Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Regulärer Preis: $349.00


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Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


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J. Forbes

14. Mai 2020

Amazing color!

I've used a lot of saturation plugins as well as hardware. This emulation is exactly what I needed on my 2 bus while mixing orchestra overdubs on top of historical recordings. Not just a vintage vibe as I'm using it on contemporary pop mixes as well. Best money I've spent in a long time.

S. Kenny

13. Mai 2020

Subtle. Game Changer.

I was stuck on the Studer 800 until I demoed this. Way more versatile for Rock & Folk Rock. The ATR adds most any flavor you want. Most settings give the professional analog thin screen you're looking for to smooth harsh, digital edges & bring it all together. Analog quality - I love it. A very powerful tool in the Master chain.

F. Leclercq

26. April 2020

Euh ...c’est ça qui me manquait en fait !

Je n’arrivais pas à finir mes mix parcequ’il manquait toujours quelque chose... bah j’ai trouvé ! Profondeur , légère saturation, unité du son global... top. Merci UA !

L. Hulme

25. April 2020

Where’ve you been all my life??

Jeepers creepers what an incredible and versatile piece of software!
There are at least 3 reasons to buy this
1) The way the 2bus sounds with it on - AKA like a record, wider, smoother, more analog, very simple eq settings to transform the mix
2) On vocals - compresses, smooths and saturates (really helps with my lousy tuning) experimenting with different ips and bias settings yields very different results + all the delay settings (instant John Lennon short delay is possible for instance, far more authentic than any plugin I have used)
3) ips and bias settings - this allows you to change the character of your tracks immensely. Lower ips with lower bias vs higher ips and higher bias, yield totally different results though still sound so analog

G. Rios

20. April 2020


I have recorded numerous albums and quality is equal to or similar to when I mixed in the original Ampex.

M. Erroz

19. April 2020

Great for drum&bass

It brings the mix to a smooth-balanced saturation. Can't go wrong!

A. Feygin

14. April 2020

Beautiful saturation plugin

I love under the hood configurations. They are just wonderful

J. Underdue

14. April 2020

UAD Magic, WOW!

If you don't have this, you should, a mastering MUST have!

N. Mieczkowski

9. April 2020

Awesome saturation!

Ampex ATR-102 brings a kind of saturation I couldn't achieve with any other plugin - it adds life to the entire mix being very subtle at the same time. I wasn't sure about it at first because I thought tape saturation won't be suitable for digital/electronic music I produce mostly but currently it's a must-have in my plugin library!

D. Stanchev

4. April 2020

magic plugin

Very serious plugin. Suitable for groups and master . Managing these small buttons is a little tricky, but once you find the right settings - it's priceless! Adds a lot of density to digital recordings .

UAD User

31. März 2020

Great for saturation, compression and suprise.

Alsways does something cool to your mixbus. Saturation and compression and with the element of suprise. Jump between presets and try out different settings.

J. Romero

29. März 2020

Mix downs and mastering must!

For the width and warmth from the original 2 inch recordings.... This is your Huckleberry !

m. coles

19. März 2020

A quite handy tool!

This product is such a versatile tool to have in the toolbox. Not only can it give the saturation and glue to a mix, the delays and harmonic distortions are just right to fit into a track.

A. Kashimov

12. März 2020


A fantastic tool that just lifts up sound quality of a track in so many different ways

P. Polkovykh

5. März 2020

Обязательно для мастеринга!

Необходимый инструмент для мастеринга, аналогов очень мало!

C. Doerschlag

23. Februar 2020

Nice warmth

I really like the warmth and character this gives my music

J. Bell

22. Januar 2020

Kind of...

It does a thing, I guess.
it doesn't really sound much like a 102 though, but it's kinda hard and gritty if you like that sort of thing..

S. Kaufman

21. Januar 2020


Actually, I bought it for myself, based on a mixing session that I worked on in another studio . Very impressed. Does what I expected and more. Adds warmth, all of the features others have already described.
Will have to spend more time with it, post some mixes to to soundcloud and Bandcamp to get a feel for how maxes with it react to their algorithms. Will post an update sometime soon. A+.

s. yang

21. Januar 2020

Secret weapon that makes my music alive!

If I only recommend one analog tape recorder plug-in, I would definitely recommend Ampex atr-102.

Ampex atr-102 tape recorders make music even more vibrant.

Its unique punch, comp and even analog saturation make for a very interesting change.

It is arguably one of the most satisfying plugins of the UAD plugin.

D. Borgers

15. Januar 2020

Spot on!

I've been producing since I was 22 and used countless numbers of the ATR-102 over the many years during mixing, and later in the process, for mastering projects.

Digital recording can sound 'sterile,' even using tube gear emulations. But slap this on a 2 mix and feel it instantly get 'warmer' with the 'glue' us older guys were used to with tape. More like a 33 rpm record; recordings that are easier to listen to, and with less ear fatigue. And no maintenance or calibration. When a sale comes up, buy this plugin!

The three tape types are pretty accurate. 456 always sounded 'brighter,' 900 with less coloration, and so on. This sounds like the ATR-102s I remember.

81-100 von 795 Ergebnisse