UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection



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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection


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น. ห้องแซง

5. September 2020

Ua 610 a,b

I Love UAD

R. Metelkin

31. August 2020

Warm warm warm

Previously, I only saw in big recording studios or on the Internet how someone uses hardware 610, but when I used preamps, even plugins, it was magic. Bravo!

P. Hayes

24. August 2020



M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Great great great

Great to tracking, great for mixing, even for mastering.

M. Pribble

24. August 2020

So warm!

Rich vocal warmth!

E. Koch

20. August 2020

enjoying the Apollo headroom

i have more time in with the 610B at the's super warm, warmest of the tube pres i have...the natural circuit roll off, up top, is a little low; but nothing that can't be flattened out to one's liking with the circuits EQ can just pick it up, and dial it in, and the added brilliance just glows with of the real deal jems that came with my apollo..

C. Martínez

3. August 2020

Unison preamps are the way to go.

Watch how it will all change from now on. UAD Unison preamps have just bridged the unimaginable gap between Analog and Digital in the best way possible. This preamps are the real proof of it. Brace yourself to not be able to record without these Unison preamps ever again. They also work great as an insert on pre-recorded tracks but the Unison just completely blows brains away.

W. Silva

3. August 2020


Nunca tive contato com os hardwares, porém os plugins tem uma sonoridade incrível, gera harmônicos que nunca ouvi em outro plugins de uma forma tão perfeita.. é lindo ouvir!

E. Zambrano

29. Juli 2020


Love it’s low end tightness capabilities. Smooth

M. Kerner

7. Juli 2020

Must have plug-ins

Having preamp and compressor in Universal Audio gear and using it on every single track I was surprised this plugs sound great after recording through familiar stuff. It really gave me new colors in sound.

B. Alemany Nigh

29. Juni 2020

Amazing on vocals!

I use the 610-B pre amp on most of my vocals now a days. I own several other pre amps from UA and I can honestly say, this one has been my favorite so far! Highly recommend.

R. Hutcheson

24. Juni 2020

Want some 60s sizzle? 610A is your pre!

Any time I can't get that overdrive I'm looking for, I'll reach for the 610A and crank it. Nothing else fizzes like this. Works especially well if you're looking to fry a rock n roll vocal. Sometimes if I cant get a spring reverb to behave, I'll throw a cleaner reverb through this and fry the reverb. It's like instant 60's goodness, feels like Motown.

A. Pashka

18. Juni 2020

Virtually the same as the hardware

I had the hardware of this and after a few days of deliberating between shootouts, I brought it back. There isn't a distinguishable difference, so I saved the money and bought more plugins. The EQ Is really nice, also although it is great to saturate tracks make sure you don't overdo it.

I. Reisch

13. Juni 2020

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ

So far i've only tried the dark coloured B on soft synths, i love the EQ function to dial back some unnatural sounding harshness and to bring in some extra bottom end.
It's a beautiful plug in.

T. Rice

12. Juni 2020

Vibe City

Population 610. The EQ is magic.

I. Inkilä

2. Juni 2020

It's great

The 610-a is my go to for adding some saturation on synths. Smooth sound but be mindful not to over do it on vocals.

K. Kaunan

30. Mai 2020

A Must Have for warmth and texture

This plugin is amazing on vocals! it gives it warmth, and when pushed adds a richness you can't describe. I also like it on kick drums. A must have!!

K. Kaunan

30. Mai 2020

A Must Have for warmth and texture

This plugin is amazing on vocals! it gives it warmth, and when pushed adds a richness you can't describe. I also like it on kick drums. A must have!!

G. Merino

16. Mai 2020


I have the real hardware too, almost the same thing. You won't be disappointed with this plugin.

A. Ferfecky

14. April 2020

UA 610 - sound of old school pre

The way this plugin saturate anything it touches is amazing. So easy to find that sweet spot.

41-60 von 451 Ergebnisse