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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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A. Velte

27. November 2021

Sorry, think about your update policy!!!

As a lot of others here I think there should be a fair way of updating your plugins. Legacy … come on. I dropped Waves a while ago cause I canˋt stand their way of handling and throwing a lot of money in the bin. The internal DAW stuff is getting better and better and at some point it’s not worth spending more money on That…….

j. elliott

26. November 2021

Solid utility pre.

Just a dash of API flavor.

j. elliott

26. November 2021

very similiar to my API hardware.

very cool plugin! while not 100% as 3D and alive as my API hardware, this is a very versatile and useful plugin with that familiar API flavor.

D. Perini

24. November 2021

A Must Have Plugin

This plugin is a must have!

D. Chiesa

22. November 2021

I Thought I Already Owned This Plugin...?

Sure it's an amazing sounding plugin, but why should I have to buy it again? People paying for this plugin twice sets a dangerous precedent as it lets UA know this is acceptable. Am I going to open a mix tomorrow and see all my plugins are now "legacy" requiring a paid upgrade? Shame on UA for stooping to such lowly marketing techniques

c. maskell

22. November 2021

great clean preamp


a. collatz

22. November 2021

Api channel strip

very disappointed with uaudio, bought the api vision channel some time ago. now the whole thing is being transformed into a legacy version and i am supposed to pay a lot of money a second time for a product that has simply been mutated a second time. (full version) ?! sorry, I'm not participating!

P. Teeffelen

20. November 2021

Not sure I want this....

Just bought an X4. Now I see that UAD pulls the same stunts that Waves does on their stuff. Big disappointment. I was told earlier that UAD kept customers happy by guaranteeing future upgrades and improvements, the so-called "you buy it for life" model. Sounds like that is not the case.

A. Petrakov

20. November 2021

Man, I am so happy!!!

So, I had Apollo Twin Duo and Satellite Octo and buch of plugins from UAD, Tapes, Analog series mk2 etc. Recently started using Luna as a FUN PT replacement. And with this sale this was no brainer to pick this up and Maaaan! I Love the feel, the workflow, the sound. Bow for real now I have a freaking API console with instant recall, hundreds of channels and all mastering units baked when you want them, instant sound. Now that is a New Year present, thanks UA, you giving us, digital producers reminiscence of that sound and workflow, it is really good for studying how great songs can be made, I am a Student. Thanks friends!

D. Carter

19. November 2021


Love this plugin. Sounds great. I can practically just use this on every channel and get a great mix. Got everything I need in one plug. Loving Life!!

UAD User

19. November 2021


Заплати дважды за один и тот же плагин. Ребят, это позор! Нельзя так с людьми, которые платят и без того немалые деньги за ваши плагины. А еще отдельно заплати за версию для LUNA... Я разочарован.

* * *

Pay twice for the same plugin. Guys, it's a shame! This is not the case with people who are already paying a lot of money for your plugins. Also pay for the LUNA version separately ... I'm disappointed.

J. Skattør

19. November 2021

Afordable heaven

I read a lot between the line when I read the review`s from those who ar complaining over the price etc. As a former owner of big format studio consoles I can assure all that this is dead cheap compared to the maintenance cost of a big desk. It is also a big space saver. I have never mixed on API before - but this blew me out of the water. By far the best H.W emulation I have ever heard. If you are a pro user this is a no brainer. If you are a bedroom producer - don't bother... Spend the money on the room. This is a fantastic plug in. By the way-you can try before you buy. I will invest in this as soon as possible. Right now I have been using the 15 day trial of about 4 hours - I am completely sold on this. By the way - I do this of a living.

Z. Rippy

18. November 2021

Paying double for just an "EQ option". BUMMERTOWN.

Very sad that this is just an update to the eq section and now my API channel strip i bought earlier this year is a "legacy version". Shady business forsure.

K. Aji

17. November 2021

same plugin as the old one with a few 'updates'

the old buyers of the 'legacy' version will complain & the new buyers will praise their new purchase


17. November 2021


Why my api strip legacy ? I don't buy the same plugin twice. Shame on you...

↑Exactly this

宏. 三田村

17. November 2021

I know the plug-in is great, but I can't buy it twice.

Anyway, it's frustrating. I bought it by hitting a lot. Will Neve 88RS and SSL E Preamp and Channel Strip be the same in the future? Every time I look at the LUNA Console screen, I'm very disappointed that I can't insert the legacy API VISION, Neve 88RS, and SSL E Preamp and Channel Strip. I was thinking of making it my main DAW in the future, but it costs too much.

F. Sparagna

17. November 2021

This refresh, like Manley, Neve, should be FREE for the already owners

People pay top dollars for their Apollo, OX, UAFX, and then you release a "refresh" for 150 bucks. You can do better for sure, start thinking outside the box by starting not being so greedy.

E. de Souza

16. November 2021

Really nice plug-in/unison pre

Using it on Vocals and Percussion mic’s. Got a nice punchier and present sound.

J. Lapp

16. November 2021

A great addition to the tool box

I love the simplicity of the API preamp. It adds punch and the mid range bump you would expect from API. Like all preamp emulations the sonic “weight” is not quite what you would get from a hardware unit but the cost benefit of software is huge. Overall I rate the Unison API preamp 5 stars.

E. Toews

15. November 2021

Your complains are just not fair..

All you complainers are just not fair..
Come on UA I am waiting for SSL Summing extension Upgrade for Luna!

441-460 von 1794 Ergebnisse