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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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L. Lowrey

7. Juni 2021

I’ve listened

I am a day one Luna user. I’ve watched videos. Listened to sound examples. I think it sounds incredible. A wonderful idea and implemented in a wonderful way. But I can’t justify a $524 price tag. I own the now, “legacy” vision channel strip, and I guess that will have to do for now.

M. DeMey

7. Juni 2021

Good Plugin repeated

Heck of a good plugin for one that wishes to experience API, and will be a great deal when the year end sales appear. Like others, i agree that it is a pricey upgrade, especially when one already owns the previous, AND the 2500 buss comp. Nice tho, that one has everything in one instance, quicker, and should equal less dsp in the long run. Perhaps UAD will have a soft spot for us loyal customers whom had the previous, and upgraded??

S. Layton

7. Juni 2021

Not interested

How can you expect Luna to gain real leverage in the market with this pricing from your own customers?

A. Aubry Carlson

7. Juni 2021

Not cool LEGACY stamp.

When you pay the full price of the now "LEGACY" plugin, and your upgrade price if the same of the intro one for new users (or when it will be on sale at -50%), that's the perfect example of a company screwing old customers.
I think what bothers me the most is now the LEGACY stamp written on the plugin now. This isn't very cool when you have clients at your studio and your plugin has legacy written all over it. Makes you feel cheap and as if your equipment was outdated. Very disappointed in UAD on this one.

H. Blumstein

6. Juni 2021

Amazing and with LUNA even better!

Love the direction UAD is headed to with LUNA and now the hybrid approach to their console emulations. The API console is incredible and makes it much easier to craft a mix. Looking forward to more full console emulations like this.

D. Henry

6. Juni 2021


Just recently bought the new version after owning the legacy and now have to buy it again??? So that's 3 times in total , come on UAD listen to your loyal customers.

B. Hoener

4. Juni 2021


$149.00 for anyone? I already bought all of the API Stuff And now I can buy it again? And then buy an API Package that ONLY works in LUNA for anothe $350.00? OK RIght! Man, I love UA but this is Bull$h!T

P. Record

4. Juni 2021


โพดโพ บักพร้าว บักโม บักแตง บักต้อง บักเหว่อ บักยาง บักผีพ่วน
API Preamp มันคกอิหลี

r. belaich

3. Juni 2021

Très belle couleur !

J’ai fait l’update car j’adore ce channelstrip. Et l’unisson rajoute encore une superbe couleur !
Bravo uad

J. Miller

3. Juni 2021

Upgrade pricing problems

The plugin itself is awesome, I love it! The upgraded EQ section is amazing for boosting super fat lows ... buuuuut ... I purchased the now 'legacy' version just a few days before this came out, on sale with the seemingly usual 50% discount. Then I get an email shortly after saying as a customer of this plugin I get a screaming deal on the upgrade ... the cost? $150, just like what I just bought!!! I went for it anyway, but come on UA, judging by the reviews here I am not alone. I would HIGHLY suggest that you query your purchase history and send all the customers that got caught in this, let's call it 'business error' and offer us a fairly substantial coupon (anything less than $75 is going to feel disrespectful to be totally honest). I mean come on, it's only going to result in us buying more plugins, it's a win win. DO IT, UA!

L. Steiner

2. Juni 2021

Great sound - but the price?

I have to admit, that I was very happy with the sound when I tried the demo of the console emulation. Now I had to buy because don‘t want to miss it anymore. Would be happier, if the price would have been much lower. But no one has to buy it and I respect the professional work UA did with this. Sound: 5, Price: 1

K. Kelley

1. Juni 2021


Works and sounds great in LUNA!

K. Smith

1. Juni 2021


For years I was hoping they would make this plugin, detached from the bulky Vision channel strip I do not like or use. And here it is, at last! Spot on modeling, sounds legit, doesn't burn up a ton of dsp. Highly recommended for everything except the mix buss.


31. Mai 2021

Small and easy but powerful

Almost uses no dsp but sounds as good as the API Vision Channel Strip! I love it as much than the Channel Strip because you don’t have to think too much or cut a part of the big version. Sometimes less is better!

M. Frey

31. Mai 2021

Just flat-out crazy good

A plugin like this makes me want to go back and redo a bunch of previous mixes so I can use it more! Gonna resist the impulse (keep eyes to the future!) but still...the API CS just seems to make everything sound better.

J. Karjalainen

31. Mai 2021

New package, same sound

As others have pointed out, it is difficult to recommend this update if you already own API Vision Legacy and the 560 EQ. You get an output clipper and another high-pass filter, while the other updates are mostly cosmetic in nature. It doesn't seem to offer anything new.

D. Rodriguez

30. Mai 2021


Is this for Luna only? API is the BEST!

A. Salganik

29. Mai 2021

MAgic MAGIC better than waves

MAgic MAGIC better than waves

M. Jiaras

29. Mai 2021


Another awesome addition from UA. The system just keeps getting better!

A. Baja

29. Mai 2021

Thump up

Works fine and sound good

541-560 von 1715 Ergebnisse