UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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m. leblanc

8. Februar 2020

UA 610

Really great eq’ s and preamp. Perfect!!!

M. Łuczak

7. Februar 2020

UA 610

Sounds great!

R. Maynard

24. Januar 2020


I have never seen something that can make the front end sound so good. I mean even with the mic pres in the Apollo which are amazing, these plugins give you more options for front end color ,its unreal.

O. Dramaretskiy

14. Januar 2020

Amazing Sound!

Very Good UA!!!

M. Garrido-Lecca

13. Januar 2020

Classic Sound

Adds lots of character!

P. Molenaar

9. Januar 2020

Mighty fine!

No words

P. Sviyazov

2. Januar 2020


If you need some pretty sound

T. Roberts

24. Dezember 2019

Great preamps!

Incredibly warm and responsive. The quality of UA plugins are the best in the business, in my opinion.

p. ce

17. Dezember 2019


第一次用UA 这个放大器真的不错

L. Turner

13. Dezember 2019

Great Pre’s

Love both the 610A and 610B tube preamps. UA knows what they are doing!!!!

A. Paulos

11. Dezember 2019

Old School preamps!!

Warm warm warm!!!
Simply incredible!!!


2. Dezember 2019

Great plugin.

Excellent produit, great plugin, superior sound!

S. Smashnov

2. Dezember 2019

J. Nolasco

28. November 2019


Absolutely amazing!!!

d. erdem

28. November 2019

best of best

best of best
Very good plug-ins are useful and glossy from the sound.

N. Kazakov

25. November 2019

Classics, what more can I say

I’ve used 610-b pretty much often. Mainly in unison when recording voice. Nice vintage warm sound. 610-a is a pumped up of 610-b, not always applicable for all projects but sometimes just what I need!

M. Guichard

8. November 2019

Top !!!

Top !!!

R. Mletzko

25. Oktober 2019

Analoge Wärme ,in the box'

Der 610er verleiht dem Signal eine schöne analoge Wärme, welche im Unison-Modus so kein zweites Plugin generieren kann. Vor allem in Kombination mit eher spitz klingenden Mikrofonen wie dem Neumann TLM 103 oder dem Neumann U87 Ai ist dieses Plugin in Kombination mit dem LA2A erste Wahl. Und das Beste ist, dass dieses Plugin umsonst war :-)

D. Lawrence

22. Oktober 2019

Perfect Vintage Sounding preamp

This goes on almost every acoustic guitar and vocal I record these days

E. Corneliussen

16. Oktober 2019

Varm and gentle

Perfect (610A) for a bit crunchy rock vocals and guitar (when gaining up), and just varm on pop vocals and synths. Perhaps not your first go-to if your EDM'ing.

41-60 von 431 Ergebnisse