UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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A. Haynes

13. Oktober 2017

Nice Work UA

I have had the 1176 classic limiter collection for a couple of weeks now. I could not be more impressed with how these units react. I appreciate that you can do different combinations of ratios. Each one has a distinct thing that it does. Put on one of these in 12:1 ratio followed by an LA-2A silver in comp mode on your vocal and you'll never go back. This is way ahead of any other 1176 plugin I've tried. Great job UA! Keep up the good work.

B. VanWagoner

10. Oktober 2017

The real thing, not a cheap imitation

These are amazing compressors. I own all the waves and slate 1176 emulation compressors... and many more... and I by far like the UAD 1176 compressors the most. Hands down.

UAD User

27. September 2017

Excellent & Versatile Compressors

Some of the best and most instantly usable compressors around. Although similar each imparts their own distinctive character to the mix, great both for experimentation and when you want that classic 1176 sound.

UAD User

21. September 2017

1176 Classic Limiter

A very good one, you record your stuff and put more gain, character or warmth in it.

Just bought it some short time ago, I am still checking.

But I'm shure I am going to explore more positiv surprises✌

M. Sudhakar

11. September 2017

All time classic

The UAD 1176 is one of the plugins, that i use on every Vocal bus!

d. Lee

1. September 2017


and Absolutely Universal Audio Technology

慎. 高山

24. August 2017

Real Sound


D. Keown

24. August 2017

Just wow.

I love the 1176 on guitar Clean or crunch tone using the neck pickup or both pickups. Magic mojo sauce with sprinkles.

s. beaubien

6. August 2017


These are so good. Great on drums and vocals. And pretty much everything else.

J. Callahan

1. August 2017


Three outstanding emulations make for a fantastic plugin collection. These are by far the best sounding 1176 emulations I've ever heard or used. An absolute must-have!

E. Sokolowski

27. Juli 2017

In a world of so many 1176 emulations....

these just come out on top for me. Its actually nice to have all kinds of different behaviours available, but few feel as fast and aggressive as these (which is usually what I'm looking for in an 1176 to begin with). Probably my most used compressor on a unison insert too as a fantastic way of controlling dynamics when recording.

R. Dent

14. Juli 2017

Smash the samples, no digital mush.

Maximise my disco loops wthout the digital artefacts from traditional VSTs, this works. Very happy.

M. Fletcher

12. Juli 2017


So much better than the older versions. They sound gorgeous and expensive. The three models have very different characters but always add class. Only downside is the CPU use but it is worth it. Even works in light mastering applications. Recommended

R. Fischer

11. Juli 2017

Smack & Grit to the fullest!

By far the best 1176-Software-Emu's out there! They really got the grid, Vibe & tone! Absolutely lovely...

UAD User

10. Juli 2017

Gets the Job done

I'm very happy with this purchase. I was able to get my vocals right where I wanted them. I strongly recommend any and everyone to test it out and if your satisfied as much as I am, it will be money well spent!

UAD User

10. Juli 2017

Gets the Job done

I'm very happy with this purchase. I was able to get my vocals right where I wanted them. I strongly recommend any and everyone to test it out and if your satisfied as much as I am, it will be money well spent!

T. van Iersel

29. Juni 2017

Best compressors ever

These new plugin models really capture the distortion characteristics of the hardware and are so versatile. An 1176 is my go to compressor for anything from kicks, snares to bass, guitar and vocals. Even as a stereo unlinked compressor working as a bus compressor for groups of instruments and vocals. You really can't go wrong with an 1176. And having the ability to choose from 3 models all over your mixes is just heavenly.

A. Solovyev

29. Juni 2017

Это классика!

Несколько месяцев использовал legacy версии-потом решил купить обновленные-с удовольствием пользуюсь обоими вариантами-старые более нейтральные по звуку, новые-более окрашивают-разные выпуски по-разному.

G. Scuderi

28. Juni 2017


Having the real thing I have always liked the sound of the UAD emulations, even the "old" ones that came with the original UAD-1 card. They a "liquid", very fluid "analog" sound and feel to them I haven't heard on any other emulation from any other plugin maker. The UAD-2 are a huge improvement and therefore, I use them just about in every mixing session.

L. Vermeir

26. Juni 2017

great compressor

nice piece of software I use a lot with synths, backings, beats (parallel), and other tracks...

thanks UA !

241-260 von 1081 Ergebnisse