Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle



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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle


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J. Maasakkers

18. Juni 2018

Simply the best!

Sounds great and fits in every mix if you use the right sound.
And the Ampeg B-15 N : love this beauty , i compare'd it with a hardware B 15 and in the mix you can't hear the difference!
Love this!!

J. Maasakkers

18. Juni 2018

Simply the best!

Sounds great and fits in every mix if you use the right sound.
And the Ampeg B-15 N : love this beauty , i compare'd it with a hardware B 15 and in the mix you can't hear the difference!
Love this!!

N. Butler

17. Juni 2018

Absolutely awesome!

This thing sounds amazing - and I have proof! I’ve been in preproduction with a band that blends post-rock and desert metal, and in the first iteration the bass player brought in an SVT Classic with an 8x10 cabinet and we mic’d it.
Between the first round of tracking and the most recent, the original bassist parted ways. The new bassist is a tremendous player, but only has a small kickback amp that was definitely not going to make the cut.
Fortunately, I had just purchased this plug-in, and used it during the session, and we compared it to the original tracking sessions. The band could believe their ears - this plug-in was bang-on, absolutely nailing that perennial bass tone that has become such a hallmark of rock and roll.

K. Meyer

17. Juni 2018

My new Bass Standard

I tried out this STV-3 pro Plugin in the demo period without high expectations, as I own numerous bass amp plug-in's and I was allways satisfied with the results. Soon I excepted that I have to spend another amount as this plug-in has the special something that I do not want to miss anymore. great!

N. koohestani

16. Juni 2018


I needed

c. Eastman

16. Juni 2018

warm, warm, warm!

I recently purchased a used apollo, and it had the previous owners plugins still loaded... so before re registering it I tried them all out... the Ampeg B-15N was one of my favorites... and having purchased it, I'm still loving it very much!

L. Maillot

12. Juni 2018

Great bass amp!

The only bass amp sim I use since I tried it. This amp gives me the best bass sound I've ever had from a DI recording. Give it a try and hear for yourself.

V. Putschkoff

4. Juni 2018

Ampeg SVT - True Classic in digital package

Just purchased an Ampeg SVT plugin and really in love with this one. Real feel and vibe of SVT 8x10" on your laptop. Recommend!!!

E. Cleofe`

3. Juni 2018

Classic Ampeg sound

Nothing better than a jazz bass through an SVT and an 8x10. This plugin captures that beautifully (well, the amp and cab part).

S. Grimm

21. Mai 2018

Easy to use and fat sounding

I don't have an original Ampeg Amp for a comparison, but the plugin sounds very sweet. You can easily dial in any type of sound you want, and it is hard to mess it up. It almost sounds good in every situation. A must have for solid bass.

M. Gomez Roman

17. Mai 2018

Power Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

excellent plugin, high fidelity sound and texture, incredible compression and sound equalization

E. Pensa

14. Mai 2018

Excellent !

Great bass plugin if recording bass through a plugin is your way of choice.

A. Saadat

11. Mai 2018

Sounds very different than other amps

Bought it immediately after testing

T. Spaniel

4. Mai 2018

Almost like the original

it's unbelievable how close the sound of the plug-in comes to the real amp.
Can I only recommend anyone looking for an allround bass amp in digital.

J. Phillips

2. Mai 2018


I actually own this amp and it has been a work horse for me. I used the UA and was very happy on how great it was. Good job UA!

B. Daniel

2. Mai 2018

ampeg software sounds great

I love these bass amp plug ins. I have an ampeg 4x10 that i'm able to run these through and they sound awesome live.
Great for a DI bass line or even just to help it sit in the mix.

J. Chase

1. Mai 2018

Like Having The Biggest Tube Direct Box, With Options

I have been around a lot of B-15 Flip Top's...

It's so nice to have this available to try out on a mix, at the drop of a pull down menu.

Often enough, it just works!

c. nagel

1. Mai 2018

Amazing sounding Bassamp like the real thing but better!

I had the fun to play my bass through the real thing and i have to say
Hats Off!!! All the possibilitys to create the right basssound for the most musical situations is incredible! Next i will try the B15N....
Thank you UA Team

K. Mueller

27. April 2018

Nice emulation!

A friend of mine, a respected bass player, owns the real thing and said this plug-in sounds very close. Only drawback is that it seems to be power-hungry.

R. Persson

27. April 2018


This one is great. Awesome plugin.

361-380 von 920 Ergebnisse