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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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L. Brown

3. Januar 2022




3. Januar 2022


I really liked the sound, as it acts in a subtle, discreet and striking way, even if just putting it on the track, an odd sound, I really liked the compression, I loved it!!!!

J. Daranowski

3. Januar 2022

Great one

Best channel strip ever!

D. Stanchev

3. Januar 2022

Universal chain

Verry , punchi sound .Unik on drumz .

J. Tofte

3. Januar 2022

Pure awesomeness!

For that authentic API sound. It just does the job right every time. Thanks UA!

E. Hasselberg

3. Januar 2022

Just could not resist

I have regretted not getting this earlier as one can never have to many channel strips, and when UAD had a sale it was a no brainer to get it.

N. Edwards

2. Januar 2022


Love this bus compressor. So useful having the mix control.

j. kovar

1. Januar 2022

Upgrade not enough to justify price

I bought the original just 2 and a half years ago. Unlike the 1176 and LA-2A updates, this had very little of substance added—just a new eq and output fader modeling. This was too soon and too expensive for what was changed.

M. Renzetti

31. Dezember 2021

Just awesome

Got this baby on sale and couldn't be happier.

J. Baca

31. Dezember 2021

Great Plugin (last day for holiday codes!!)

This plugin is incredible, and right now you can get it for 20 bucks. Enough Said. If you're not taking advantage of the holiday coupons you're doing it wrong! Don't forget to use them at checkout, they're off to the side and you have to manually type them in, they don't auto populate. For this powerful of a unison preamp alone, not to mention the various eq options, 20 dollars is incredible! Hurry though, I'm pretty sure it ends tonight 12/31.

J. Slavin

31. Dezember 2021

More Quality pre

Like all the UAD prese …. Nice, and a new subtle variation to play with

K. Filus

30. Dezember 2021

API Vision Channel Strip my favourite preamp

API Vision Channel Strip Collection, this is fantastic preamp and 2 equalizer, preamp simulation is really deep and saturated, equalizers 550 and 560 are very versatile. There are many useful artists preset . I use it on every song. Good job.

M. Vice

28. Dezember 2021

The hype is real

This is my go-to channel when I need to bring a source to life. The input gain and hpf/lpf filters alone are great for sculpting tone, and the gate/eq/comp section work wonders. Beautiful range of hype and grit when stressed.

H. Garnett

28. Dezember 2021

No upgrade

Already paid over a hundred quid for this before you upgraded it. The fact we can't pay the difference between the upgrade and have to buy completely new is just ridiculous. Taking the piss

T. Dyrstad

27. Dezember 2021


I can’t believe how good this is, it’s absolutely mental!! The workflow is so fast as well. Literally turns my M1 Pro MacBook into the biggest, portable API Console ever.. and I can do that with my Apollo Solo. Mind = blown!! If you’re interested do yourself a favor and try it.
If we only could have more possibilities to run the plug-ins natively.. I’m dreaming

J. De La Cruz

26. Dezember 2021

This is a Holiday Steal!

This preamp sounds very thick on synths and other electronic instruments. It might be the best unison preamp I’ve heard on UAD. I can’t believe I waited this long to give it a try, but I’m glad I did because I got it for $19 (thanks previous holiday sale reviewer for the tip). I’ve had this preamp on my wish list for close to seven years and I chose great timing to wait for this holiday sale.

M. Bulka

26. Dezember 2021


everything, what I was looking for

G. Mol

25. Dezember 2021

Nice Harmonics added

I used this great API preamp on the recording of a classic Larrivee D10 i used in a recent project. Really made the recording come to life!!!

M. Torres

25. Dezember 2021

Love API!!

Very good selection, I've used other channel strips but I just love the API flavour you get with this collection, great job!

p. mroczek

24. Dezember 2021

Simple Amazing . Waves not come in even close.

Simple Amazing .
Waves not come in even close.
I agree with 100% review from user ..C. August
December 6, 2021
I was a little unsure about buying this because I saw so many people complaining about it being just like the legacy version and not worth paying for... I decided to demo it and I realized within minutes those people don't know what they are talking about. Just the preamp section of this plugin alone is worth paying for. It's much more versatile than the legacy version and sounds much better.

All the modules on this plugin are great, but what I love most is how the preamp breaks up when pushed. There is not a plugin on the market that can do what this does. I've tried every analog channel strip and every time you push it, they compress the signal more than it should be. This plugin breaks up, but still keeps the transients and doesn't just smash/compress the signal. Nothing like it. Thank you UA.

381-400 von 1809 Ergebnisse