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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle


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J. Gang

9. Februar 2022

Great Sound!

Great Sound! Mixbus or Mastering, also Tracks. Very musical sound. Love it!

UAD User

1. Februar 2022

Really good from Tracking!

Really good from Tracking!

j. mora castillo

1. Februar 2022


Rápido y fácil me gusta

S. Bachell

31. Januar 2022

Versatile channel strip

Great addition to my plugins, really versatile with lots of ways to add nuance to the sounds being captured

A. Viola

31. Januar 2022

I was skeptical too..

but having bought the 2500+ in hardware.. well, it is very hard for me to tell the difference between the two. The hw might have a bit more of depth (a hair) in the low end, and the transients and hi-mid are also A LITTLE BIT clearer.. but the plug in is stunning, the difference is not ten times the price. I am thinking in returning the hardware and find a more unique tool because the plug in is so close, it behaves practically the same.

J. Weber

31. Januar 2022

Just the right flavor

Very happy with my purchase!

c. henry

31. Januar 2022


Outstandingly UAD- keeps coming up with great plugins. I always keep my eyes on other plugins on the site for special’s, so I can keep buying uad stuff. Indeed working with luna creates a great an understanding platform for my uad plugins To have a permanent home base. Which indeed this new API Bundle fits right in. I am loving it already, well when am in a rush and need to make quick adjustments, the ability to switch views on a plugin and to quickly move a knob, for maximum impact is very much astonishing to me. When i am too tired or must quickly get to the next gig on time, but before I go, I want to see what this knobs do and there it is. The API bundle with different views, from a simple EQ to mixer view knob-in my channel strip, call me old fashioned but this API bundle rocks!. The different views and effectiveness of the API bundle works perfectly for me it keeps me continually inspired. Keep up the good work UAD PLUGIN- well dun.

M. Oehmke

30. Januar 2022

API 500 Series

API never disappoint. The real deal UA. Thank you

P. Christian

27. Januar 2022

Quick and Easy

Great plug-in. Easy to set up and low DSP. Great classic API color.

E. Jegu

27. Januar 2022


14.2% of (1) DSP ressources used with API Preamp instead of 30% with the API console. Great ! Only If you are short with DSP... minus 1 star because it's not free for the full console user/buyer.

b. schumacher

27. Januar 2022

API Bundle

Sehr gut !!! Klang - Power. Ich kann meine Klangvorstellungen verwirklichen.

M. God

26. Januar 2022


Great Plug-in 5 Star

i. becerril

26. Januar 2022



J. Gravel

25. Januar 2022

Api Eq

Api legendary punchy sound!


24. Januar 2022


Channel strip by a legend, easy to use and it's great to have it in my arsenal

R. Priori

22. Januar 2022

I was skeptical...

Since the 2500 is such an incedibile tool, I was really skeptical about this emulation so... I asked a friend to bring the hardware in my studio and we did a blind test with different settings. This plug-in is so close I had to buy It immediately. it's great, period.

R. Nicholas Jr

22. Januar 2022

Worth every penny!!

These plugins are the best that I have heard in regards to the original units. I love the ease of the UI for the EQs and that make it all worth it!

J. Anderson

22. Januar 2022

Powerful, versitile, CLEAN!

API sounds so good done by UAD. I love how clean all the API plugs sound, and how distinct they are from other strips you folks make. I can get nice color, or cleanliness from UAD plugs, and this one is awesomely clean.

Y. Chistyakov

20. Januar 2022

API 500 Series EQ Collection

Sehr gute Sammlung von Eq, warmer Klang, anwendbar auf alle Instrumente und Gesang.

L. Abreu

19. Januar 2022

API Vision

Excelent tool. Great on guitars and basses.

221-240 von 2029 Ergebnisse