UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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16. Mai 2017

Great 1176!!!

1176 is my new secret weapon!

K. Venskunas

7. Mai 2017

Great compressor

It's one of my go to compressors. Using it vocal, guitar, drums, bass. In parallel mode nothing beats all buttons mode. Great compressor.

T. Spaniel

2. Mai 2017


Great Compressor !

P. Galanakis

1. Mai 2017

Super realistic!

This is crazy how real these babies sound! using them loads. Great for gentle or smashing stuff.

UAD User

26. April 2017

best 1176 compressor

each model has their own charector, compare every 1176model. very good

T. Spaniel

18. April 2017


Great Compressor

D. Carlson

12. April 2017


I love the fact that you can use these plugins in a way that simulates the use of outboard gear. They sound great and the portability of the Apollo Twin makes all of this a practical investment.

M. Guerreiro

22. März 2017


Worst thing I did in my life was download the demo, now I need it to be happy!!!

K. Gleason

11. März 2017

The reason to use UAD plugs

It's the best compressor you'll get.

P. Duffy

6. März 2017

In a different league

I've tried many emulations over the years, but nothing comes close to this! The 1176 is arguably one of the most versatile compressors and I use this on must about everything.

J. Jackson

1. März 2017

A Must Have!!!

I already had the LA-2A and was looking for something to compliment that. This and the Fairchild were on the short list- so I got both. I pretty much have a Limiter for any situation now- which is what I was aiming for. I mix and match Limiters on different tracks to get that perfect sound. I'm still experimenting after a few months which ones work best on what instrument or track- but that's part of the fun. Great purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

S. Stoev

28. Februar 2017

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Страхотна колекция от три компресора 1176. Радвам се, че притежавам тези уникални плъгини. Не съм чувал досега по-музикална компресия от друг разработчик на хардуерни емулации.

P. Allen

24. Februar 2017

1176 is wonderful

I rarely use my hardware anymore

J. Applefield

23. Februar 2017

In Love!!

Having used the UA 1176 hardware and a number of 76 clones I must say this plugin is a beast!! Very true and faithful digital representation of the real thing, for the money it's an absolute no-brainer!

D. Miller

22. Februar 2017


This is a classic remade into a very accurate digital representation. Instant vibe on whatever you put through. I'm not able to express it in technical terms, but you know it when you hear it, and this is it!

T. Gustafsson

20. Februar 2017

Thomas Gustafsson

The 1176 collection and the la-2a collection is just one of the things that I can´t do without along with some nice eq. Very musical compressor, easy to use and sounds just right to my ear.
I don´t think that you will regret getting this one.

A. Tebeleff

17. Februar 2017

Killer Sound

Amazing to have multiple instances to chain on a channel, most could never afford that with hardware!

F. Antonio

17. Februar 2017

Just like the hardware!!!

That's just amazing. I can put it into my tracks and fogot that I'm ITB. VERY nice job UAD!

D. Klee

16. Februar 2017


Great work from UAD best emulation, works really fine for me.

M. Daubenmerkl

16. Februar 2017


Absolutely happy!

281-300 von 1091 Ergebnisse