Ampeg® B-15N Bass Amplifier

Ampeg® B-15N Bass Amplifier



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Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier


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T. Davine

26. April 2018

Ampeg delight

Great bass amp, nice lows, it’s just got that rock sound made in the 60’s, well worth the money.

m. walker

19. April 2018

Great !

Nice tight bass sound, not to flappy, sounds better than most bass amps bought into the studio, speeds up workflow and handy for re-amping. Very pleased.

M. Boyes

15. April 2018

What a beast

My bass player went through this the other evening in the studio he loves it. Really gritty and warm he was blown away so was I. Worth the money

B. Delaunay

13. April 2018


Excellent Bass Amp. Don't forget to use it at 96Khz ! It changes everything.

H. Svensson

12. April 2018


Great sounding bas amp

m. adragna

7. April 2018

quite faithful

normally I do not trust the sound of amp simulators (the sound seems to me always colder and less incisive, but this is quite obvious lacking a physical box), but this and also the ampeg svt actually sound quite faithful; in any case I always come back very useful

N. Arouca

4. April 2018

Brings life to DI bass!

Nowadays I mostly track bass DI. Even if I’m going through an amp, I capture the direct signal as well to blend later on. This B-15 sim makes an amp pretty much unnecessary. I can track a dry signal and amp signal at the same time and it sounds great! I can’t say just like the real thing because I don’t own a real B-15, but with this plugin, I don’t think I’ll ever need one.

UAD User

3. April 2018


My first bass amp. Sounds incredible, organic with high dynamic

D. Pierce

3. April 2018

Loving this bass amp

The presents are incredible, something for everything!

L. Andersen

2. April 2018

Great all round amp.

Great amp sim. Nice breakup and lots of possibilities with the different cab sims. Makes the B15 software a lot more versatile than the original hardware. it still shines with an old P-bass though!

F. Ferrell

1. April 2018

Great bass amp!

Such a great bass amp emulation! Allows me to get a killer bass tone really quickly. And, it’s extremely versatile with the different mic options.

j. elliott

1. April 2018

room for improvement, but still great to have on hand...

i have a real b15, and won't pretend this is an exact replacement/sounds just like it, but it is super convenient to have this in plugin form and sounds good for what it is (better than all the competitors i've tried/owned). so while there is still some room for improvement, i am still happy to own it.

T. Fortier

1. April 2018

Love this amp!

This is a fantastic sounding emulation. Warm, Fat, Punchy...great presets that are very easy to tweak. I use this with a P-Bass and love the tone. Highly recommended.

M. Cartwright

31. März 2018

solid amp.

got a great deal and its a nice amp too. $25 bucks after coupons. love when the deals make it cheaper. It sounds great and has many tone options I will use often.

K. Chettri

31. März 2018

Ampeg B15

Exellent punch and clarity , a dead become live .Thankz Ampeg B15

M. Tremblay

31. März 2018


It's amazing because it leaves the place to all other instruments but it's still there. It gives width.

UAD User

29. März 2018


I am so much impressed with the sound .... Love you UAD.

F. Messié

28. März 2018

Travel in the past.

Great amp emulation. Easy to use.

L. Charest

28. März 2018

Trop Facile

Plug and play with great essuie tone :).

UAD User

27. März 2018

Buen plugin

En general estoy muy contento con el sonido que saco con este plugin, la única pega que le veo es que es bastante medioso. En mi caso lo compenso con las pastillas del bajo que esté grabando.

41-60 von 190 Ergebnisse