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Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced


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J. Raja

4. August 2022


Getting Lightning fast workflow in my music production with easy Pitch Correction.

Q. Phùng

20. Juli 2022

The sound is very smooth

This plugin sounds very smooth

I. Papagiannidis

18. Juli 2022

Very handy plugin !

Great for vox fx and handy for quick vocal takes or live situation!

N. W

17. Juli 2022

issue must be resolved

i've just ordered this and it's still in demo mode after reauthorizing however many up-to-date times with the proper authorization.
There's an issue un-resolved. i have the receipts i got this and the C-Suite in a bundle before i've bought yet another set of tools.
I was sure i wanted this Autotune before demoing it. Was that problematic possibly?

O. Ademujimi

16. Juli 2022

Antares Auto tune RealTime Advanced

This product simply makes my tuning experience easier. So much thanks to UAD for this plugin.

S. Olaniyi

14. Juli 2022

Just what the doctor ordered

This has added more humphh to my vocals. There is a certain tonal quality it adds even at the lowest settings. Glad I made the purchase.

T. Laja

13. Juli 2022

Very Good!!!

To my modern voice productions...

M. Bernabel

11. Juli 2022

Get it!

Wish i had gotten this sooner! This speeds up the recording and mixing process by a whole lot. If you mix and record vocals...what are you waiting for? This plugin is dummy-proof.

S. Pastore

1. Juli 2022

Works as it should!

Works great! Like that I can use it with UAD!

K. Williams

25. Juni 2022

It’s ok but not a fan

(Using Logic Pro) I’ve used a few different iterations of Autotune over the years now. It doesn’t function like the Antares versions. Not sure if it’s designed to be more subtle but if I record using my regular settings it barely makes any correction and trust me after using the others I know what should trigger the correction. I recorded a brand new track and I did like the sound I got after playing with the settings a little. Only complaint on that one is, I like running multiple instances and if you “run too many” it will disable them due to DSP. To workaround this I had to run to a Bus to keep the instances low. On a previously recorded vocal I did an A/B with Autotune Artist, I set the retune speed to 1 on UAD’s and it still didn’t pick up the correction that the Artist version did. It’ll probably be good for you if it’s your first exposure to Autotune, or if you worry about slowing down your computer running so u want to run plug-ins off the interface (which was why I bought it). It’s ok but I’m not a fan, it just wasn’t for me.


24. Juni 2022

Good but

It always crashes when I open the plugin on logic pro x
uad need to update this bug asap

K. Garry

18. Juni 2022

First impressions

Only used this for an hour, and was hesitant to buy, because of course I sing in key!$&@ MAN, this thing is awesome, i went from from super subtle to bon iver-y very easily. Gives me more confidence in my home recordings.

h. Shin

17. Juni 2022


recently I should be of some interest to Antares Auto-Tune new functions
Because YOU!

V. Kozarin

15. Juni 2022

Very Good

It helps when you need it and also creating a very nice effect

M. McCoy

14. Juni 2022

Get it

It does more than just t-pain, please give us the eq now

h. akyuz

10. Juni 2022


I almost use my all vox recordings Auto-Tune, and we are very satisfy me and my vocalists. Great product...

S. Stahl

8. Juni 2022

Almost perfect

Too bad there is not a bypass midi control function. Although it is perfectly integrated with my live Ableton setup.

C. Bergström

29. Mai 2022

Better than native

I already had this in native form (non-UAD) but with the UAD one it’s extremely useful not only for auto tune but also for singing practice since there’s no latency - I also use it for tuning guitar sometimes

R. Ramirez

27. Mai 2022

Love It

One of the best plugins for sure saving more buying it here than in their antares website
10/10 vocals sound amazing

T. Cassel-Delavois

12. Mai 2022

MIDI input is broken in V10 of the UAD Console Software

Great plugin that works well as a live vocal tuning solution but I can only get midi input working with the older 9.15.1 software version.

1-20 von 369 Ergebnisse

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