1176 Classic Limiter Collection

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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J. Samuels

12. Juli 2020

Best 1176 in Plugin Land

Really love the Ref A. Gives u the in ur face Vocal what u expect from an 1176.

Also the other Ref´s are great. All over great tools.

A. Cuello

10. Juli 2020

The Real 1176

Great emulation!

M. Schädel

9. Juli 2020

Hat sich wirklich gelohnt...

Die verschiedenen Sounds sind einfach großartig. Danke UAD.

M. mathew

8. Juli 2020

must have


C. Grabau

7. Juli 2020

An essential upgrade

An essential upgrade. While the legacy version is great, the full version (with three different models) offers a more expansive tonal palette. Simple to use, the 1176 gives you more space to focus on music over tweaking knobs.


6. Juli 2020


it's just like Magic

D. Quevedo

2. Juli 2020


Muy bueno!

R. Bernatchez

2. Juli 2020

Un classic


M. Gavriel

1. Juli 2020

1176 Love

Does what it says on the box. Sounds fantastic and perfectly captures the nuances between the different models.

N. Pinto

1. Juli 2020

Classic indeed.

Classic piece of gears. Gotta have them ;-)

K. Frost

29. Juni 2020

1176 Collection great addition.

Definitely worth it. I thought the Legacy was good..... it does what they say it does. You can and will hear the improvement instantly.

I will say the same for la2a collection and Pultec Collection.
Kinda a must have.
From the Outer Banks of NC

B. Simon

24. Juni 2020

1176 Better than the legacy

Don't get me wrong... I have been using the legacy version since I purchased my first UAD card.
But now I had the chance, to upgrade my ACB! What can I say? Serious sound! Worth every euro. :)

R. Hutcheson

24. Juni 2020


Ever since I bought this, there hasn't been a single mix where I havent put at least five 1176's somewhere in the mix. I'm not being paid to write this. I'm not a person to ever exaggerate. This plugin collection should be a part of everyone's arsenal. You will use this in every mix after buying it. I reckon it's UA's most useable plugin. It's a big call i know, but noting's as utilitarian as an 1176.

J. Lee

22. Juni 2020


SOUND Quality is good.

R. Leon Junquera

21. Juni 2020


Way better than legacy

A. Al Raisi

21. Juni 2020


Always in my vocal and guitar tracks ..

D. Pezzati

20. Juni 2020

When you look for the best....

Simply one of the best unit I ever wished to own and now... I have all the 3 versions. Thanks UAD

j. tretta

17. Juni 2020

So worth it

It’s like having a secret weapon for every instrument. You can make anything sound completely different just by trying each compressor. Bluey on vocals!!!!!

G. Porrino

17. Juni 2020

1176 Collection

Makes a huge difference to my mixes. Excellent.

R. Johnson

16. Juni 2020

1176 - Perfect... unbeatable.

Finally an 1176 that can work with fast attacks perfectly... no artefacts... just great tone and beautiful compression.
Thanks UAD!

21-40 von 1053 Ergebnisse