Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Regulärer Preis: $349.00


Du sparst 60%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


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S. Trivelpiece

24. Oktober 2020

Magic Luna Glue

Thrown on a sum buss, just with the default settings, the affect is immediate and magical. I look forward to really digging in to it’s possible applications


23. Oktober 2020

Ajoute une coloration et la dynamique a un mix ou une piste

Il fait partie maintenant des incontournables pour sur le master et prend régulièrement sa place sur les pistes pour apporter une certaine coloration!

J. Poole

22. Oktober 2020

Best emulation out there...

It is not for all situations, but when it works, bingo. Adds depth with variable L/R delays, warmth, adjustable wow and flutter, rolls off digital harshness, I usually stay with the 30 ips on the 2 buss to smooth things out with a slight image absorptive glue.

E. segura

21. Oktober 2020

Mix and mastering.

This powerful plug-in makes me feel like the old days of that analog tape recorder. The truth is that you universally achieved a good color, a very similar emulation, even without the noise that this type of machine had in those years.

E. segura

20. Oktober 2020

excellent product

I tried this plug-in and I feel the analog as close as if it were physical tape but without noise or what analog tapes had from before. I like it to the extreme. universal thanks for making emulations so real.

H. Johnson USA Music

18. Oktober 2020

Classic Mastering with lots of options

Love what this unit brings to my mix. It comes with good presets that go from lovely finishing to extra punch, soft saturation and dynamic feeling tape distortion. Alone on the master it adds a lush harmonic cushion that I love.

J. Daley

14. Oktober 2020

I thought my mix was done !

I was completing two mixes in Luna for a client . The first mix was finished and we were all very happy with it . The second song just needed something so I tryed the Ampex and really loved what it did . So much that I had to try it on my finished mix . It also just gave it thst something special that made everyone in the room get chills ! It’s incredible

U. Sound

6. Oktober 2020


Very versatile, for completely different tasks

R. Leon Junquera

5. Oktober 2020


After the 14 day trial I realized I needed it in Luna

r. sveinungsen

4. Oktober 2020


this machine smooths out the transients and give a little analog magic vibe for the session . fantastic on sum buss. We recommend !! a buty .....

K. Frost

2. Oktober 2020

Worth the Money.

It’s all they say it is. Easy to use.

A. Young

2. Oktober 2020

Game Changer

The ATR-102 is a must for mixing inside UAD. It’s super easy to use and instantly added to my mix buses.

J. Elander

1. Oktober 2020

Spicy ....

Lotsa flavors to pick from and ALL are excellent!

J. Elander

1. Oktober 2020

Tasty ...

Deliciously analog ...

a. lindsey

28. September 2020

The Sweet Sauce

Just really good. Use it when mastering or just giving that Vox buss something special.

E. Mack

9. September 2020


I don't usually write reviews about plugins and it only been 24 hour to which I've use this But the sound and Capabilities are limitless! Felt like I was there and in LUNA it INCREDIBLE!! Thanks UA great move!

e. david

9. September 2020

Jahfurnace Music

cant Activate Ampex ATR-102 master Tape Recorder

W. De Jesus

8. September 2020

These UA Luna’s plugins are too way expensive!!

It’s not affordable!

M. Petrillo

3. September 2020

Sounds like an Ampex deck to me!

This plug in is so good, I think I would take it over the real thing, which I've used. The simplicity of controls and coloration just makes tracks have the actual character of an analog mixdown deck. I love this!!!

A. Lyon

19. August 2020


Perfect for adding warmth to harsh electronic music and obviously it's so much more , it really brings definition to your mix

81-100 von 860 Ergebnisse