UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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1176 Classic Limiter Collection


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G. Manuel

25. März 2016

38 years of using the hardware version

Ok, so now you know I'm an old analog guy. It was real hard to give up reaching over and turning my UREI products by hand, (and I still do on occasion) but the emulation is pretty realistic on the 1176. I'm a big LA-4 fan so I am waiting for UAD to market that limiter in a DSP version. I will be one of the first to purchase. There is a noticeable difference between the UAD versions of the 1176 and other marketeers. The UAD is definitely more what is sitting in my rack . Nice job engineers!

v. tacoo

25. März 2016

super good plugin..

very super limit plugin..

A. Poulsen

23. März 2016

Very useful!

The 1176-Collection is my all time favourite plug-ins. These 3 compressors find it's way into Logic everytime I work on a project. They are very musical and I enjoy every minute with the 1176...especially the Blue stribe.

M. Ries

22. März 2016

Significant upgrade over legacy version

Loving this collection on everything, especially on drums and guitars. The difference between the legacy version and mkII seems especially apparent when using higher compression ratios. The AE version with the slower attack is a very useful upgrade too. Will be using these often!

UAD User

22. März 2016

How many 1176 Emulations does a cat need?

Well if you haven't got this collection, the answer is obviously more. I'm new to the UAD platform, and was already INCREDIBLY impressed with the Legacy 1176s bundled with my Apollo, but these are even better. Very fond of the Rev E on Bass Guitar and Vocals, the saturation the plug-in adds is incredible. Something that would've taken 2 or 3 extra plug-ins to achieve with another developers plugs. Incredible.

W. Murray

21. März 2016


I use an 1176 on 95% of my tracks; it's damn near essential for vocals and drums. If you can get this "on sale" or with a coupon code, it's a no-brainer. This collection has THE best sounding 1176 plug-ins on the market, hands down.

T. McDiarmid

20. März 2016

Much Improved!

Been using the original uad version of the 1176 for years.. this new emulation is so much more musical. Compression action is just like the analog box! I LOVE the AE version.

A. Mann

20. März 2016


I worked with the ln and se Version for years and found them great. So I was really surprised by the new and even better sounding collection. Absolut fantastic.

F. López-Roberts Luzón

19. März 2016


From gentle compression for voices to harsh compression for drums... This bundle is just a must have. I use it for absolutely everything I want compression on, including the legacy version (which is extremely transparent sounding).

R. Brannon

19. März 2016

1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection now my go to

Just completed 3 mixes. Used the silver and purple 1176 ply-ins on lead and background vocals. Even used the gray box in one instance. It's great to have the different models for slightly different flavors on each voice while still getting that great classic sound. Made a great singer sound even better and made her already easy to mix voice even easier to mix. I've used the hardware boxes in commercial studios. This extremely authentic plug-in collection in my Apollo interface lets me bring it to my home project studio with as many boxes as I need. It has become my go-to for vocals. Great job UAD!

E. McHugh

19. März 2016

Vocals, Vocals, Vocals

The 2:1 and 4:1 are fantastic in any vocal chain. So smooth and great color, either subtle or cranked. Excited to try these guys out on some other sounds, but I've definitely found a go to vocal compressor. Thanks UA!

S. Connor

19. März 2016

The Best Just Got Better

Love these new upgraded 1176 plugins- there is simply not better compressor for giving drums the smack we all love. Also work well on vocals- follow this with a Manley VariMu and you have some wonderful smooth levelling and tone. Well done UA

F. Carcone

18. März 2016

Analog power ITB

So cool to have this so strong and versatile equipment in our software consoles !

This is THE quality.


N. O'Brien

16. März 2016

Most versatile software compressors

The 1176 collection is all you need to get started achieving that punchy, colorful, analog sound in your mixes!

I find that all my busses, Vox, Drums, etc end up with an 1176 on them. That's just a testament to their versatility, reliability, and they just sound really good.

Truly one of UA's best emulations.

B. Munyon

16. März 2016

Must have!

Versatile and sounds so very good. Very expressive and more range than I would have imagined. Excellent!!!

T. Barrow

16. März 2016

Sounds fantastic

These 1176 plugs sound great. The AE version is sweet for vocal treatment. These will get frequently used in my mixes.

D. Williams

15. März 2016

1176 is just awesome

I don't have a hardware unit to compare so I can't comment on its' accuracy but on the other hand I don't really care about that. I only care if it is useful and sounds good and it does. So far I've used it on bass and snare and it adds fatness. It can also be driven to get a warm distortion. Definitely one of the best software compressors I own.

A. Sadat

15. März 2016

The best of the bunch

These are absolutely the bb plugins I've ever used on vocals. Try them, you wont be disappointed.

A. Harrington

14. März 2016

Holy Smokes, and I thought the legacy 1176's were great...

I thought the Legacy 1176's sounded and worked great. I still do. The Classic collection plugins are even more amazing than the legacy versions. They are a bit CPU hungry, especially in respect to how useful they are and how many tracks I have been wanting to treat with them. Until I can swing for a satellite expansion for my Twin Duo, track freeze will and I will be the best of friends. Another home run from UAD, seriously.

UAD User

12. März 2016

These should be the first plug-ins you buy!

And what a great deal on sale. I never worked on the hardware, but these sounds better than any software compressed than I have used.

481-500 von 1126 Ergebnisse