AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb


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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb


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23. März 2019

Track when using the AKG with a quad mk2 twin or better

Using a duo Twin MK2 , I found I had to be slim on using additional plugins in combination with the AKG BX20 , or simply put off using it until to mixing at a later time.
The sound quality is PRO, non the less. But processing power required is demanding. So take this in consideration, and demo FIRST. The precision plugins that come standard with your Twin MK2 work fine, really I mean legitimately Fine while tracking. Sounds “Rich” like the commercial . I would like Uaudio to create algorithms more efficiently designed to MATCH thier processors Built into this Apollo Twin Hardware interface.

P. Edwards

13. März 2019

Alright, but not great reverb

I've found this a very hard reverb to work with. I'd characterize it as mushy rather than lush. There are many fantastic reverbs out there today and this one is a bit of a regret as I've yet to find a way to utilize it that sounds either characterful or expansive and doesn't simply get in the way of a mix. It's simply a bit boring, seems like a generic sort of convolution verb sound.

T. Mäkelä

12. Februar 2019

Great Sound Comes With Great CPU Usage

This reverb has A LOT of character. I love the sound of it and as an ITB mixer I cannot hope for better spring reverb sound. The downside with the awesomeness is that it takes quite of bit of CPU off my Apollo Twin Quad. So definitely put this one on an aux channel if you fancy saving your UAD computing power.

H. Nakanishi

5. Februar 2019

One of my favorite!!

This is awesome!! Very easy to use and nice presets.

m. grundy

1. Februar 2019

Great for the blues

This works out great for vocals in Blues, and other roots music. Really dig it!

C. Willson

23. Januar 2019


Really beautiful tones. I've used the original a couple of times in years gone, and while my memory is far a/b comparison, the width, length and richness that UAD delivers on this product feel right to me. Very impressed. Warning: It is a DSP drainer though, one instance virtually uses a whole core - not ideal if you own an arrow.

J. White

22. Januar 2019


Just incredible for Pink Floyd style electric guitars or really dark vocal tracks.

M. Van der Hallen

17. Januar 2019


Not your average reverb, but that's what we're looking for, not?

Y. Caldas

15. Januar 2019

Amazing Reverb

This is honestly my favourite reverb on the UA platform, it has character, colour, movement and works on just about everything. A new staple in my template.

E. King

15. Januar 2019

Had the hardware, this is better

Sounds as good as real thing but with option to save settings and a few extras

i. breslau

9. Januar 2019

Isaac at omega recording studios

We have the original hardware BX 20 here at omega so I felt compelled to buy this lol. I am extremely pleased with this version of the plug in. I love the way it sits under the vocals without being transparent. Sounds very close to the real BX 20. Nice job UAD!!!!!!!!

D. St.Blaine

9. Januar 2019

Gorgeous if not terribly versatile

Fabulous, deep ambience with more actual controls than any hardware spring I ever used. Having a host of other digital reverbs it doesn’t bother me that it isn’t particularly versatile. It’s a “best of breed” box. It doesn’t try to be anything other than a spring verb. If you need deep enveloping reverb get this but don’t expect it to be your only verb unless you’re into down tempo dream pop. :)

P. Jonsson

8. Januar 2019



P. Jonsson

8. Januar 2019



A. Spraggon

21. Dezember 2018

Beautiful Spring Reverb

I've heard a bunch of spring reverbs and they all have their charm but this one is what I'd call a top shelf spring. It has a real classiness about it like a single malt whiskey.

B. Tamko

16. Dezember 2018

One the best UAD-pugins I've ever bought.

A tail of this reverb is amazing. Just try.

B. Maharjan

14. Dezember 2018

Awesome plugin

Best reverb ever i had

J. Moore

14. Dezember 2018

More please sir!

Wow, this thing is the biz, sounds amazing!

O. Morris

14. Dezember 2018


lush sounding reverb i start out with a preset as a starting point and then craft my sound. This plug in is a swiss army knife of reverbs

D. Blackett

13. Dezember 2018

Rich and dark

My favourite reverb plugin. The way it catches on the right harmonics and beds in the track is beautiful

81-100 von 372 Ergebnisse