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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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M. Halle

11. November 2021

Is is wort it?

This is a clear bridge of trust! Charging those who own the original of this Plug-In is clearly wrong. Thank God Lindell's 50 is a more than able substitute!

R. Lucian

10. November 2021

A very good plugin!

A very good plugin, with a beautiful coloring, if you use it correctly!

A. Thomas

9. November 2021

Wow, great & flexible compressor.

I have many of the UA compressors. I love this for a simple and flexible compressor with a bit of vibe.

Works great on almost anything: vocals, bass, busses…

It works really well as the integrated extension in Luna - nice to be able to dial it in just in the mix window and use native processing rather than the UA DSP resources.

Its variable compression ratio and switchable options really allow a lot of compression choices from one unit, but it also adds a bit of clean, warm vibe.

R. Hortensius

4. November 2021

Nice color

Well worth the upgrade and am very grateful for these fabulous plugins, been in studios back in the day and know what some of the analog gear sounds like and you wouldn't be able to tell which is which in a mix, that is how close or equal to the real hardware they are, I can't praise UA enough !

e. stewart

2. November 2021


I didn't know what to expect buying this plug-in, my purchase was based off of others telling me how well the preamp sounds analog and I and I don't have the space for that so I thought this would suffice and let me tell you, I was surprised! The tone this plug-in gives off is something unique to me. I love it so much especially when I use the Neve Preamp in the same mix, the contrast and colors mix so well together!

J. Floyd

2. November 2021

just like the hardware

Loving every second with plugin

G. Rios

2. November 2021


Great plug-in, is amazing sound, like the original. UA is A+++

G. Hampton

25. Oktober 2021

Just As Expected

I also own the Vision Channel Strip and love what I can get with both. sometimes i just want the pre without the extra distraction during recording. Worth the buy for an extra flavor of a pre!

S. Fournier

19. Oktober 2021

Not bad

A. Jokinen

18. Oktober 2021

Very nice!

Excellent preamp. Been using it mainly on acoustic guitar. Really worth the money :)

D. Pinkas

15. Oktober 2021

High quality preamp

Long time ago i want a hardware api 512 pre. I prefer combining outboard equipment with itb mixing so the api pre from UAD makes my workflow easier. The signal shines and gets a nice color from this preamp. DSP usage stays low and you can use it for all channels. Hope one day i can compare with the orignal :) but im still very happy with the sound.

A. User

10. Oktober 2021

My fault. I should have paid attention to the reviews talking about buying again...

This is actually MY fault that I bought this AGAIN. My previous version for some reason was de-activated !? Did not show up as a selection in my Protools plugins list. Things have been so weird with UAD plugins lately that I started to make my own "list" of plugins i own (a list that I did NOT check! Ugg...). Here is the stupid on me part (brain fart, wow) Forgot that I own it ALREADY (i own 72 UAD plugins) Bought it AGAIN only to see my ORIGINAL version show up, and function, in my unison /apollo twin. (this was discovered BEFORE I activated the NEW purchase). Did not need to buy this again, What a bonehead...

N. Jensen Stilborg

9. Oktober 2021

Great Pre

Great sounding pre. A little cleaner than the Neves. A definite must have. They really hold up.

A. Lawson

8. Oktober 2021

70's vibe

my fave to dat!

i. Keszeg

7. Oktober 2021

Love it

great for coloring tracks, just putting it in my first slot on 5/10 channels

C. Negoescu

6. Oktober 2021

Bought it a couple of months ago. Have to buy it again? Shady.

Terrible product lifecycle management going on here. An upgrade discount is the least you can do for these folks below (and me), especially if the purchase was recent, but now trust is broken and I'm questioning any new UAD plug-in purchase. Do the right thing UA, this is a stain on an otherwise fantastic product experience.

J. Kirklen

6. Oktober 2021

Excellent investment

Highly recommend, must hear to understand. Once you use the console you can’t unhear!

z. yilmaz

30. September 2021

Big mistake

Why my api strip legacy ? I don't buy the same plugin twice. Shame on you...

P. Kurrle

29. September 2021

API Channel Strip ich bin begeistert

Hallo zusammen
Hier ist meine Produktbewertung. (Hinweis ich komme aus dem Lager der analoge Hardware immer bevorzugt hat). Ich habe nach und nach immer mehr UAD Plugins gekauft. Ich möchte hier auch nicht auf die einzelnen Plugin eingehen. Ich habe mittlerweile das Ultimate 9 Bundle gekauft und bin super zufrieden. Die API Channel Strip Collection ist aus meiner Sicht ein muss. Meine Gesangsaufnahmen klingen jetzt endlich so wie ich das schon immer wollte und Meine Mixe haben jetzt ordentlich Punch. Ja ich bin mir bewusst, dass die Hardwarevarianten doch nochmal geringfügig besser klingen 3%-5%. Aber seinen wir mal ehrlich rechtfertigen diese geringen unterschiede den Preis? Die zentrale Frage in diesem Zusammenhang ist aber kann der Endverbraucher den Unterschied erkennen oder raushören wenn es professionellen Tontechnikern schon schwer fällt? Aus meiner Sicht können beide Fragen mit nein beantwortet werden. Ich habe einen SSL-Fusion in Hardware zum Mastern mit diesem ist es mir nicht gelungen bessere Ergebnisse zu erzielen. So ich wäre jetzt durch.

M. Shin

28. September 2021

This shows how the business goes down

This definitely shows how the business goes down. UA needs to realize how this kind of betrayal to their loyal customers and greediness will pay to them.
I've paid for the ultimate plug-in sets and many 3rd parties and it shows how I feel bad on this stuff. I need to switch all the settings of the 'legacy' plug-in.

561-580 von 1891 Ergebnisse