UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection



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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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J. Nascimento

15. August 2019


Este módulo trouxe a cor que eu precisava. Sutileza e poder resumem este incrível módulo. parabéns UA.

T. Reaves

14. August 2019

Beautiful!!!! Rich!!

These preamp emulations just sound fantastic! Natural and colorful just the way they should be! Winner, hands down!

J. Verdol

10. August 2019

UA 610A

Cool ....

G. Schwab

2. August 2019

Very good!

Excellent preamp! The 610B opens up many possibilities to shape the signal and give it an "analogue" flair. The signal always sounds very big, open and warm. By comparison, the V76 tube preamp sounds a bit more detailed. Microphones such as Audio Technica AT 4040 and 4050, AT 4051B or Røde NTR and NT 1000 sound fantastic with the 610 B /A.

A. king

2. August 2019

Great Preamp

Adds a nice touch of tube warmth...Great for tracking vocals.

UAD User

3. Juli 2019

610 a. Zawsze do wokalu

Coś pięknego. Brzmi ciepło. Polecam

M. Carrera

7. Mai 2019

Tube warmth!

Nice to use them to warm up your sounds!

M. Carrera

29. April 2019


awesome pre amp to drive stuff that neats a little bit of heat

M. Heisel

25. April 2019

Great Character Preamp

I find that the 610's both have their place, and they can both add a great element of analog preamp in their own ways.

R. Dent

22. April 2019

Overdrive without artifacts

Constantly looking at preamps to overdrive them. This does it without digital artifacts the best of any plug in.

N. Smith

11. April 2019

Great Sound!

I've never worked with the hardware version so I can't compare the two. But what I do know is this plug-in sounds great! I wouldn't drive too hard with these though, because the distortion starts to get a bit wild when you push it hard and doesn't quite sound like a tube, but when used lightly it does the trick. Also, the eq is very simple, yet very musical. Sounds fantastic.

R. Marant

7. April 2019


UAD 610 es esencial de tener entre los pre amplificadores de uso. Tienen un toque esclusivo, que los hace diferentes. Sonido agradable, cálido y con carácter.

S. Jacobsen

6. April 2019

I have the Hardware LA-610 and this emulation is SPOT ON!

Great pre-amp and EQ! I've been using my LA-610 for years and this software re-creation blows me away how EXACT it is when sounding like the real thing! Love recording into this thing and now that I have the Plug in, I am not limited by just my 1 piece of hardware. Great front end for almost any mic!!!

B. Gfeller

2. April 2019


sounds great

A. Kharkov

31. März 2019

UA 610 - Excellent emulation!!!

I like so much! Always sound so good on any track! Perfect!.

D. Bazzani

26. März 2019


In my still short search for the best plugins, the UA 610B is one of the best things I've found. Clear, warm, a lot of controls, it makes sound voices and acoustic guitars a lot better, and I need less eq after that. Great one.

T. Glosser

25. März 2019

Must Have

I own the hardware version of this, and the plug-in is just as beautiful sounding as the hardware. Great Job UA.

J. Woolcott

20. März 2019

Tube gorgeousness.

This mic pre sounds fantastic, so thick warm and lush. It’s not just great for adding detail to a “period/retro” mix, it brings so much life, vibe and depth to programmed material and soft synths.

A. Fusini

15. März 2019

Molto figo

Colora il giusto e suona bene!

G. Corley

15. Februar 2019

Just Awesome!

I put this on my master bus, and the mix just jumped to life. I am going to have to go back and remix all my stuff. Fantastic plugin!

81-100 von 441 Ergebnisse