Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Regulärer Preis: $349.00


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Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


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G. Harold

2. Juni 2014


I feel like this is all I need to get my master bus sounding stellar...a limiter helps as well.

S. Mcnulty

28. Mai 2014


I am truly amazed.
This thing sounds incredible.

S. Gilroy

23. Mai 2014

Old Geezer Stuff

Not impressed because I have native plugins that do the same thing. If you need the power buy it and use it on your DSP system but don't be intimidated by the name, just another tape simulator. Typical UAD model something 50 years old. What a Geezer company. I hate how complicated this plugin is, like it takes some magic genie to run it or something. Tape emulators should be simple, like the Phoenix.

S. Gouillard

17. Mai 2014

Wow, that is special

if you want to make somethin sounding good? Go for it

K. Sedaghat

12. Mai 2014

one other best investment, buying Ampex ATR-102

It is as like as those complements that iv read during articles on web ... obvious affects of it could be touched as the first attempt to send it at the master bus and unbelievably its warm would faced to you...after using Apollo and several other universal AUDIO plug-ings im indeedly satisfied to use ATR-102 and the next job is having (STUDER) buy the way...THANKS UA

D. Hoiem

12. Mai 2014

This thing makes hit records.

Just tried the demo on a finished mix and the artists, my radio guy, and I all just listened in awe. Drums are thunderously awesome, and not out of control. And you can put that "dolby shine trick" on the track. Unreal. Buying now.

There are certain sounds that you just know and have heard on hit records for decades like the LA-2A on guitars, the Fairchild on fat mixes, and now this bad boy. Thank you Universal Audio! You make us make hit records!

L. Carter

12. Mai 2014


Buy it, you wont regret it.. One the the must have plug-ins from UAD.

M. Carter

8. Mai 2014

Got Tape?

I Do… the Ampex is the best tape emulator on the market.. Since I made the purchase I lands and all my 2 tracks. Full, fat, warm… everything Im looking for in tape!

M. Smith

7. Mai 2014

Best tape emulation I've used

Great job UA! This is the best tape plug out there IMHO! Thank you for the ability to turn the noise off! I use this on 95% of the projects I do! Gets more use than the Studer plug which is also great!

A. Ferguson

16. April 2014


Absolutely wonderful. Turns everything into a "warm analogue recording".

W. Burke

14. April 2014

Possibly the best tape emulation plugin ever

This is a great plugin! Thick and gooey mixture of compression, subtle eq shaping, and rich, harmonic saturation. I have 5 different tape emulation plugins and this one is by far the most sophisticated sounding plugin of the group. It's almost always fatter, smoother, bigger sounding.

C. Byrne

12. April 2014


To put it shortly, I WILL NOT MIX WITHOUT THIS! No brainier since I first heard it.

K. Yanev

11. April 2014

ATR-102 - better than the real reel

We was doing a mastering for a rock mix here at Studio Balkandji (Bulgaria) with our Telefunken magnetophon, but we found that changing just a bit for one song is a real pain... Then I started a demo of ATR-102 - here every change is just reloading and tweaking a bit - no recording and replaying from the real tape.... But the sound was SO real, that the client (and me) were so convinced and so happy that I immediately bought it.
Now I am happier than ever, because I can even turn off the tape noise and the hum :)
5 start with no doubt!!

B. Grotto

9. April 2014

My favorite tape emulator, by far

I happen to have a real ATR 102 1/2" deck, and it's really the only mix down deck I know intimately. The UAD comes damn close. I really dig what it does to the bottom end. It has a tendency to "pull in" the low mids, which can be really nice on some things (most things, actually, at least for my mixing style), but sometimes thins out a bit too much. With all that said, though, there are so many options (tape formula, tape width, speed, tons of cal choices, tranny in or out, etc) that it just opens up a TON of possibilities, and it's usually easy to find what works best for a particular mix.

O. Canivet

9. April 2014

Immense character, glue & compression

Love this plugin so far, sit it on the master bus as last on the chain and it does wonders for warming, gluing and slight compression. Look forward to experimenting with it!

D. Castillo

30. März 2014


There is not enough good one can say about this thing. It does wonders on individual tracks—especially bass guitars, and it brings the high end to life on the master chain. I don't think I've once left it out of my master chain since purchasing it—there are so many flavors that it can enhance just about anything one can send through it.

C. Austin

17. März 2014

Brings life to the mix

I am an amateur musician and produce my own music. I find the UAD options are great for saving space and for getting quality without expensive hardware. Over time I was planning on building up my outboard gear but having tried and bought some UAD plug-ins my list has definitely changed.

I chose the Ampex ATR-102 to introduce some warmth to my mixes but it does much more than that. Choosing the right combination of parameters can really help to sculpt your recorded sounds and bring the best out of a track when mastering. I use it at various points in the effects chain depending on the final result that I am after. A very useful plugin - definitely worthy of a top 10 spot.

P. Donnelly

15. März 2014


essential to all my mixes and combined with the struder A800 makes everything just sound better

D. Schroader

14. März 2014

Something Special for Special Things

Really great usable plugin with some clever presets and good starting points.
Works great for tape slap,adding a little hiss,and tape effects like wobble .
Does very tape like things to the top end and low end. Awesome on Drum buss
Vox buss and bass track. No hesitation to use on master buss ,, just have to be careful what your dialing in.

M. Paparella

11. März 2014

My first choice on Mastering

I am doing many mastering in my studio using this amazing plugin. The shape and tone change every time in a good way. I use it at the end of my mastering chain before limiter to give some mojo to the track or increase the consistence of the bass range and raise the RMS level. Sometimes I found a good choice insert in the first slot of the chain before EQ. The presets are really a good starting point to experiment and discover better the potentiality of this swiss knife!

621-640 von 846 Ergebnisse