UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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A. Reverberi

18. Mai 2020

So Good

They are so good you wanna put one on every track! The blue stripe rev A specially it's fantastic, it has a great character to it.

S. Parikh

16. Mai 2020

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Sounds fantastic, I use it in mix on lead vocal,

S. Lewis

14. Mai 2020

Adds power and edge

I love this plugin in combo with LA2A. Pro sound in just a few simple clicks.

B. Forpahl

14. Mai 2020

Fast and Easy

Super fast to dial in the settings. Use it every time I record.

M. Cleijne

5. Mai 2020

Near Analogues

Stable plug-ins one of the best I own. Easy functionalities and out put sound near analogue.

E. Delinois

2. Mai 2020

Amazing Limiter

You can't go wrong with the 1176 Classic limiter.

B. Senter

30. April 2020


Sounds way better than I thought it would!

J. Dahl

29. April 2020

Best compressor ever made. Period

Sounds fantastic, I use it in every session in every mix on every vocal, nothing beats it. Also great to track with.

D. Jackson

26. April 2020

Figured out download

works great in logic

S. McKenna

26. April 2020

Amazing on anything you use them for.

These sound amazing on anything you put them on. Highly recommend.

P. Enz

16. April 2020

My go to limiter

This plugin has so much videos on the net to teach you different things. Aside of this, it comes from its original manufacturer. What else do you need?


9. April 2020

best 1176 modeled plugin.

I bought many kinds of 1176 based plugins, but UAD's one is the best. Almost same power/groove/harmonics. This plugin made me choose UAD series.

M. Hackl

14. März 2020

Probably The Most Renowned Piece Of Gear Ever. Simply An Unmistakable Industry Standard

I guess it's the best plugin version out there..

P. Mata Rodriguez

18. Februar 2020

Great sound

I don't own the original hardware so I cannot compare, but the results on my guitar and Superior Drummer are great. Great piece of software!!!

R. Maynard

24. Januar 2020

Fantastic Stuff

Having never used UA's plugins before I came in with a little doubt they would be as good as the "real thing" (you know rack mount). But after pulling them up, all I can say is, Blowin Away. You guys are awesome.

A. Phillips

23. Januar 2020

What Hardware?

In this day and age I am not sure why you would want a rack full of equipment sucking up precious resources. I can get what I need out of these plug-ins and then some. Great Job!

A. Tock

12. Januar 2020


It sounds better than I imagined !!!

直. 石川

12. Januar 2020


1176 REV A bass sound is very good. I love this sound ! Needless to say guitar soud. I will try to 1176 AE for vocal recording. I can`t wait to hear my faburas vocal truck by 1176 AE!

K. Kessler

9. Januar 2020


All of UAD 1176 sound just incredible. No need for words. Amazing for both tracking and mixing. Even for Mastering sometimes - compression, just color!

P. Miller

7. Januar 2020

Huge difference

I love these on just about everything I put them on.. a big difference over legacy units which I liked a lot. Glad I did the upgrade!

141-160 von 1147 Ergebnisse