Ampeg® SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier

Ampeg® SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier



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Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier


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e. noonan

3. April 2016

ampeg svt sweetness.

I love this plug ,i am getting sounds that i have been chasing for a while .it kicks ass.


10. März 2016


I'm in Love!! This sounds so good. It reacts and sounds so Creamy and Real!, I got it to fix some bass work that was sent to me from another studio, the bass was recorded direct with no good pre amp and a low quality interface.... all i can friking say is WAO!!! Its amazing what you can do with this plugin. Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH UAD, KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!!!!!!

D. Robinson

8. März 2016

Great Amp Sim

This plug seems to give that live "size" of an Ampeg SVT, but it changes a little how mixdown proceeds when you're used to DI or mic'd signals. All-in-all, great plugin and I'm sure will be a go-to as I get more used to it!

R. Wydh

17. Januar 2016

Fat clear bass sound

for me is one of the best when not the best bass amp plugin so far
its gives a nice low to the bass wich is very present on the mix and clear
luv it good job guys

T. Hansen

12. Januar 2016


I love this little piece of software. It makes me sound like a real bass player.

C. Kohl

29. Dezember 2015

The Search For A Bass Amp Is Over

Don't look any further. This is it. Pick it up. Now.

C. Jolley

27. Dezember 2015

Finally an SVT that delivers

One glorious summer in the 80s, I gigged with one of those hugely heavy SVT heads while playing bass in a band 5 nights a week. I got to know its character intimately. I have since used lots of different plugin emulation attempts of the real thing, and some get closer than others (I often use the IK version, and it's quite useful). However, when I swapped in this plug for some previous mixes to demo? Wow. All the character and full midrange was there. Just putting this plug into mixes without changing any of the presets does so much, out of the box. I love it to death and it is my new go-to bass amp for recording. Coupled with the huge discount from coupons and Christmas pricing? Thank you Santa!

S. Laurendeau

17. Dezember 2015

Best virtual amp I know

I use it for synth bass too. Amazing!!!

A. Sage

10. Dezember 2015

Where have you been all my life?

A players dream come true. It's THAT sound you need to cut bass tracks on your DAW. Honest!

E. Halterman

21. November 2015

Wow, just like the real amp version!

This is my new favorite bass plugin. It really added that missing character and meanness to the bass. This has bite, balls and everything in between... great job UAD!

h. austwick

10. November 2015

Best Yet..

I'm primarily a guitarist, but I love playing bass, and besides that, playing bass is necessary for my recording work.
Guitarists are pretty spoilt when it comes to amp sims, with so much choice and something new coming along on a regular basis, not so for bassists, so with my bass hat on I was delighted to have something new to try in the new UAD Ampeg SVT-3 Pro.
It doesn't disappoint and I'd have to say it's the most convincing bass amp sim so far for me, so defined and versatile, I replaced other dedicated bass plugins I'd used in mixes with SVT-3 Pro and the difference was immediate, a much tighter bottom end, so much more definition in the mids and low highs with a most welcome lack of mud!
Well done UAD, yet another winner!!

s. jewel

23. Oktober 2015

This is a Gem!

As a mix engineer of many years, the one thing I have been waiting for is a really good Bass Amp plugin. Re amping isn't always an option and I have never heard any software bass amp simulators that were anything like good. The Ampeg SVT-3 Pro is nothing short of a lifesaver! It's on every DI bass that I get in for mix and it is, as I said nothing short of a gem.

Thanks UA you absolutely nailed this one!!

T. Liljegren

19. Oktober 2015

Beat the hell out of the rest

I love the Hiwatt:ish softtube bass amproom, but it often seems to be a bit muddy.
Same thing with the Vintage Ampeg (the alternative choice of UAD) here.

First I demoed the vintage Ampeg and loved it a lot.
Then I decided to test this one nad had no expactations about the result, but then suddenly BOOM!
The bass channel sounded just like I wanted. Warm, rich and clear with absolutely no mud.

So this one should definately be your choice! Look no futher!

M. Ballenger

12. Oktober 2015

I own the amp and still bought the plugin

I have an SVT3 Pro sitting on top of a 410HLF cab in my live room. I'm very familiar with the sound. Even owning the amp, I still bought the plugin. It's a very accurate recreation of what I'm used to and even responds to settings similarly. I can dial in tones very quickly because of this. Having the plugin in addition to the hardware makes it very convenient for direct recording or mixing sessions recorded at other studios. I suppose I could always reamp and mic the cab, but when on an aggressive deadline it is just so much faster to just pull up the plugin. When it is this accurate, I don't feel like I am making compromises by doing so.

M. Reategui

14. September 2015

A bass player dream

I own few Ampeg tube amps and preamps, and this plugin makes everything much smoother. As a recording musician this is what you always dreamed about.

m. Keene

8. September 2015


I got this and the other SVT. Both are fantastic! The other is a bit more my vibe but not because of a quality difference just a stylistic aesthetic. Over all these are by far my favorite bass amp plugins! Highly recommended!

p. miller

6. September 2015

Best bass sim amp by far.

I've owned a SVT classic and the 8x10 cab since 1993, so I know what a good bass amp sounds like. When recording at home, I can't used my rig for obvious reasons, so I've always struggled to get the sound I wanted, be it through a sim amp, or my real SamsAmp. When UAD came out with these Ampeg plugins, I first tried the SVT RV, and it sounded great, but the SVT-3 Pro gave me a little more growl, plus the EQ section had more control compared to the RV. There's also a mix knob where I could add in solid-state along with the tube sound, which allowed me to dial in the perfect amount of punch. This plugin, united my kick and bass like never before. There's also no digital harshness. Fantastic job UAD!!!

R. Williamson

2. September 2015

Finally, a decent bass amp simulation

After trying number s bamboo amp simulators, from IK Multimedia, NI and UA's own Bass Room, this is the first time that I've got the true sound of a bass cabinet. A great range of control and ultimately a 'lifelike' alternative miking/di'ing a bass cab. Furthermore, it works great with Apollo

K. Marrett

29. August 2015

Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In

One of UAD's best plugin. Better than all the other bass amp simulations so far. This was something I really needed. I don't know what the hardware sounds like, but I like the software. It is warm and sounds anolog. Worth every penny. I will recommend it to anyone.

S. Tanner

28. August 2015

That is the ultimate rock bass plug-in.

The Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amplifier Plug-In is the ultimate rock bass amp sound.

Our bass player Georgie Zsigmond (TELL) also has a Ampeg with 8x10" speaker cabinet. After we had recorded the bass with the Waves GTR preamplifier you hear practically no difference between the Original and the Plug-In.

All buttons and settings react as expected like the original.

I also own the Bass Amp Room. But the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO is one star better.

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