A/DA® STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

A/DA® STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay


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A. Burroughs

14. Januar 2022

Nice surprise!

Cool addition to the toolkit...

K. Kouchian

15. November 2020

Great time and space plugin

Dont' expect hi-fi there, it's the dirt. But the nice dirt, really helpful to get a synth in the stereo field or get the drums crazy dubbed out.
but you can get it at Plugin Alliance on sale for 1/6 of this price so it gets only 3 stars

R. Boddendijk

15. Dezember 2019

Delay with Character

Thought I already have enough delays but this delay will bring some life in your tracks.

P. Kelly

6. Februar 2019


Great bit of kit when you get to it. Good job ithere is a manual handy to help get the EST out of their audio devices


12. Dezember 2018


Like all UAD delay...very good effect !!!

M. Diaz Velez

9. Juli 2018

Amazing tool!!!!

If you want to be tap tap tap tap tap delayed... this is you tool.

E. Rysa

18. Juni 2017

Mono compatibility test: PASSED

I really needed something that could create a widening effect without creating dips in the frequency response (like a comb-filtering effect typical of phased / flanged traks).
Most of today pluging try to impress you by creating a large stereo field out of nowhere, but then if you sum the output to mono it has a weird side-effect: the "body" is completely lost due to the phasing of the delayed mid-low range; the transient details are lost because of the doubling effect and the frequency overlaps.
With the A/DA STD-1, instead, I was able to get perfect widening effects without losing mono compatibility, also with the help of the intelligent built-in modulation chain.

D. Wehab

30. März 2017

Love It

Perfect for that old school funky sounds. Just put the delays in the right 3dimensional spot.

M. Belfer

20. Februar 2017

You guys Nailed It!!

I have owned several of these over the years, my first unit actually came to the studio I worked at. A/DA sent us a loner rack of all of their products at the time with the STD-1 being among them. I remember dreaming of having two of them to create a Quad guitar rig!! Hey it was the 80's and all the different rack gear being made was full of endless possibilities for processing sound!!
Well I never did own two of these at one time because they were pricy!! I think I paid around $700 for the first one I owned.Now in plug form we get stereo with the press of a button I remember the units came with a front panel diagram to save presets. Back then it was a pencil and a piece of paper! The trick to the STD-1 is you have to be patient and move the knobs in small increments because all of the parameters are interactive and sometimes just a minute change will dramatically cause you to stumble onto an amazing setting!! Thats when I'd bust out the pencil and document it. Of course now all's we have to do is give it a name and hit save!
I'm just blown away by all of the U-Audio plug-ins. While you guys have chosen some of the greatest outboard gear ever made and you are close to reissuing most of it...there are still some great ones left that haven't become plug-ins yet!! How about the PCM-42? The Song Bird Tri-Chorus? The Inovonics 201 Compressor? The Alan Smart C-2? The Ursa Major Space Station!!! And I could go on and on...but I'm pretty sure you guys are cooking up some cool things based on what you've done so far! Please keep up the great work and thanks for bringing the STD-1 back to life : )

m. wan

12. Januar 2017

New technology

Powerful function
Need to study the use of methods

P. Hird

27. November 2016

Delay? Check.

Between the AD/A STD-1 and the EP34, I have superb sounding delay effects covered. TOP marks UA!
Now, if you could model the Dyno My Piano chorus (or the current version by Fulltone - That 80s Chorus) that would be fantastic!

B. Schulz

15. November 2016

An essential Plugin to get analog feeling

Using it in subtle ways on every channel songs get wider and get a analog feeling, that I could not reach bevore with any other plugin chain. The fine detunings sound natural and the ear does not recognize modulation patterns. It can also be used to put tracks into another dimention to get sounds separated from each other. For me it became an essential plugin to get analog Sound.


14. November 2016

Try it!

Really cool effects plug-in... simply fun to use.

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