API® Vision Channel Strip Collection

API® Vision Channel Strip Collection


API Vision Channel Strip Collection


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G. Tutko

24. November 2014

Dance to the Console

I mix EDM on SSL 9000 or API , the sound of the API often winds
Up being the favorite sound.. So for in the box- Steven Slate's virtual console
With the UAD API channel gets it done...

M. Burch

20. November 2014

It feels wrong to have this quality without outboard gear!

I conducted a simple preamp shootout for an artist in the studio last week. While my "REAL" preamp selection is limited, each one is still very high-end. This UAD API plug beat everything I had on his voice and I can't wait to try it on other singers and instruments.

Give it a try and see how powerful and inspiring working in the box can be.

G. Pearlman

12. November 2014

Killer diller!

This thing sounds great. So responsive and true to it's model. I love api and this thing does it all. Makes anything you use it on pop right out. Good work!

M. Matatquin

10. November 2014

Sounds amazingly analog !!

The depth and dimension this brings to tracking from my Apollo to my daw is just amazing, I thought the 610B sounded great but this is just on another level. I have tracked thru Neve and API boards and this channel strip is incredible sounding. I bought it immediately after demo!

Y. Chistyakov

10. November 2014

API Vision Channel Strip

Very musical, clean sound. EQ is very sensitive and well controls the sound. Real API. Excellent plugin. thank you.

C. Huber

10. November 2014


This channelstrips sounds fantastic and is very intuitive to use, i love to use it on vocals, drums, bass and piano.

What i really would love to have is the option to make the EQ Adjustments in smaller steps and also frequency wise. With boost/cuts in 2db range you sometimes just cant get the right spot you aim for, which is a pity because you have to load up another EQ just for that and cant use the API 500L EQ

most likely this is because the original version is like that, but it would make the plugin way more versatile at least for me ;)

M. Harms

6. November 2014

I wish this would of been my First Purchase ever on the UAudio platform

This is by far the beast among them all. In my opinion it makes the SSL channel strip obsolete to an extent. I can't believe I went this long without owning this one. I thought the FATSO was the first must have on the platform (in my opinion) but this is how you pop things off proper. Thank You again!

T. Bockowski

30. Oktober 2014

api vision chanel strip

i recomend using to record - vocal, OH , room , guitars , bass, piano,
and mixing with api vision chanel strip, your mixes will be better then ever .
this is fantastic you have all in one !!!! you will have api chanel strip and you will pay only 299 usd !!!

M. Becker

23. Oktober 2014

Very versatile Allarounder

You can achieve easily a professional and MODERN way of sound with this very versatile Channelstrip.
The Dynamics are fast and clear - especially the Comp makes a good modern VCA Sound. The EQ is very musical, great Boosts possible. But it's not a surgery scalpel to fix, instead it's a kind of wide brush to add color and mood.
Using as a unison mic preamp really kicks it!! This tool is really amazing and to be recommanded.

C. Leiria

18. Oktober 2014

Complete quality channel strip

I bought the API Strip and the Neve 1073 to test the Unison technology of my Apollo and after recording some guitars and bass with it I decided to sell my low budget hardware preamp.

The results with this preamp are really surprising, the bass and mid are solid and the treble is present but not harsh .

I found the API 512 sound that I know really well at a fifth of the price.

The compressor can respond really fast and works in a lot of material.

Like the 1073 it's DSP hungry so I turn off what I don't need in the strip when recording.

The EQ its classic API and nothing like the Waves one, IMO this one gets really near the original hardware.

Missing an option to turn off the preamp module to save some DSP when using it in the DAW.

S. Powers

12. Oktober 2014


I've been trying to figure out what to do with my hardware since I got this. It's phenomenal, and actually my most "go-to" pre of all the pres available on the Apollo. Compared to the Neve 1073, you'll notice this preamp doesn't have that punchy midrange. Instead it seems to have a more extended and well detailed low end. It definitely has a warm and much more even tempered sound. The EQ's and Compressor are a conversation piece in themselves. Easily 5 star, and probably the best value of all the Pres.

M. Warren

6. Oktober 2014

Awesome Plug-in

I purchased an expensive analog channel strip to use before my vocals hit the Apollo Twin. It was decent, but something was missing. For my situation, The API Vision Channel Strip, put the Analog unit to shame. There was no need for the bulky expensive box any more. I mainly use the API Strip for the very responsive expander. It works great when you are recording in an untreated room or noisy area. However, all of the other features are very handy too. Being able to load 2 API strips inside the same chain offers up come cool mixing options too.

C. Machado

6. Oktober 2014

API tone I can't live without

What is there to say that hasn't already been stated about this awesome plug-in. It's a must have for any ITB or hybrid set up.

N. Iseki

2. Oktober 2014



S. Arts

26. September 2014

API vision strip

There`s a 500 series for everything.... ITB for mixing and tracking, this is the one!!

G. Cragg

22. September 2014

Brilliant Channel Srip

Beautiful sounding channel strip. Especially the EQ section which can really bring out the sparkle or weight in a track. Indispensable on DI'd guitars and bass, and a go-to plug-in for tracking and mixing drums.

C. Hubbs

21. September 2014

easy sound shaping

For me it is a great tool with a nice flavor, easy to use and what we all expect from UA great sounding analog reproduction.

C. Hubbs

21. September 2014

easy sound shaping

For me it is a great tool with a nice flavor, easy to use and what we all expect from UA great sounding analog reproduction.

T. Warren

17. September 2014

Best channel strip to date

Seriously. Best all around channel strip on the market. Sounds amazing on drums, bass,guitars,everything. Love the gate. Absolutely no complaints. If you do not have this plug then do yourself, humanity and the future of music a favor and purchase the API vision channel strip.

B. Herle

16. September 2014

The truth is...

The truth is that you will get WAY better results if you use this plug as a unison pre, use the gates and comp if you choose to, but instead of using the eq in the channel strip, add an API 550a after. For some reason the EQ in the channel strip just sounds kinda phasey and weird. Not solid at all. But is the pre, gate and comp worth the $300? Yeah, it definitely is. I don't know how they do it, but it sounds like analog to me!

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