UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection



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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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A. Müller

1. Mai 2018

UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ - My wonderweapon

I use this a lot for recording my hardware-synths. If they don't sound like i want, i use this plugin and voilá! This plugin makes the difference. More presence and clarity, with a few knobs. I really recommend this plugin, if you do AD-recordings.

D. Williams

28. April 2018

Incredible, just incredible...

Well, I already own the 610 hardware preamp, and it's plug in counterpart (610 B) and love them both in equal measure.......but, I decided to splash out on the 610 A recently as I had a few old acoustic recordings that I wanted to revisit to see if I could squeeze a bit more character out of the original tracks...

Yep, it certainly has that vintage tone I was looking for.....absolutely outstanding! Thanks once again UAD for providing me with another invaluable, go to plug just keep smashing it straight out the park.

UAD User

19. April 2018

Terrific on bass

Great plug-in, I like it on drums mainly on the kick to get some more low end and also on bass for the same reason, great low end without being muddy

C. Carr

18. April 2018

Very simple !

Great sounding and simple to use. But also have the API, SSL and Neve options in my UAD arsenal and always find myself reaching for one of those over the UA610.

A. Gamez

17. April 2018

Sweet Warm Tones

I own a Solo 610 Preamp and have used it extensively for more than 7 years. This plugin came in free when I purchased a PCI Accelerator card from my computer and decided to use it on a tracking session just to get it out of my mind.

I could easily sell my real hardware and just stick to this instead and never regret about it. UA nailed it.

D. Bruce

16. April 2018

Nice sound

Love the sound. Its so close to the actual solo 610 i cant tell thr difference!

I. Brooks

13. April 2018

Excellent Tool

Very simple plugin. Sounds fantastic. So far I've used it to track with. It creates a strong, warm waveform that gives you a lot to work with once it's in your DAW. I'm sure I'll find many other uses for it in time. Great plugin.


11. April 2018

Great sounding PreAmp/EQ!!!!

You have to hear this during mixing to understand how good this plug-in is!!!!

G. Violet

9. April 2018

Plug and play !

Pas de prise de tête avec le 610, on insert et ca sonne ! Les réglages sont minimalistes et c'est bien dans l'esprit de ce matos...plug and play !

UAD User

7. April 2018

It just does not get any better!

Whether this plugin or another, anything Universal Audio puts out is simply nothing short of amazing!

M. Brascich

6. April 2018


INBELIEVEBLE PREAMPS !!! aud always the best !!!

P. Gharapetian

2. April 2018

love this

one of my go to plugins in the whole collection of UAD.

M. Buracchi

2. April 2018


I have both the physical product and the plug and I can say that the last one works really well I recommend it

L. Bermudez

28. März 2018

Us 610 tube preamp & EQ

Main reason bought the had 2 just amazing

H. Shin

27. März 2018


Really nice

L. Colan

16. März 2018


I was enjoying the 610B which i got for free ... then i hooked up the 610A demo on some percussion ... and bought it. The two of them have breathed new life into ALL my channel plugin chains. Beautiful.

F. Juan

15. März 2018

Excelent for vintage synth!!!

Really amazing!! I find them very useful to track analogue synths. I love their warmness.

C. Paschall

14. März 2018

Subtle but fat

Great plug to reach for when you just need a little tube saturation. Character for days but not too wooly sounding. Really dig it.

M. Curnow

9. März 2018


Takes the digital edge off recorded signals, really lovely to use if you haven't got nice preamps to work through. Rounds everything off, very useful tool.

P. Knight

2. März 2018

Great all around

These channel strips are fantastic. I’ve been using them for kick and snare for years, and look forward to trying the other fantastic UAD preamps.

121-140 von 438 Ergebnisse