UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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s. ermolaev

4. September 2020


This is the case when they are always needed at hand. The quality of performance is excellent!

J. Geary

26. August 2020


yeah, i wouldnt expect less for this plugin from the people that originally brought the unit to market. 5/5 for sound. Rating 4 stars as a slight facelift GUI wise would be nice alongside some sort of sidechain control. even if the sc is on a separate plugin to keep the others true to og signalflow, a version that can get a bit more surgical would be YUGE

T. Lippai

24. August 2020

The real deal

I owned 1176 plugins before, but this is the real deal, if I have to compare them. Whether I want subtle compression, or heavy sound design, I use them. Don’t forget to check their characteristics before you plug them in. :)

M. Malinski

23. August 2020

Hard to live without 1176 in the studio

Very good plugs, very close sounding to real thing counterpatrs.

T. Evans

22. August 2020


These compressor models are an insane. It was a no brainer buying these digital remakes of the actual hardware models from UA knowing that UA are the founding fathers of these bad boys! You can really truly hear how these plugins react to the signal and saturate the audio just like the original hardware. Verry happy. One thing that I would like to see is a clearer picture of the compressor unit on screen. It looks a little blurry and unrealistic. But thats not really a criticism.

A. McVaney

8. August 2020

Got this bundle for the blue stripe Rev A!

SO good, I use it twice in my vocal chain. True story.

b. koh

22. Juli 2020

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

I (A/B) compared this to other 1176 series made by other brands, I have to say that the UAD's out beat all of them!!! From today onward, I'm just gonna use it instead whenever i need a "1176" sound. That's it!

K. Ramsey

20. Juli 2020

Great Emulation!

One of the best 1176 collections available.

c. glakas

17. Juli 2020

A must-have for any UAD user

The brilliance of all UAD plugins is that the second you instantiate them and turn them on, your track sounds better. 1176 is no exception, and the legacy versions are DSP light so you can have them on every track in the mix.

P. Ponting

15. Juli 2020

Can't live without.

I know tons of people have said this but I will say it also UAD really have done the job, seriously every plugin I get I have a huge grin as soon as I use them. I always see people saying you can achieve all this stuff with stock plugins well I'd love to hear that. Because you really can't. And if someone does achieve that I bet it doesn't take you 30 seconds to achieve that sound like it does with the 1176. I've said it with near every review. Get it. Don't sleep on it. Just get it.

D. Priestland

14. Juli 2020

Just what my vocal chain needed

Loving the 1176 collection. My vocal have never sounded better. No going back once you've tasted UAD plugins

S. Heidemann

13. Juli 2020


As expected and better. Only wish the graphics/UI would be high-res and as beautiful as some of the other ones which are already retina-res.

A. Kolesnikov

13. Juli 2020

Лучшее из лучших

Один из самых часто используемых плагинов, особенно rev A, вносит в звук тот характер, который потом как магнит притягивает внимание и слух.

A. Kolesnikov

13. Juli 2020

Лучшее из лучших

Один из самых часто используемых плагинов, особенно rev A, вносит в звук тот характер, который потом как магнит притягивает внимание и слух.

J. Samuels

12. Juli 2020

Best 1176 in Plugin Land

Really love the Ref A. Gives u the in ur face Vocal what u expect from an 1176.

Also the other Ref´s are great. All over great tools.

A. Cuello

10. Juli 2020

The Real 1176

Great emulation!

M. Schädel

9. Juli 2020

Hat sich wirklich gelohnt...

Die verschiedenen Sounds sind einfach großartig. Danke UAD.

M. mathew

8. Juli 2020

must have


C. Grabau

7. Juli 2020

An essential upgrade

An essential upgrade. While the legacy version is great, the full version (with three different models) offers a more expansive tonal palette. Simple to use, the 1176 gives you more space to focus on music over tweaking knobs.


6. Juli 2020


it's just like Magic

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