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API Vision Channel Strip Collection


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S. Sigler

7. Oktober 2020

Solid for audiobook recording

I'm in no way an expert engineer. I do audiobooks, streaming and podcasts, mostly. The API Vision let me use one Unison plugin to get good compression, a very good noise gate, and solid EQ. The net return on DSP usage is great. For audiobooks, I can use this alone if I want to.

J. Prantl

4. Oktober 2020

Great, but hungry channelstrip

The sound and layout of this channelstrip is very good. I think the saturation is very close the API pre's and EQ's I have. It is quite resource hungry though. Not a strip you would load on every channel in a big session.

A. Brown

29. September 2020

My Favourite API

I have Found the API Vision Channel Strip to be my Favourite So far . Im new in the recording studio World and was very Lucky to find Universal Audio .. I believe in the Highest Quality ,so its a no brainer to be With UAD . and I sleep great at night knowing all my recording Sessions are Perfect . One day I will own 100% UAD Plugins

Y. Lu

20. September 2020

Great on vocals and drums

Have only begun to scratch the surface on this. Super easy to dial up a great vocal sound though and very effective as a buss processor on drum kit.

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Great API sound

Great for tracking.
I use it all the time on drums

M. Greiling

19. August 2020

My new Drumstrip

Put it on every Live-drum-channel. Magic happens to my ears!!!!

F. St-Gelais

19. August 2020

Another killer tool

Absolutely love it! Super flexible and easy to use, with just the right amount of signature API vibe, punch and character.

D. Adlington

26. Juli 2020

My favourite Channel Strip for guitar music

When I found out Universal Audio had a API Channel Strip I couldn't wait to try it out and I wasn't disappointed. Some of the projects I mix are Guitar based music. I love the punch and bottom end from the API Channel Strip and I look forward to working on many more projects using this excellent Plugin. Works excellent on Drums, Bass and Guitars. Love It!

B. Warsaw

16. Juli 2020


I absolutely love using this plugin when tracking and often use it when mixing to get extra bite and size out of guitars and basses. Wonderful job, UAD!

J. Rochet

4. Juli 2020

Jack of all trades channel strip

Has it all, comp, gate, eq, gain stage. Powerfull strip.

C. Gabbianelli

1. Juli 2020

Corrupts Delay Compensation in PT

Consistently corrupts the delay compensation in my PT sessions . Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this problem after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software.


30. Juni 2020

Great plugin

It really adds a unique quality to your tracks, especially when in the unison slot.

L. Morgan

30. Juni 2020

love this plugin

amazing plugin, brilliant EQ sound, great filter

A. Belville

26. Juni 2020

Favorite Channel Strip for Guitar

I am amazed at the quality of sound and attention to detail that the API Vision displays. The sound quality is definitely much better than other iterations of the plug in from other companies.
I use it on all my electric guitars and bases in the BUS.
It is for a must have.

R. Hutcheson

24. Juni 2020

Track guitars with this

I cant get past using this when tracking guitars. I reach for the e channel or the neve, but it just doesnt quite do what the API can with fast transients.


21. Juni 2020

the best for acoustic

I use the 1084 as a pre to record and mix if Api CS always. Simply the best!!!

D. Roesberg

20. Juni 2020

Perfect for recording drums

The API Channel Strip has everything I need for Drum Recordings. The sound is very nice.

S. Parikh

18. Juni 2020

API Vision Channel Strip

Nice Plugin for voiceover

h. thiono

18. Juni 2020

Irreplaceable, must have..

Love this so much..
Almost use it in every part of the mix, great unison preamp for tracking as well.
Will not trade this for other channel strip.
Function as swiss army knive.. All in one!
I choose API vision over SSL4000 because of strong API character in preamp, compressor and EQ.
Great job UAD!

T. Rice

12. Juni 2020

Probably my most used UAD plugin

the thing sounds great, the EQ is amazing, the compression can be really subtle or really not subtle. The breakup on the preamp can get a bit out of hand, but shines really nicely in it's sweet spot on everything. It sounds awesome on everything.

601-620 von 1274 Ergebnisse