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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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T. Keppler

17. Juni 2021

The best Channel Strip on the UAD platform

The API Channel Strips for UAD have always been really good. Really easy to dial in to get what you want. Gate on this is awesome and can be dialed in for any situaiton. Especially if you want an all-purpose Unison enabled channel strip, this is the way to go in my opinion.

F. Lockwood

17. Juni 2021

Très très bon

Ce Prèamp API amène de belles couleurs ! Je l’utilise presque sur tout ! Juste une touche !

B. Vincent

16. Juni 2021

I lOVE it! my fav VCA comp!

I use waves api2500 . now my dream came true able to use api2500 UAD!

UAD User

15. Juni 2021

API Vision Console Gone?

"UAD Ultimate 9 is the most comprehensive UAD plug‑in bundle available. With all 107 UA‑developed plug‑ins, including top‑sellers from Neve, SSL, Fender, API, Ampex, Capitol Studios, and more — you get a fully‑stocked analog studio at huge savings."

The UAD Ultimate copy needs updated if you really mean to withhold this API Vision Console update from UAD Ultimate owners.

J. Orr

14. Juni 2021

Plug-in Union

I'm boycotting expensive plug-in upgrades!

D. Wilson

14. Juni 2021

Even better!

I had the MK1 version of this collection and loved it. This new version improves upon the previous one by making the overall layout and workflow much more accessible. The sound is still stellar and punchy, and the ability to offload the console to native DSP is just icing on the cake! Try slapping the console on every track in a project. Highly recommended from a sonic and workflow standpoint!

J. Moore

14. Juni 2021

Game Changer

Incredible, Push the Pre. Happiness.

J. Moore

14. Juni 2021

API and Neve

Got it all covered, sounds amazing!

B. Hamilton

13. Juni 2021

Dumpster fire decision UAD

The best way to get back at UAD for doing this is to start buying Warm Audio products and quit buying into the gimmick of these plugins. The emulations are good but they are missing the warmth and fatness of real analogue outboard gear. Try a WA76 and ask yourself why you need to spend another dollar on a plug-in ever again.

G. Erna

13. Juni 2021

Its great !!!

wonderful !!! wel done UAD

H. Lepisto

13. Juni 2021

Absolutely fantastic

This is so great to use native processing in Luna and save your precious DSP for hogs. And with M1 you really can make your sessions, big ones too in to an API console.

K. Kim

13. Juni 2021

too bad.

It is a collection because it is a collection

j. carroll

12. Juni 2021


Super Awesome and then Awesome some more...

N. Antonio

11. Juni 2021



J. Henderson

11. Juni 2021


I've been backing away from UAD for the last couple years. Why am I re-buying stuff I've owned since the first versions came out? $150 for a very subtle sound upgrade (which is highly subjective, anyway) is stupid. Computers can hack lots of native plugs these days, and UAD is being matched and surpassed in quality at every turn. You're not the only game in town any more, UAD. I'm running out of reasons to stick with you. I got onboard with the UAD platform at the very beginning. Nothing gold can stay.

G. Perez

11. Juni 2021

Love it

Good for anything gives it that live juice and power

B. Krueger

11. Juni 2021


nice pre, clean with character

L. Roccatagliati

11. Juni 2021

Great for distorted input

I recorded some moog effects with this plug in as insert input in the UA Console, and it blowed my mind. Awesome!!

s. mcclintic

10. Juni 2021

wait, i get to pay again for it...?

as with the Neve plugs we get to pay the same price as the sale when we've already purchased these no legacy products? C'mon Avid...I mean UA. And while id love to have the graphic EQ in my Vision strip its not worth another 150$. SHould be a way deeper discounts for "leagcy" customers!

E. DeLuca

9. Juni 2021


Been waiting for something like this, a fantastic companion to the Neve Preamp and the 610 plugins.

601-620 von 1803 Ergebnisse