UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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M. Duchesne

6. Februar 2013

Classic Compressors

I got these with my new Apollo purchase and lucky they were 150.00, very very nice sounding and versatile. These and the Lexicon and Neve 88RS is an excellent deal this month...

T. Stockwell

3. Februar 2013

Simply Fantastic

My real Rev E 1176 went out just as I was going to mix. Lucky for me, we had just added a UAD Octo to the studio, and the 1176 Classic Limiter Plug was on trial. We replaced the Rev E with a Classic Collection Rev E and never looked back - it was that good. After getting the mix dialed in, we decided to play around a little bit with the Rev A ... AMAZING.

The HW is still in Universals hands getting resuscitated, but we've not stopped moving forward using the Classic Limiter Collection.

I'm excited for the LA-2A Collection and dream of a newly reworked LA-3A Collection.

Great Plug-In Collection - definitely a life-saver!

J. Melvin

3. Februar 2013

Vocal Perfection

At my studio we mostly do hip hop and with inexperienced artist they tend to be really dynamic. these compressors make everything so smooth without over compressing ive never heard a real 1176 but when i do i hope they sound exactly like these

H. Zwarts

3. Februar 2013

Best 1176 software emulation

Best sounding software compressors I have ever used.

Like the original hardware modules it's sounding amazing. I compared it with other 1176 emulations but as expected from UAD this is without any doubt the best.
It's simple and effective. Perfect on vocals and bas sounds but I don't like it on most of the string and keys sounds.

If you searching for the classic 1176 sound but can't pay the hardware this is a the best choice to make.

Thanks UAD for another awesome emulation!!

M. Barron

1. Februar 2013

1176 classic plugin collection

Amazing sound and quality. I love these products, just like the rest of the UAD range. They really add life to my drums. A hard pu2sh can give some amazing results. 5/5

M. Halle

26. Januar 2013

Perfect Tools!!

I Stoped smoking many years ago and have celebrated addiction freedom till I got these babies :-). They give In The Box mixing a deeper meaning .

M. Wacht

24. Januar 2013

Pretty Nice

Its the feeling that you have the real thing, more organic, smoother but also more input sensitive, in most cases the input knob is somewhere around 48 and i get 10db gain reduction, so i wonder if this is right.

M. Friedmann

22. Januar 2013

1176 Classic Limiter

Top plugins! He works with them very well, do what they do have!

J. Melvin

21. Januar 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

I cant say on how much im amazed at this product! it really blows my mind when it comes to vocals these are you GO TO tools if one of these compressors don't work for your vocals they simply need to be RE-TRACKED! plain and simple! these things have me going to past sessions and throwing them on vox just to see how sweet they can sound and the REV A (Blue Face) had the NO attack mode your also getting a distortion plug too! its like 4 plugs for the price of one.

A. Ryabchenkov

20. Januar 2013

Great Stuff

Great plugins. I'm still learning them. But what I've heard so far is great. Rev. A is my go-to compressor on vocals

L. Malaguti

18. Januar 2013

Just Perfect...

Yes, these plugins are amazing!!
a palette of 1176 for all occasions...
for me, the best emulations of UREI; (for my taste) beautiful on acoustic guitars and drums!!

UAD 1: 0 rest of the world

K. Nesheim

18. Januar 2013

Killer compressors

I must say these compressor plugins sound amazing. I've been using the competition for years but they do not come close. The ability to use as many of these with my Apollo quad helps too.

F. Fraikin

18. Januar 2013

I was skeptical

But waow you guys did a great job on this one! This is a great buy! I have the original plug 1176 from UAD that I didn’t use that much.
This one is on a totally different league especially the rev A my favourite on vocals, bass, guitars, drums. I’m a happy owner of an original UREI and the way this one reacts is very close, in fact it’s like having a second (heuu many second ones lol ) at hand with a slightly different colour (which is good) it's so “real” good job UA I wish you could do the same with ShadowHills, I do have one (Hardware mastering compressor) that I use every single day and your emu is way too far from the original, bad advertisement for the hardware…in fact I am using the plug, but only as a recall "sheet" ;-)

A. Joseph

15. Januar 2013

1176 Collection is INCREDIBLE!

The sound quality of these plugins are INCREDIBLE. They respond perfectly!
I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who uses a UAD-2 card. They are a bit DSP intensive but that is what you have to sacrifice for quality! I think a UAD-2 Octo needs to be in my near future. I LOVE UA plugins!

C. Soulos

9. Januar 2013

Thanks for the reviews

This is pretty much what I hoped it would be.
Thanks for making plugins of this quality.
I'd be very happy if UAD released a full suite of all the retro UA and UREI hardware units in plugin format.

R. Fernandes

9. Januar 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Plugin Collection

To the disbelievers: Go and try them now.
They are really that different from the Original 1176 LN.

The original was good, these 3 new babies are on a completely differente level. I know its a common place to say this but they do sound "Analog" :)

I just wish Universal Audio would do the same to the LA2A!

M. Scarafoni

4. Januar 2013

Excellent sound. Exce

Excellent sound.
Well, if you like the 1176N, you'll be in love with the 1176 Classic Collection Limiter Plug-In.
It sounds fantastic. Add character and color to the sound. Very useful. Recommended.

Excelente sonido.
Bueno, si te gusta el 1176N, quedarás enamorado del 1176 Classic Limiter Collection Plug-In.
Suena fantástico. Añade mucho carácter y color al sonido. Muy útil. Recomendable.

S. Rennie

4. Januar 2013

UA vs Other Plugin creators

I used to think the UA plugins must be special compared to other plugin makers due to needing the special card to run them. Now I have used them I see there is nothing special about them. They are not any better than say Waves or any of the countless other makers making these exact plugins. The only difference I find is these are way more expensive. Why is UA plugs so expensive considering you already bought expensive gear to run them.
They are good plugins but so are all the other companies version of these without the high cost.

A. Pizza

3. Januar 2013


I LOVE the sound quality of these plugins!
I want more and more UAD plugins and hardware!

A. Pizza

3. Januar 2013


I LOVE the sound quality of these plugins!
I really would like to get artist pricing on some things ;)
I want more and more UAD plugins and hardware!

941-960 von 1119 Ergebnisse