Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle



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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle


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J. Jordanov

29. September 2018

UAD-2 Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Realistic and convincing plugin. Does the job greatly! Thanks UA. I'll be back for more.

L. Holzapfel (Woodapple)

24. September 2018

Works ok, but

15% CPU usage on a single CPU...? ;-/

R. Robertson

22. September 2018

Audio Painter Reviews - Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Have used these Bass amps - Did a great job reproducing this in to software.
No problem getting the sound these produce in real world and a bit lighter to carry around.

p. larkin

17. September 2018

Great sounding bass amp sim

Probably the best I’ve used, to be honest. I used to use the Softube bass amp room and loved the mix slider between DI and amp sim, which this doesn’t have, but I don’t miss it at all. This SVT bass amp sim has everything I want in terms of tone and I’m not sure I could be happier with it. Good work!


17. September 2018

I can confirm that it's good plugin

I can confirm that it's good plugin

N. Antonio

17. September 2018



c. schwindeman

15. September 2018

ampeg svt-vr bass amp

changed my in the box life low end definition YA!

B. Lewis

15. September 2018


I’m not a bass player but occasionally need to lay down a track or two. Plugged straight into this and got great bass tones, sounded amazing in the mix.

A. Franchetti

9. September 2018

original plus

Das Verstärkerplugin ist nahezu mit dem original zu vergleichen.ich bin sehr zufrieden.Ich hab den originalen Ampeg und hab einen guten Vergleich.das Plugin bietet mir sehr vieleMöglichkeiten ,m it der speaker wahl.Ein gut gelungenes Produkt.

L. St Leger

8. September 2018


Sounds great. I've played with the 'real' version of this amp and other similar models in the studio a few times and while I find that they sound fantastic in the room, I have difficulty getting them to sound solid and clear through a mic. Or at least, I think they sound great until I compare the mic'd tone with this plugin and I realise whatever UA have done has really nailed it. A great amp mic'd up perfectly.

G. Laforce

6. September 2018

Just what you need

Sound rich and big. What I'm dreamed of. It's exactly what I need. Bravo UA!

C. Riba

27. August 2018

Best AMPEG sound!

I first bought the SVT VR for versatility amd modern sound, but there something about B-15 that can't be achieved with SVT, so I had to finally buy it ;) It sounds vintage and slightly tube/distorted, and I love it.

j. vee

19. August 2018

Rock Solid

This plug in goes HARD!

J. Woolcot

15. August 2018

Great vintage sound.

The crunch achievable from this amp is awesome, mixed with a DI and the SVT30 Pro, it’s killer for rock tones. Highly recommended.

N. Antonio

11. August 2018



J. Chevreau

10. August 2018

Big bass things

Very nice tool

T. Engel

7. August 2018


Spitzen Emulation...feiner Sound....das, was Ampeg ausmacht....

c. adelmann

6. August 2018

Full plug in well worth it

I loved the basic bass amp that came w the apollo but upgrading to the full plug in really gave me more control over shaping bass sounds. Great plug in.

C. MacFarlane

3. August 2018


Love it, big upgrade from the Free UAD bass amp simulator

C. MacFarlane

3. August 2018


Love it, big upgrade from the Free UAD bass amp simulator

321-340 von 920 Ergebnisse