AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb


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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb


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T. Hames

5. März 2018

Make guitars 3 dimensional

I mostly use the AKG BX20 to give guitars more three-dimensionality. It's springy twangy got familiar with from countless records. Instant gratification.

j. denicola

2. März 2018


Love this reverb. next best thing to actually having a hardware reverb. great on guitars and particularly for the way modern indie bands are using this kind of guitar and vocal drenched reverb effect

H. Zimmerman

24. Februar 2018


I must say I'm already well equipped when it comes to reverbs, but none has the haunting eerie quality of this spring reverb. It's so great for a bit of creepiness at the back of the room in a surround mix. I was contemplating to buy the UAD Lexicon, which is of course a no brainer for its greatness, but this one won me over. I have already used it extensively in the mix of an international documentary where it added beautifully to the eerie subject. Hearing is believing for this one.

UAD User

20. Februar 2018

Dark and Warm

My got to hall for electric guitars! Very dark, deep sounding! Wow!
Enormous sound quality but sadly also high DSP and even higher PGM usage...

S. Long

10. Januar 2018


Great spring reverb. Bought after the first day of demoing! recommended

S. Long

10. Januar 2018


Great spring reverb. Bought after the first day of demoing! recommended

B. Harris

1. Januar 2018

Rich, Thick, Musical and a Truly Unique Reverb:

This reverb inflicts a high DSP load on my Apollo and it also has very long latency, but if used in an aux bus it works just fine. Be careful because you can't track through it as an insert effect or use it live because of that latency. That's why I didn't buy it initially. I record my classical guitar on a dry mono track while monitoring and also recording the BX 20 on a stereo aux bus track. This works just fine for me so I suggest trying it that way.

I have never heard a real BX 20 but to my ears this is not a guitar spring reverb sound, use the Galaxy emulation for a retro spring reverb sound.

I have all the UAD reverbs and they all are distinctive, musical and great. The unique BX 20 reverb definitely is too.

S. Svishchev

4. Dezember 2017

Incredibly wonderful reverb

Now this reverb is one of my favorites. It gives a great depth, without showing an obvious reverberation effect and without contaminating the material. Finally, it is in my arsenal of plugins. Thanks guys, you are super!

S. Lefebvre

2. Dezember 2017

Superb reverb

Dark and beautiful

D. Pierce

14. November 2017

Beautiful sounding

I like the AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb sound. It can give you that bright clang or that deeeeep dark ambience that penetrates the background.

K. Krupa

5. Oktober 2017

Simply the best

Most beautyful reverb i ever had!

M. O'Flynn

29. September 2017

Spring reverb not like other spring reverbs.

This spring reverb doesn't go ''boing'' when you hit it hard, sounds lovely.

m. thibault

28. September 2017



V. Yakemenko

11. August 2017

Best reverb on UAD platform - for me.

I have purchased AKG BX20 after auditioning other UAD reverbs for a month, and I am very confident that it is a nice sounding thing which also suits me best. Dark and dreamy, lots of character.

H. Jaffe

31. Juli 2017


My lifeblood.

E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

Nothing Quite Like It!

This plugin is so unique compared to what else is out there, its instantly vibey, dark, ethereal. Recommended on guitars and vocals especially but with its almost plate-like quality it can be useful on anything.

M. A

19. Juli 2017

All about that box


M. A

14. Juli 2017

Now i know what LOVE AT FIRST HEAR is about

I am in love , with a reverb box

B. Krueger

4. Juli 2017

Great for deep reverbs

This plug in works great for dark reverb sounds. You can get a great spring wash with this.

L. Vermeir

26. Juni 2017

smooth, dark and very musical reverb

I like this one a lot! Not a reverb to use on all genres or tracks, but when you're looking fore a smooth, colorful, lush and analog sounding reverb, this is the one...

141-160 von 366 Ergebnisse