UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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UAD User

18. Juni 2017


The AE and Blue Stripe are worth price of admission!

UAD User

18. Juni 2017


The AE and blue stripe is worth price of admission

UAD User

18. Juni 2017

Studio necessity

It truly sounds like the hardware! No other emulation out there compares to the UAD

J. Brogdon

16. Juni 2017

Awesome compressor collection!

If you're looking into this collection, you more than likely know what you're looking for and you came to the right place. Awesome collection!

J. Brogdon

16. Juni 2017

Classic analog function and sound out of world class plugin!

There is nothing like an 1176 and who better to make the best plugin version than Universal Audio themselves!

S. Peets

14. Juni 2017

Great Sounding With Old School Control

I took some time and compared the UAD 1176 to other similar plugins. There was no question which one I was going with. I delayed working in the box for quite a few years but with the UAD plugins, I've been enjoying mixing in the box more than I thought I ever would.

D. Kim

2. Juni 2017


Although I am a kind of novice for music, I can feel the improvement of the sound. This helps me a lot in mixing. You have to try!!

J. Wander

31. Mai 2017

A must have.

These are insane. An amazing versatile collection of 1176 emulations!

R. Murry

26. Mai 2017

Absolutely Essential

I used so many 1176 modeled plugins for other venders: Bomb Factory, Waves, and IK. This knocks it out of the park. It definitely adds some magic to your tracks.

Y. Sikuade

19. Mai 2017


no 1 for vocals


16. Mai 2017

Great 1176!!!

1176 is my new secret weapon!

K. Venskunas

7. Mai 2017

Great compressor

It's one of my go to compressors. Using it vocal, guitar, drums, bass. In parallel mode nothing beats all buttons mode. Great compressor.

T. Spaniel

2. Mai 2017


Great Compressor !

P. Galanakis

1. Mai 2017

Super realistic!

This is crazy how real these babies sound! using them loads. Great for gentle or smashing stuff.

UAD User

26. April 2017

best 1176 compressor

each model has their own charector, compare every 1176model. very good

T. Spaniel

18. April 2017


Great Compressor

D. Carlson

12. April 2017


I love the fact that you can use these plugins in a way that simulates the use of outboard gear. They sound great and the portability of the Apollo Twin makes all of this a practical investment.

M. Guerreiro

22. März 2017


Worst thing I did in my life was download the demo, now I need it to be happy!!!

K. Gleason

11. März 2017

The reason to use UAD plugs

It's the best compressor you'll get.

P. Duffy

6. März 2017

In a different league

I've tried many emulations over the years, but nothing comes close to this! The 1176 is arguably one of the most versatile compressors and I use this on must about everything.

261-280 von 1081 Ergebnisse