API® 500 Series EQ Collection

API® 500 Series EQ Collection


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API 500 Series EQ Collection


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H. Henning

12. Oktober 2014

Sound great

i love it to use it for vocals - makes them fresh and clear without too many sharp noises.

B. Antoine

2. Oktober 2014

Tout simplement étonnant !

Vous pensiez avoir un beau son, le bon réglage, why not.
Mais quand vous assignez ce plugin, i(voix, guitare acoustique) il se passe vraiment quelque chose d'incroyable, le son se bonifie, se clarifie et si vous manquez de puissance, on augmente le volume sans attirer de défauts, au contraire.
Un incontournable à essayer sans modération.

B. Soldate

15. September 2014

Seriously amazing EQ's

If you are looking at these, stop and just buy them. NOW. The 560 is amazing on kick and guitars (and really anything else) and the 550 makes any other snare EQ useless (except for surgical stuff, for the most part these are not surgical). They do what they do really really well. Great Job!

H. Zwarts

25. August 2014

almost as good as the real thing!

I own the hardware and this is really a great emulation. Of course you don't get that little extra 3d sound you still get from real analog but it is getting close.
awesome plug in!

M. Sawicz

16. Juli 2014

Workhorse in our mixes

This was one of the firsts EQ we started to work on UAD platform, it quickly and easily fonud the place in our mixes, from the moment of buy, there was no single work in our studio that didn't used API 500 EQ.

D. Mclaughlin

14. Juli 2014

Love these!

Worth it for the 560 alone. Kick drum shaping master. These EQs sound so good on percussion and drums. Soooo much better then the Waves Emu's IMO. API ITB? look no further.

C. Hoyer

10. Juli 2014


What an obnoxious, arrogant, almost violent EQ. Punches you in the face and in the gut. Love it.

I. Babayoff

8. Juli 2014

excellent, outstanding plug in.

Phhh, UAD... u done a great job, Love it! this Eq is about to be a good companion for me.

R. Weissauer

18. Juni 2014

could not resist buying it

Indeed, whereas the 550 is a nice and respectable EQ, it's the 560 that really
shines. It's beautiful sound convinces from subtle to extreme modifications,
without ever loosing the musical flavour at any time!

G. Taylor

18. Juni 2014

Great control...

I love the 560. You have so much control over a mix and it's very very responsive. Incredibly sensitive actually. You've really got to trust your ears with this one - it can make really extreme changes but that's why I use it in certain situations. Balancing a mix is perhaps my main purpose for it - but it's also great for vocal and voiceover stuff.

P. Brown

4. April 2014

Great EQ's!

I love the sound of these, especially the 560 graphic. A graphic EQ seems old school these days, and at first glance might seem limiting but I find myself reaching for it more and more simply because it's musical and makes tracks sound better. it definitely has mojo! The 550 controls are a little harder to use but it still sounds good. Concentric knobs like the 550 and Neve stuff are visually confusing to me, but that's my personal pref - UA did right by emulating the 550 as is, especially for folks that have used the hardware version (which I have not). Another hit UA!!

C. Huseyin

25. März 2014

Poweful EQ

These units are one of my favourites.

That API sound and feel of use is just great and UA have captured it here in software form. I only think the Hardware Version working on an Analog Signal could beat it.

I really enjoy the Waves API Emulations as well, but I think these are just a little ahead.


C. Yue

21. März 2014


when I use this series, i can't go back the the other brand's 500 series

X. Liu

12. Februar 2014

Great sound with minimum time

I demoed this and had to have it. For someone who mixes while producing, this is the fastest way to get a great sound with minimum pause in workflow. Less time spent tweaking means more time spent writing music, and that makes this EQ a super worthwhile investment. And did I mention that it sounds great?

F. Gallucci

3. Februar 2014

My favourite eq emulation!!!

What a great emulation of this 2 unvaluable analog eq!!!
Since I bought I use almost on every track but also on master buss!

R. Otter

29. Januar 2014

Piece of Art

This plugin is piece of Magic. It has so much harmony's and headroom; It isn't a surgery EQ. It is "after" eq,for polishing and shine. And by it,I meant 560 model

L. Guerrero

11. Januar 2014

Amazing eq

Just punch your sound , works very good with drum and bass , thanks UA

J. Bailey

31. Dezember 2013


In a very short time these have become my go to EQ's to add depth, color, and character to rock drums and guitars. In particular the graphic is awesome at carving a sound to sit in a track, without a lot of unmusical artifacts. Very well done!

Y. Kawahara

11. November 2013

API 500

Universal Audio's API 500 Modular EQ Collection Plug-In very nice.

M. Brawer

8. Oktober 2013

solid guitar / drum eq

does what these things do - grabs the signal and wrangles the hell out of it - and i mean that in the best way possible

181-200 von 253 Ergebnisse