AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb


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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb


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B. Bentiba

5. Dezember 2016

Simply the best

Before I bought this plugin, I have done my reaserch to avoid something that is going to eat up my Limited DSP power, but I couldn't found a plugin capable of replacing the AKG. Gorgeous spring reverb truly magnificent sounding. This is a plugin which I can't stop advising musician to have it. Well done UA

D. George

5. Dezember 2016


Best spring reverb plugin on the market!

G. Hout

4. Dezember 2016

The ultimate reverb for electric guitar

Demoed this one and was immediately sold. Just use it to polish up the electric guitar sound (and put a little bit of it to the drums and vocals in the same mix). Can't live without it now.

M. Marantz

1. Dezember 2016


Gorgeous, lush reverb. It doesn't sound like the EMT 250, EMT 140, or Lex 224, so it's something different. I thought I had my bases covered, but this offers something different. Great for ambient music, or rock drums, or basically anything! I just used it for drums on a shorter decay setting on a rock-jazz instrumental track and it worked great. I doubt it sounds exactly like the real thing, but I just got a great sounding and very use-able software reverb on sale for $149. I am very happy with this one. Thank you UAD for your sick products.

E. Kocol

18. November 2016

Spring Is Here - in the fall

This AKG spring reverb is a home run.

O. Ramirez

18. November 2016

Great emulation

I have heard the hardware and this plugin does a great job of recreating that spring reverb sound. its not my "go to" reverb but when I want that dark/ thick somewhat lo-fi verb this is the one I choose. great for gritty drum loops and bass.

S. Sinclair

17. November 2016

Instant Vibe

This reverb is not a "one size fits all" for every song out there. This reverb will immediately insert a vibe on whichever song your working on - in a good way. One slight down side, it would be nice if it could have shorter decay times. Regardless, this is a fantastic sounding reverb!

I. Spann

7. November 2016

best reverb unit so far

Its not for everything, but for what it does, its the best

P. Hird

4. November 2016


This completes the set. I now have all of the UAD reverbs and each one is great for so many things yet in different ways. Love this on guitars. Fantastic!

K. Babic

22. Oktober 2016

Great Reverb

If you working with EMT 140/250 (really great plugs) and somehow you need something more special/others, I thing this is your deal. For some reasons its necessary to take an other way to get your Vox/instrument in the spot. For my its a "other" alternative to the classics like 140/250.

G. Ventin

16. Oktober 2016

So Cozy

Spring reverb is a good thing! So Cozy. Kinda forgot about it... until now!

H. Hundebøl

16. Oktober 2016

Warm indie sound

Great piece for making guitar and Vocal sound very warm and organic. I love this piece

T. Duncan

13. Oktober 2016

Dark, Open, Haunting

Not your wonky rock n roll spring, but a gorgeous, fairly diffuse spring reverb, almost warm and diffuse enough to be a dark plate, but with more dark cavernous metallic character. Bounce it stereo through 2 amps and viola! Timeless tonez comin atcha

A. Fluit

12. Oktober 2016

spring is in the air

instant Weltschmerz when you dial in this reverb, it creates a distance that just can't be measured, only felt...

G. Schuman

9. Oktober 2016

You can swim in it

I've tried so many reverbs, but this is such a wonderful little thing to swim in. quite dark, but that's the beauty of it and adds such a nice warm quilt to every little cold element you add it to. yummy

D. Sokolov

5. Oktober 2016

crazy spring reverb!

Indispensable for ballads. I love to use it on guitars, vocals and pads. Thank UAD !!

R. Grace

2. Oktober 2016

AGG BX 20 Sprint Reverb

UAD has provided a great variation of a reverb that balances out the tool kit for mix down. I like this reverb in that it give you a sense of depth and warmth without being noticeable or obvious. It add just enough color to bring a body to the instrument or mix that you are using. I especially like the flexibility in the setting - stereo, M/S and mono. All good aspects in creating a space and integrated mix. I actually like this one very much.

C. Schwarz

29. September 2016

Silky Smooth

I love the silky smooth contoured feel of this spring reverb. Definitely one of my goto reverbs.


29. September 2016

It's a great magic plugin!!!

i own a lot of reverb plugins but it is a reverb that you must have: fantastic sound.

Great job UA!!!

G. Link

23. September 2016

Whoah, whoah, whoah

I seriously can't believe the way this plugin sounds on a guitar (vocals too). If you're going for that big, smokey, slow blues or lonely Jeff Buckley sound -- RUN, don't walk, to your computer and buy this thing now. Put it on an aux and it just sounds so big and lush and real. REAL. That is the thing about it. So many reverb plugins, even to this day, still lack something that hardware has. So many reverb plugins to me sound too digital, too weak, brittle. They lack that depth and authenticity you hear from verbs in major studio recordings (who are using real gear). This will get you there. You get a lot of inspiration and creativity just from playing with this, a desert island plugin.

181-200 von 339 Ergebnisse