Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


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K. Frost

2. Oktober 2020

Worth the Money.

It’s all they say it is. Easy to use.

A. Young

2. Oktober 2020

Game Changer

The ATR-102 is a must for mixing inside UAD. It’s super easy to use and instantly added to my mix buses.

J. Elander

1. Oktober 2020

Spicy ....

Lotsa flavors to pick from and ALL are excellent!

J. Elander

1. Oktober 2020

Tasty ...

Deliciously analog ...

a. lindsey

28. September 2020

The Sweet Sauce

Just really good. Use it when mastering or just giving that Vox buss something special.

E. Mack

9. September 2020


I don't usually write reviews about plugins and it only been 24 hour to which I've use this But the sound and Capabilities are limitless! Felt like I was there and in LUNA it INCREDIBLE!! Thanks UA great move!

e. david

9. September 2020

Jahfurnace Music

cant Activate Ampex ATR-102 master Tape Recorder

W. De Jesus

8. September 2020

These UA Luna’s plugins are too way expensive!!

It’s not affordable!

M. Petrillo

3. September 2020

Sounds like an Ampex deck to me!

This plug in is so good, I think I would take it over the real thing, which I've used. The simplicity of controls and coloration just makes tracks have the actual character of an analog mixdown deck. I love this!!!

A. Lyon

19. August 2020


Perfect for adding warmth to harsh electronic music and obviously it's so much more , it really brings definition to your mix

A. Biggers Sr

16. August 2020

Hearing it is Believing

This plug in is expensive but worth it. I didn’t believe it until I actually heard it in action. Adds so much life and character to my master bus. If your ears are not trained then you’ll probably miss the magic.

A. Fazil

15. August 2020

Brilliant Master Channel Tape Recorder

This plugin is a great addition to the Master Channel of you DAW. You get good control of Tape Recorder settings in this plugin - gives you great quality tape sound to define your final mixdown. A must plugin for your mixdowns.

V. Rakach

22. Juli 2020

Real tape for real master

I have no any chance to work with such equipment like a studio tape recorders, but love my new ATR-102 plugin so much! It add transparency, brightness, make mix much deeper and warmer. Thanks Universal Audio, well done!

E. Paul

20. Juli 2020

Just what I was looking for

This along plug-in, along with the Studer has become my go to for all my mixes. The warming and glue from this have proven better than other tape plugins I’ve tried, and I love that I can push it beyond emulation intoto a design-y tone shaping territory.

K. Breazeale

20. Juli 2020

A Must Have!

This is the single most impressive plugin I have ever purchased. If the rich saturated sound of analog tape is what you desire to glue together your mixes, then this baby will do it. The ample presets are enough to address most mixes without tweaking. Definitely worth the investment.

C. Sanchez

17. Juli 2020

Best glue ever!

This plugin is a beats!!! no doubt. True warm analog signal to your mixes and mastering sessions. So powerful!!

J. Ueland

16. Juli 2020

One of my favorites

This has become one of my favorite plugins because the processing is so apparent. I love using it to warm up and decrease some top end on tracks and love the hum/noise for my 80s tracks.

K. McCormick

16. Juli 2020

Fabulous Tape!

It’s great to have a plug in that is both detailed and sounds just like the outboard. A pleasure to use making my sessions very pro!

I. Ptitsyn

14. Juli 2020

It's a bomb!)

This is a really great plugin without exaggeration! Thanks to the guys from Universal Audio!

I. Ptitsyn

14. Juli 2020

It's a bomb!)

This is a really great plugin without exaggeration! Thanks to the guys from Universal Audio!

61-80 von 830 Ergebnisse