AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

AKG® BX 20 Spring Reverb

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb


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A. Porcelli

15. Oktober 2015

The best spring reverb!

I live spring reverb! This is The best I've ever heard!

H. Proulx

14. Oktober 2015

woomp there it is.

It doesn't sound too bad at all.

D. DiPietro

14. Oktober 2015

No idea...

...what a real one sounds like. Never even knew they existed honestly. Doesn't matter, it's now one of my favorite verbs. It actually sounds more like a long plate to me and not a spring. Wish it had shorter decay times but I'll make due.

D. McBride

13. Oktober 2015

AKG BX20 spring

It sounds beautiful and I don't regret the purchase Buuuuuut..... it would more often usable if the decay time could be made quicker. I had that issue with our EMT plate, I know its par for the course, but still....

A. Link

5. Oktober 2015

Not quite ready

The sound of the plugin gets 5 stars but it has been quite buggy for me and does not work with automation as expected from a modern plugin. I know some people will say why would you need to automate a reverb plugin??? Well for me I like to take advantage of digital tools and get creative with them... since that is something we can't do with hardware it would be ideal to have both the sound and flexibility. While the plugin has potential to be my favorite reverb plugin ever I really want the automation issues to be smoothed out.

G. Yacobacci

2. Oktober 2015

A Killer Spring Reverb For $200.00

Seriously, does anyone understand the cost to develop good software? I have owned real recording studios and we would pay $5K - $8K+ for a good reverb unit with limited track use unless over dubbing for hours, track by track or using as an aux input, if you want the same reverb on every track. The thing is $200.00 with the ability to have a different sound on dozens of tracks at a time. If you don't have the $200.00 there are cheaper spring verbs out there, but you get what you pay for. Now the review, I love this plug in, the closest to a real spring verb I have heard. A+, deep, dense ambiance is the perfect description.

Thank you
Peace And Love, Peace And Love.

A. Momsyakov

2. Oktober 2015


fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H. Petersson

1. Oktober 2015

A box of dreamy vibes

This is the first UAD plugin I've bought without demoing it first. I haven't regretted it!

It's one of those reverbs I've been wishing for for a long time. Tried many IRs but was never happy with them. This one is alive, lush and just dreamy. It's not as springy as many spring reverbs and it reminds me a lot about a plate but it's not as shallow and cold. It has depth and it moves.
It is not as subtle across a whole mix as the EMT140 (which just sneaks in there perfectly). I rather use this one as a more prominent effect because it really deserves to be heard. It's just fantastic on guitars!
Some slight ringing in the bright tank and the load times are a bit annoying in this day and age. But not enough to take away a star.

Well done UA!

UAD User

29. September 2015

Amazing for Big Verbs - Massive DSP Usage

This is the ultimate indie verb! Great on drums and vocals. Lush, full, thick and beautiful decay.
It's a MASSIVE hog on resources (maybe a 3rd of a quad??) though and the delay compensation required makes it impossible to track without outside of an apollo/console. That's why it doesn't get a 4. Maybe on thunderbolt or pcie it's better.

But still, for big verbs, ballads, indie drums, retro stuff, I haven't heard a better verb...!!

A. Gamez

22. September 2015

Ear candy

Being a reverb aficionado, I have an extensive collection of reverbs to use on my mixes, but I was never impressed with any of the spring reverbs I owned. Saw that UA released this baby, tried it on and instantly knew I had to have it. This is one of those plugins that you just send signal to and will instantly sound good. Easy to tweak and amazingly sounding.

J. Seung Heon

21. September 2015

fun plugin

exceptional quality reverb!!
so much fun and depth.
with this my drums are sounding like from hell.
this + amx = covering all of my reverb needs.

D. Langhard

19. September 2015


This is by far the best plugin reverb I've ever had. This and the EMT 140 plate make a killer combo!

A. Momsyakov

18. September 2015



A. Momsyakov

18. September 2015



L. Greenwood

16. September 2015

Reverb sandwitch.

I have the hardware and the software, while they are different - it's no big deal. Neither one is better. Neither one is worse. This plugin has redefined and justified the digital audio movement for me. I'm going to sell my BX so I can buy more microphones and more UA plugs. Just one request to UA - PLEASE UPDATE YOUR EMT-140. I have a feeling that with the new abilities you have, the 140 would be incredible. It's going to be worth it!

This reverb just settles everything when you tickle it, and broadens dull, mono files. I had a pedal steel guitar sounding like it was flying above the studio in about 5 seconds after starting the plug.

UAD User

14. September 2015

Not just a reverb... The Soul of any track...

Listen to it, you've never heard something this true... Just amazing on everything. Thanks UAD Team :-)

S. Lawson

14. September 2015

Have not looked back since I got it

Wide - Lush - Enveloping and a bit of a challenge not to over use.

A. Tafari

6. September 2015


I've always wanted a Solid Spring Reverb,hands down the UAD AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb is thee bomb. It's awesome.

L. Mathers

1. September 2015

awesome reverb

Not sure why anyone would give anything but a five star review to this plugin, it sounds great. Huge upgrade from the Waves reverbs I have... I put sends to it on nearly every instrument I record. It's also great for sound design stuff, I've used it on sound for picture mixes with great effect. If you can only afford one reverb, this is probably the one to get.

M. Ryder

28. August 2015

OMG! nothing like this can come close

This is so special and unique, There is nothing like this i have found and if i could i doubt it would be this good just play the demo and you will know this is a one of a kind and made by the masters of emulation, intact if you actually own this as hardware you would have a lesser effect as the plugin has so much more that could never be done with the big box!

321-340 von 370 Ergebnisse