Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


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Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder


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A. Beckman

28. August 2017

Witchcraft and sorcery

I have no idea how, but this can beef up basses, clear up high end, enhance the 3d space, give synths some nice analog drift, push masters further up... the list goes on and on and on... The ability to directly control the noise is really handy.

E. Natalchenko

25. August 2017

Best mastering tape

I love it! It can be clean or gritty. You can set it as you want.

A. Avelin

23. August 2017

Found my glue

The best UAD plugin I purchased so far, and I haven't even learned how to tweak it yet. What it does is subtle but I blind tested myself several times and I found this thing making everything sound better every time, using default settings.

A. Avelin

16. August 2017

Got my glue!

Besides the 1176 and the LA-2A, this is the best plugin from UAD that I have purchased so far. No doubt about it. And I haven't even learned how to use it yet. Just by enabling it on the mix bus everything sounds better. I'll admit that it's subtle, but I love it!

M. Ries

13. August 2017

Favorite UAD plugin

This is the one to get. It seems to always work on the master channel. Like having a perfect 2-bus compressor and eq in one. The Stephen Smith ultra-linear presets are my favorite. I don't think I've ever used a plugin that so easily improves the sound of a mix.

s. beaubien

6. August 2017


This gives you all the great sounds of tape. Most tape pluggins only give you the saturation effect. This one gives you the warmth and the fatness, along with the saturation when needed.

R. Tiburcio

4. August 2017


just applied on the master buss and the overall sound change to a like 3 dimensional stage .. I really love what im getting from this tape Machine

J. Cheek

30. Juli 2017

Used on every mix! This plugin is simply great!

This plugin lives on my master bus and drum bus. It instantly adds vibe, glue and depth. There are a lot of great presets to help get started too which is great as there are never ending options in this plugin. Worth every penny!

J. Reed

29. Juli 2017

Great Tape Imitation.

Its great to have BOTH my UA Tapedecks to run Mix and Tape types with . Saves Thousands $$ in Tape to Run these Decks that sound so Real ,I fooled last Client .When I Told him What I did HE went out and bought an Apollo and Plug-ins To run his own test on ..Again Great Job by UA !!

E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

Endless Customisation options!

This plugin sounds brilliant - I'd recommend using it early in the mix process as it can be fairly noticeable and could potentially add too much of a good thing. The feature that really sets this plugin apart is all the calibration options - you can set it up just as you would with the hardware.

b. henry

21. Juli 2017


If you want to fatten up ANYTHING!!!

T. Williams

15. Juli 2017

Use this first

Before you compress, eq, filter, widen, etc... Throw this across the master. So many of the choices we all make when mixing in the box are simply attempts to make digital sound more like tape. I've tried half a dozen other tape emulators, and this one is the best. Currently rethinking my workflow as a result. Thanks UA!!

D. Range

14. Juli 2017

brings it alive

will take your mixes to another level definitely brings it alive

T. Smabakk

14. Juli 2017

Versatile glue

It glues everything together beautifully. Nice, lush delays and warmth that is unmatched on the marked. Go get it now!

J. Raper

13. Juli 2017

Absolutely beautiful!

A wonderful addition to my mastering chain. So much control and a beautiful piece of work to add that "warmth" and tape feel.

J. Volinsky

10. Juli 2017


This will add a warm to your tracks. So far I've mostly used it on the Master Fader as well as on bass and vocals with very good results. Very pleased.


5. Juli 2017


Es increíble el trabajo realizado con este plus-ins, los resultados para masterizar son perfectos. Saludos

B. Krueger

4. Juli 2017

Great for adding tape sheen to masters

I am still learning this plug in, but just turning it on adds depth and tape feel to tracks on the mastering bus. It is the best tape emulation I have heard.

J. Burman

3. Juli 2017

Excelent product!

I love Ampex and the sound that it delivers,perfect for the stereo sub.
It bringes that analog final touch to your mix!

J. Elliott

2. Juli 2017

Real deal

I slap this bad boy on everything. Prefer the tone overall to the Studer but ears are subjective. Get saturated y'all.

181-200 von 665 Ergebnisse