer

10. Juni 2022

2nd time lucky

Bought a second one of these after the first one was defective. Works great, sounds great.
Really glad i gave these a second shot.

a. Huhtala

8. Juni 2022

Love it

Fantastic product

F. Farkas

1. Juni 2022

František Farkas

Best of the Best. Thank Youuuu

n. newville

27. Mai 2022

The best

This is the best interface I’ve ever owned. After having this for a month I’m completely sold on saving up for the 8. Wish I would have got this years ago

M. Castonguay

26. Mai 2022

Best interface, unbeatable

Amazing interface!!

J. Nava

19. Mai 2022

It´s awesome

This is the best analog gear upgrade i have had in a long time.

A. Spencer

13. Mai 2022

Defective ex display unit

First ever UA purchase. Bought as ex display model (purported "great condition") from Ebay, it played all my computer audio in slow motion.
Contacted UA tech support, they were quick to respond and helpful, spent 2 weeks going back and forth with attempted fixes involving 3 different computers Probably 15-20 hours total time spent troubleshooting - all to no avail.
UA finally conceded it was a defective unit and suggested I just return it for a refund.
That's it.
Obviously I expected more from both the UA hardware/software (i.e. for it to work at all), but beyond that, given the time I spent, hassle, and degree of frustration & disappointment with what was my first ever UA purchase, I expected them to care more.
It just seemed like 'buyer beware, tough our stuff in future", which for a market leader in audio hardware/software is pretty underwhelming.

A. Mead

13. Mai 2022

A Real Step Up in Quality

I'm loving the UAD Apollo and it's Console -> Logic integration. Recorded a couple of songs and I can't say without doubt the quality of input has made a massive difference in audio quality but also how easy it was to dial in a top quality sound.

I. Kravchenko

12. Mai 2022

I love the Twin and UAD plugins so far

So far I really like how SSL channel strip sounds, which I now use for live sound and for mixing. Looking forward to use more plugins.
One thing I wish wasn't artificially limited, is an ability to use two Apollo Twin interfaces. It does not make sense why this won't work. So I use the second Twin as preamp-only for now.

E. Rojas

6. Mai 2022

No puedo volver a registrar

Tengo una apollo twin y no puedo volver a registrar a mi cuenta de siempre.

P. Toth

25. April 2022

My centerpiece

For years now, I use the Apollo for the centerpiece of my studio - with the Console, I can route everything just as I want, from my mics and synth to the ext rack effects. And of course, the plug-ins are just the best.

C. Benayas

10. April 2022

spectacular. The best I have ever used.

It has been an incredible change to switch to Universal Audio in sound quality and working possibilities.

H. Paxeos

31. März 2022

Apollo Twin MkII

I heard a lot before I took it that it is the best you can have for a sound card and so I said to make the purchase of the market with a little reservation. I inform you that I did not regret it even for a moment, the simulations I need are as if I have the analog machines, the delay no longer exists. With my eyes closed, I recommend it to everyone now. After I made the purchase and I have it now I can show it to all my friends and share the experience with them.

C. Head

28. März 2022

Love it!

Love it!!


21. März 2022


I always heard about universal audio products wonderful things and now I can see it, it sounds exquisite! My apollo twin mk2 has everything I need to produce!

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